Top Ten Worst Games On Roblox

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1 Meepcity

Happy this is on the list. Its just about going a kid and doing something like getting ice cream its like the worst version of Adopt me but I don't dislike adopt me Club Roblox is better well it's my favorite game on Roblox

Hi, I will be talking about MeepCity and why it should be on this list! It's so overrated and boring. ODers have started BECAUSE of MeepCity! There are also wannabes who pretend to be famous people like Poke or Preston or whatever. The bio is the worst out of all of this. It's so short, that I can't even share enough appropriate info to anyone I don't know! The game is utterly pointless and has no other NPCs other than a penguin, fisherman, and the furry. The game has two other Minigames that are linked with it and barely any players play it. The controls on Kart Racers is terribly made and is a ripoff of Mario Karts. MeepCity also had a thing in it's early ages where you click on your meep and making it roll instead of floating. That's like throwing a bird on the ground and forcing it to walk! Other than all of this, the game is nice. Pretty darn annoying.

This game has effort put into, I'll give it that. It's not the creators' fault it got so bad. It's all the kids who steal their parents' credit card to get an online girlfriend, they destroyed any chance of the game being good. The people who make art for it should honestly work on something far more worthwhile, including mostly everyone who has done anything for the development of Meepcity. The creators have talent, and they deserve all the praise and money they can get. Unfortunately, roughly 2.31% of the community is worth keeping around.

MeepCity is indeed, a ripoff of Toontown Online and Club Penguin, which are both DISNEY'S works. While MeepCity features some original assets that aren't fully inspired by Toontown and CP, there's just so many assets taken from both games that it drowns out the original stuff. It'd be nice if AlexNewtron credited Disney's Toontown Online and Disney's Club Penguin for the heavy inspiration. The sounds the doors make are taken directly from Toontown, so is the Fishing arrow, the Fishing button, and the Fishing noises. It feels as though Toontown and CP aren't getting the credit they deserve. People will be screaming MeepCity's name, while the two games who helped MeepCity's production are kicked to the side and ignored. I wouldn't be surprised if MeepCity fans thought Toontown and Club Penguin ripped of MeepCity, even though it's the other way around. It's a cute game, but the blatant theft taints it.

2 Kohl's Admin house NBC

Any game with admin in it sucks. Once I was playing an admin game then some dude made me fly off the map! And the same dude copied my avatar and I'm like bro that's so annoying. Then he just kept following me. And whenever I reset he would be there shooting his laser gun at me while STILL IN MY AVATAR. Then suddenly he was reset by one of my friends a billion times. Wish gave me the time to hide in the treehouse but then I saw him from the spawn just coming to the treehouse so I got out which was pretty dumb of me then he kept shooting me with his laser gun. Then my friend made me invisible and gave me laser gun or something and I got that guy in my avatar pretty good. He still didn't leave. So my friend gave me different avatar which that giuy didn't get me. I reported him. All I remember was that in his username there was Noah at the start. So I think that most people who Have admin are just bribers that bribe you in leaving the game and just torture non stop till you leave the ...more

Do you think getting constantly killed is a good experience? Well this the game for you! Words can't describe how much I despise this game! I hate it with a BURNING passion! The people who get admin say :kill all :explode all, and it's not funny! At least the Epix version gives everyone admin automatically! It also has a different map. But here the map is plain boring! It's also super unfair to those with no admin. When there is an admin it is impossible to make into the house, unless they're not an abuser. Which is highly unlikely! Overall -3/10. I don't know why it has so many likes! This game should be deleted! P.S I would like to write way more, nut this is already long enough.

Ok so for the first part, who likes being punished for no reason? Well I bet all of you don't. People say punish others and won't let you go so you end up leaving the game. They put disco on which isn't a BIG deal but when it gives you a headache, it's almost impossible to get through those jumps to get to the house. The map is boring with green grass and a empty house (but there's admin claimers in the house). People claim all of the admin claimers so no one else could try it. They spam kill all and reset all and jail others for no reason. They remove the ground so you die non-stop. They spawn zombies so you will die. SOMETIMES they remove the lava jumps but still it shouldn't be on roblox. I mean it's a game where you could try admin if you don't have enough robux, but its just boring and not fun. I wouldn't recommend this game to people who hate dying over and over again, being freezed, being punished for no reason, and if you hate boring maps. So I'll day DO NOT PLAY IT!

