Top 10 Worst Games on Roblox

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1 MeepCity

The pets look like meatballs, and the games rip off a few video games. There's kids dating, which has worsened, especially at parties, though thankfully those no longer exist. I never had a thought to engage in such activities with a girl who randomly asked me. It's disappointing that so many kids are dating simultaneously, and their older siblings need to intervene. The parties used to be peaceful, but as the year progresses, they deteriorate further. Therefore, Alexnewtron had to eliminate them to prevent mass dating.

2 Kohl's Admin House NBC

This game was broken for almost a year because of the game pass issue. Now, 90% of the servers you join end up getting crashed by weird script kiddies who want to hack but are too weak to exploit. They use macros to spam commands.

Usually, these people are extremely abusive and crash servers for no reason. I've only met a good scripter once.

The point of this game is to test admin commands and have fun with them, not to abuse them. Now, every time I join a server, the ground is removed, the house is neon-colored pink, and there are flashing lights playing in the background. Players also always attempt to remove everyone else's admin except their own and act like they rule the game.

There's no reason to add an obstacle course in the game to get admin. You could have just gotten it automatically without losing it and having to jump over these stupid lava jumps again and again.

Most of the time, someone ends up blocking the obstacle course with a wall from the building tools. It's annoying and unfair, plus there really shouldn't be building tools in the game. Now, about the building tools. I remember spending an hour building a structure. I was proud of it, but someone soon destroyed it. That's basically how idiotic players act. They ruin every single thing until they get their way.

In conclusion, this game has no effort put into it. There are better admin games out there, plus Agspureiam could have done a lot better to make abusing less possible. Instead, he decided to be lazy with it.

3 The Mad Murder

I hate how that noob Loleris added Murder Madness. It's just stupid. Everyone kills each other, creating chaos. This no longer makes it a mystery game. You don't even know it's Murder Madness until someone sneaks up and kills you. Since everyone is the murderer, you spawn near others who simply wait ten seconds while you think, "Yay! I'm the murderer!" Then, the next person kills you. These rounds are far too common. It's a waste of time. Rating: 1/5.

The last time I played, there were just too many of those stupid chat voices and songs. It just makes me sick. I can see why this is so popular - a murder game with extra modes to play - but it still is a copy of Murder Mystery (my favorite Murder Game) while Murder Mystery is a copy of a game from Garry's Mod. So, anyways, I don't like Murder games, especially not this one.

4 Boho Salon

Boho Salon, more like Bot and Scam Salon. The group owner uses bots to make the group more popular, which is obviously cheating. The group owner also scams players, which is just wrong. Overall, they should be reported and taken down by Roblox itself. Using bots to make the group popular and scamming players is just pure wrong.

This game is constantly plagued by trolls and bots promoting free Robux scams. It seems like everyone has left this game to play with cute outfits in Royale High and Good Girls Sorority.

5 Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby

I think this game should be #1 on this list because, unlike the other games - excluding Juliuscoles Town Of Robloxia, Mad Paintball, Beach House Roleplay, etc. - it has a reason to be #1. For example, with 1dev2's Town of Robloxia, I don't think it deserves a spot on this list. This is because OD'ers flock to it and other people have stolen the game. It was a well-thought-out game and was built pretty well for its time. However, this game, on the contrary, has no effort put into it. In my opinion, games like Mad Murderer and Kohl's Admin House are far from first or third place, even if they are flocked with noobs.

6 Roblox High School

This is the worst game ever, well, after Roblox itself. Roblox is actually a really cool game, if it wasn't one of the most popular websites out there. It's like its own social media now. It used to be this amazing game about building your own games and letting people play them, but now it's full of 8-year-olds playing Roblox High School.

And don't even get me started on the YouTube community for Roblox. Go on any video on any channel over 50k, and you will find 8-year-olds with their profile pictures of their Roblox characters, probably saying, "Hey guys! Check out my channel where I play Roblox High School, and my goal is to reach 100k subscribers!" News flash, nobody likes to see people play Roblox on YouTube. You know why? Because Roblox is already a free game! If you're going to make a gaming channel, do it on video games on Steam or on a console, not including Roblox.

Roblox rating: 4/10 with a conclusion of way too overrated.

7 Juliuscolesv2 Town of Robloxia

This game sucks. A hacker wants to hack you. Does it get worse? Yes! This game was made by 1dev2, not this stupid 7-year-old. The idiot didn't even give any credit. If you play the game, kiss goodbye to your account. Not like I learned the hard way, but it happened to friends of mine. Never play this crap.