When you start a new server, Its really cool. But always all servers have at least *punish others* *kill others* Fling others* and stuff. Who even likes that?

3 The Mad Murder

I hate how that noob loleris put Murder Madness in it's just stupid everyone kills each other and it's just chaos, and that just doesn't make it a mystery game anymore. And you don't even know that it's murder madness someone just sneaks up behind you and kills you. Since everyone is the murderer, you spawn near people, so they just wait the ten seconds while you are like "Yay! I'm murderer! " And the next guy just kills you. And those rounds are WAY too common. It's a waste of time. 1/5

Last time I played there was just too many of those stupid chat voices and songs. It just makes me sick, I can see why this is so popular (murder game with extra modes to play) but it still is a copy of Murder Mystery(my favorite. Murder Game) while murder mystery is a copy of a game from Gary Mod. So anyways I don't like Murder games, especially not this one.

I get that Loleris can be greedy, but out of TM, MM1 and 2, and TMM, TMM is by far the most well made. The characters on here are realistic and cool, the characters on MM1 and 2 look like robots with names like "doorknob", the TMM characters at least have real names, like Rita, Jimmy, Jen, etc... Twisted murder is a rip off of both of them, and it doesn't even have characters, and the models are absolute garbage. I personally think this game is hated way too much, it's a lot better than people say it is.

This game sucks and I hate the vip people! There so rude! It never tells you what type of game there doing. When I see I'm murder I'm so happy! Then I figure out its Murder Madness. Mad Studio if you added this can you call it "The Mad Murders"?

4 Boho Salon

Alright so first thing why does this get likes. Also theres a lot of bots

1.also always when I choose hair they always do wrong and I look really ugly


Boho Salon more like Bot and Scam Salon. The group owner uses bots to make group more popular, it's obviously cheating. The group owner also scams players, which is just wrong. Overall they should be reported and be taken down by Roblox itself. Using bots to make the group popular and scamming players is just pure wrong.

There are always trollers, and there have been bots promoting free robux scams. I feel like everyone left this game to go play with cute outfits in Royale High and Good Girls Sorority.

Everything is so gray. And half of the building is pretty much gray and pink concrete. Everyone only comes for makeovers.

5 Adopt and Raise a cute baby

It's like Adopt Me, but even worse. The models look like something downloaded of the Scratch website, the houses are some of the most boring I have ever seen (if you could customise them, they would probably look slightly less horrific) and they forgot to put one thing into their game: THINGS TO DO! I join and 10 minutes in I'm wondering what to do next, and then I realise that there is nothing to do! 0/10

Seriously... Why is it still popular? There are full of online daters, toxic people, and rude young kids. Also the game passes... Most of them are useless and not even helpful. And the most of these kind of games uses other people's models, audio, and script and never gives the credit. I don't know the point of this game. Worse than Adopt Me.

I think this game should be #1 on this game because unlike the other games discluding Juliuscoles Town Of Robloxia, Mad Paintball, Beach House Roleplay etc, it has a reason to be #1. For example, with 1dev2's Town of Robloxia, I don't think it deserves a spot on this list because OD'ers flock to it and because other people have stole the game. It was an well thought of game and was built pretty well for it's time. However, this game, on the contrary, has no effort put into it. Games like Mad Murderer and Kohl's admin house are in my opninion, far from first or third place, even if they are flocked with noobs.

When I played this game, it was terrible. There is... Too many glitches... Boring gameplay... Bad map... bad idea of the role play... And a lot of more. You can just tell they didn't even try their best while making this mess. Don't play it. It is the worst game on Roblox.

6 Juliuscolesv2 Town of Robloxia

Any copyrighted game has to be voted for. Poor 1dev2- he got so abused. Everyone copied his game, everyone hated his game, he got banned from roblox during the April Fool's Incident for something he didn't even do. I feel bad for him.

Imagine stealing a classic ROBLOX game, actively making it worse, then saying a bunch of toxic crap about ROBLOX as a whole after getting banned.

I haven't played this but I'm lucky these people saved me so I'm just gonna say what they say a hacker comes in and kills your account.

This game sucks. Hacker that wants to hack you. Does it get worse? Yes!
This game was made by 1dev2, not this stupid 7 year old. The idiot didn't even give any credit. If you play the game, kiss goodbye to your account, not like I learned the hard way, but it happened to friends of mine. Never play this crap.

7 Roblox High School

This is the worst game ever, well, after roblox itself. Roblox is actually a really cool game. If it wasn't one of the most popular websites out there. Roblox is like it's own social media now. It used to be this amazing game about building your own games and letting people play it, but now it is full of stupid 8 year Olds playing roblox high school. And don't even get me started on the YouTube community for roblox. Go on any video on any channel over 50k, you will find 8 year Olds with their deathly profile pictures of their roblox characters probably saying "Hey guys! Check out my channel where I play roblox high school and my goal is to reach 100k subscribers! ". News flash, nobody likes to see people play roblox on YouTube, you know why! Because roblox is already a free game! If you're gonna make a gaming channel, do it on video games on steam or on a console, not including roblox. Okay. Roblox rating: 4/10 with a conclusion of way to overrated.

The game itself isn't horrible but I feel like the "roleplay" gives an excuse for kids to lie about their age and other stuff. I mean I would lie a little bit about myself when I would play the game, but some kids say stuff that makes people think completely different things about them than what they are like in reality. A couple years ago my little cousin, who was 10 years old in real life, was playing RHS and saying that she was 18 years old! When I ask her why she did that and that it is wrong she would respond with "but it's roleplay" and she expected everyone to think that she wasn't actually 18 and that was just part of the roleplay. Nope, if you say you're 18 on there, then people will think you're 18 in real life. That is why I don't like this game, because there are probably other 8-10 year olds out there saying there at least 16.

This is probably the worst game I've ever played on Roblox so far. First off, what is the point of this game? It can be math time while people are still playing basketball in the gym. There is no person that bring you to the class. You can basically walk around the building a few hundred times and not get in trouble. Next, you never get in trouble. There can be a pack of 100 bullies in the school and nothing will happen. There is no principal to do that. Unlike Work at a Pizza Place, you can actually start a ban (but to be honest to all you Pizza Place lovers out there reading this, I kind of hate that game too.) Finally, where are the teachers? Every period, everyone rushing in to the classroom to see who can be the first one in the chair to be the teacher. YouTubers who do their videos on the game, I kind of feel sorry for you guys. If you play Roblox High School, just please get a life.

If you usually play games to cure your fatigue, then cross Roblox High School from your list. This game is dull and has no purpose at all except for aimlessly roaming around the map. No one treats this virtual school as a standard real school because of all the players that would always give a big, fat no-no when it comes to arriving at classes at the accurate time. Anyways, screw the dramatic and violent furry relationship roleplays.

8 Murder Mystery

First, being in first person amps up the suspense. You don't like it? Play casual on MM2. Second, the reason your being stabbed/shot is because you're a noob and you don't know how to play. Again, play casual on MM2. Third, why do you care how you look when throwing a knife? Fourth, I will admit that noobs do shoot random people, but if you don't like it stay out of their way. Fifth, the reason it's called Murder MYSTERY is because it's a MYSTERY who the murderer is, so you can't rage about that. And finally, you're really not supposed to team, that's why it gets confusing. You're just a squeaker who who got killed and is raging about it.

Just not a fun Murder Mystery type game. In these kinds of games, I want CLUES and VOTING, you know? But nope, just 1 dude kills everyone and the sheriff has to stop them. Unfun.

I am surprised to see it so high up, but I am glad to see it here.
Overall, the game IS alright after you have gotten things like good effects and knives, but those usually involve needing to either spend days of effort or hard earned ROBUX to progress to a point where I can enjoy the game without getting mocked for my lack of items. This game is pretty much a huge ROBUX eater.

The reason why I hate this game is because a lot of toxic and copy n paste people play it and also why is it so hard to aim on mobile with the gun?

9 Reason 2 Die

If you want the awesome game that this was horribly copied from, go buy Left 4 Dead 2 and play versus. One of the things that I hate most about this is that on the zombie team, you can be just a NORMAL ZOMBIE. And you get that most of the time. In Left 4 Dead 2, the non-special zombies are AI. Why couldn't he just have done that?