He hacked my account! Don't play this game, or you will get hacked. The hacker will lock you out of your account by changing your password, access your account, and alter your character's appearance and settings. Consider this a warning!

8 Murder Mystery

This game is really stupid. The creator should overhaul it completely and remove all the bots because this game is not good. Also, avoid creating anything similar to Murder Mystery.

In my opinion, this game is really dry and overrated. There are so many online daters and teamers, though it's not the creator's fault. The only times I've seen it update are during holidays, nothing else. There are no new maps or game modes, just skins so they can snatch your cash.

I am surprised to see it so high up, but I am glad to see it here. Overall, the game is alright after you have gotten things like good effects and knives. However, those usually involve needing to either spend days of effort or hard-earned Robux to progress to a point where I can enjoy the game without getting mocked for my lack of items. This game is pretty much a huge Robux eater.

9 Welcome to the Town of Robloxia

This game is a ripoff of Bloxburg and MeepCity, inheriting the worst aspects of MeepCity. It's essentially just a worse version of Bloxburg. Don't play this game! Instead, try playing my game: Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition. I won't disclose my username.

People hate it for how bad it looks? It was an old game. Don't expect some good buildings like a New Blockers City building.

People only like it because it's classic.

10 Stateview Prison

People say Adopt Me is the worst game on Roblox, but wait till you play this. First, it becomes blatantly obvious within the first ten seconds of playing that escaping the prison without spending all your Robux is impossible. You also have to spend a lot of Robux just to play as a guard. Furthermore, the guards can arrest you anywhere in the prison or send you to solitary for no reason, with no penalties for abuse. Rating: 0/10, never play this game.

This game is trash. First of all, it's just another unoriginal jail game. Second, everything other than the prisoner role costs so much Robux. Third, the game doesn't even function properly. Fourth, why is there a door blocking the jail cell? This game should be in the top 5 worst games.

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11 Reason 2 Die

If you want the awesome game that this was horribly copied from, go buy Left 4 Dead 2 and play versus. One of the things that I hate most about this is that on the zombie team, you can be just a normal zombie. And you get that most of the time. In Left 4 Dead 2, the non-special zombies are AI. Why couldn't he just have done that?

Lol. This game sucks. The tutorial took forever. It's terrible, all this game made me do was get off. Oh yeah, the heist was recently popular, but it also sucks. The tutorial took me about half an hour to complete, and the worst part is, you can't skip it. Then, it sends you back to the mask maker. How on earth are you supposed to start the game after that? It wasted half an hour of my life, and if I could, I'd ban this worthless game.

12 Temple Run Minigames

I don't know if we're all talking about the same thing, but the Temple Run Minigames I played was a poorly-designed tycoon with a SpongeBob thumbnail and overly expensive game passes.

It's not really Temple Run. It's just games to earn coins... also, it's all about killing people.

I hate minigames because they are always the same games.

13 Mad Paintball

You can't even jump, and there are no speed-based characters. All the guns look EXACTLY the same. The sniper character doesn't even have a scope on their gun, yet somehow, something on the gun acts as a scope. Or maybe the sniper character is a robot that looks like a human. I don't know. Additionally, you can use the third-person camera, though I thought this was supposed to be a first-person shooter. This issue, however, is trivial compared to everything else. Just play actual TF2 or Typical Colors 2. They are much better than this game. All Loleris wants is money.

14 Area 51

Absolute trash. What are you supposed to do? Fall in a hole and get killed by a monster? Moreover, players can damage each other, which is terrible and should be addressed. Unfortunately, the owner is too lazy.

Have you ever tried to find the point of this game? You fall down a hole and then encounter a monster every three seconds. There's no point or goal to it at all.

To be honest, this game is a boring, bland mess of a game. And, millions of places are copies of it! This definitely deserves to be here!

15 Roblox Cookie Clicker

Are you kidding me right now? What kind of idiot decided that a game where you just click one thing for several hours would be fun? Come on, Cookie Clicker? I mean, why the hell does this game even get played? You just sit there and click a cookie half a million times! There's nothing special at all about this game.

There is nothing to do but click on a cookie non-stop. The sole activity is exceedingly boring. Imagine clicking non-stop. It would make my fingers painfully sore.

Do you like Cookie Clicker? Me too! Do you like to play a watered-down version on Roblox? Too bad.

16 Adopt Me

Adopt Me was a pretty good game before pets came out. I played it before pets, and I remember everyone hyping over the pets update, and it was all over YouTube. I was very excited. Pets were supposed to be a feature of the game, but the developers realized that pets attracted loads of players, and they got greedy and began adding more pets and accessories.

Now, the game is all about pets, and it's more like a simulator. No one roleplays, and the game is just for rich kids, as pets are very expensive and you keep getting commons. I quit the game, and even Adopt and Raise Cute Baby is more fun than this cash grab. It's so sad a good game has gone to a simulator due to greed, the same thing has happened to Royal High and Jailbreak. It's so upsetting. People just trade and buy eggs now. Adopt Me has no more character. It's now no different from a simulator game, and they are all the same.

17 High School Life

It still looks better than Roblox High School. At least the school in this game gives me the impression that the creator knows what an actual high school looks like. I know Roblox High School is meant to replicate old Roblox, but it doesn't even resemble a school.

However, the gameplay is still more boring than being in an actual school. I know this game targets roleplayers, but please, include some fun activities for the average gamer too!

I am glad this is on the list. Literally, you have the worst options to dress up as a female. Also, there's literally no point in buying food! And nobody wants to be a teacher! I know it's not the game's fault, but they need to make more decisions for each role. Also, it's so big and it's such a waste of time.

18 Pet Simulator

Another overrated cash-grab game. There's so much grinding, and it's incredibly boring. Tried it out once, never went back there again.

This game sucks. If you're not purchasing items, the only activity is clicking a pile of coins, waiting for your slow pet to collect them, and repeating this process countless times. I would rather fail at running a business than play this horrible game.

The only thing you do here is just click some sort of chest and then just wait hours for it to break. The people who play this are fatherless.

19 Pet Ranch Simulator

You literally do nothing but hatch eggs once every 5 minutes. For whatever reason, 93% of the raters enjoy that.

Yippee, a simulator. Do you like running around and that's it? If so, this is the game for you.

Oh my God. Why did the owner make this dumb game? And why the hell is there 'ranch' in the name?

20 Beach House Roleplay

There is a high chance of encountering terrible role players and online daters in this game. Also, why is the island so small? Additionally, the beach house resembles a hotel more than a house. A beach house is supposed to be a tropical-themed, small-looking house, while a beach hotel is a modern-themed, large house on the beach.

Why does this game exist?! Some 3.0 dude says, I'm gonna put on these clothes! I will put on some swimming trunks because I'm so hot. He doesn't know how to change colors on his body, so it looks like there is still a shirt on. The 3.0 Dude becomes the girlfriend of someone. The girl then sees him on another game where you can't change your appearance from your normal look on Roblox. You know what happens next...

21 Boys and Girls Hangout

There are many amazing games out there that are so underrated, and it's clear that the creators put a lot of effort into them. This game, however, is the opposite. It's very overrated, with poor scripting and models that were likely not original. Most of the people who frequently play this game fall into two categories: online daters and sexist individuals. Girls get mad at the boys and vice versa. I don't need to explain what is wrong with the online daters.

No comment... Almost everyone knows what the problem is. There are online daters who pretend they are roleplaying. Really annoying so far.

22 Mountaineers

What's the point of this game? It takes hours to reach your destination, even longer if you fall, and who would enjoy a game that consists of endless walking? It gets boring within the first minute.

This game doesn't give clear instructions on how it is to be played. Got stuck... Lots of walking involved, so slow gameplay.

I think this game is kind of pointless since it isn't really that fun.

23 Fight the Monsters!

It's a boring and poorly made attempt at creating an RPG. It also looks bad.

Stereotypical and a bad attempt at an RPG.

24 Are You Smart?

Some questions are just so easy that even a newborn can do it (at first). The answers are insane. I don't think the people working on this even have brains!

The owner should look in the mirror while saying the game's name, then rethink his life.

Stupid game. The questions are basically, What's 1+1? And then the correct answer is something like 43. More like, Want to lose brain cells?

25 Lumber Tycoon 2

The game should've been fun, but the physics glitches, the long amounts of time it takes to haul wood, as well as the fact that the game doesn't give you any tools to help automate the process, make it a tedious, grindy game that you can only find fun if you like all your precious wood to glitch off the map.

I had a friend who played this with me all the time, so I guess he ruined the game for me.

Socialist Party Lumber Tycoon 2: The Electric Boogaloo. Give me all your money so you get a fraction, boy.

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