Lol. This game SUCKS. The tutorial took me forever. It sucks either way, all this game made me do was get off. Oh yeah, the heist, was recently popular, but it sucks. The tutorial took me about half an hour to do, worst part, can't skip it, then it sends you back to the mask maker. And then how on earth are you supposed to start the game?!?!?! It wasted half an hour of my life, and if I could, I'd ban the worthless game.

There would be a Reason 2 Die as soon as you figure out what this game is copying, which is Left 4 Dead 2. if you want to have a way funner experience, then just play the versus mode in Left 4 Dead 2. seriously. its way better than Reason 2 Die's "versus" mode.

The game automatically picks who is a zombie regardless if you want to be a zombie or survivor, it is ANNOYING! Not to mention the survivors will get a bad time killing all those different types of zombies, but mainly the STALKER is the pain in the neck, since it can grab survivors and the survivor cannot fight back.. and the China lake is STUPID, self damage is way too stupid, WHO WILL PAY FOR A SUICIDE WEAPON? Plus so many people are just JERKS!

10 Welcome to the Town of Robloxia

People hate it for how bad it looks? It was an old game, don't expect some good buildings like a New Blockers City building.

This is a classic game that shows you how games at the time were like pretty well. We need to help save classic games. Of course, noobs wont appreciate it, but still, pros do.

It's a good game plus it was made in 2010 so therefore why is this considered a bad game? but yet again people have their own opinion

Its Bloxburg but for free. So its neither here nor there to be honest.

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11 Mad Paintball

You can't even jump, there are no speed based characters, all the guns look EXACTLY the same (the sniper characters doesn't even have a scope on their gun yet SOMETHING on the gun acts as a scope. Or the sniper character is a robot that looks like a human, I don't know), and you can even use the third person camera. I though this was a FIRST PERSON shooter... (Though this problem is trivial compared to everything else) Just play actual TF2, or Typical Colors 2, they're much better than this game, all loleris wants is money

Ok, all I have to say to this is, it was great, before the final update... The final update added a "premium" to some characters. I was 1 match away to getting the zombie girl and then that update came out, forcing you to buy the character with Robux.

This game is stupid. This game is made again from Loleris the creaters of Mad Murderer and the studios Mad Studio. This game had a copied map from TF2. The characters are SO overpriced! Drew is the most overpriced playable character needed to be unlocked. People buy them so Loleris should have like over 9,000,000,000 robux. Loleris is a money wanting noob. Last but not least I kept on getting headshotted by the Harries. DON'T PLAY THE GAME IT'S COPIED TF2 GAME! This game is not well scripted

I hate this game and mad murderer. Loleris was my best friend, but he never joined me in a singe game and he never chats with me either! He won't ever reply. Not to mention, there was someone niceI met on this game that I could use as a role model and a best friend. Her name was FloraOfHearts, and she is really sweet. maybe mad paintball does have some good people :3

12 Stateview Prison

People are saying adopt me is the worst game on roblox, well wait till you play this. Firstly, it becomes blatantly obvious within the first 10 seconds of playing that it is impossible to escape the prison without wasting all your roblox. Secondly, you have to spend so much robux just to PLAY as a guard. Lastly, the guards can arrest you in any part of the prison or send you to solitary for no reason and there is literary no penalty for abusing it. 0/10, never play this game.

Okay just, this game is TRASH.
First of all, it's just another stupid jail game.
Second, everything besides prisoner costs so much robux.
Fourth, why is there a door blocking the jail cell?
Get this in the top 5.

"Yay I can be the police! " NOT.
"Yay I can roleplay! " NOT.
"Yay I can actually do something without having an admin vs no robux supremacy! " NOT.
Man, this game is terrible. It's total trash!

13 Temple Run Minigames!

Aw yes it is me and myself morgan freeman...and...sometimes you do-well-the silly things. Especially when you are...well-young. I remember spilling milk on the teacher when I was seven. Like I said...the silly things

Morgan, why do I see you on every single list? Do you play Roblox? And what exactly is your name on Roblox? And someone told me you spilled milk on the teacher when you were seven. Oh, and what's the point of this game? You can die easily and it's just KILLING KILLING KILLING! What is wrong with my brain?
So many questions! Oh, and Morgan can you search my name up on ROBLOX? I forgot the password... oh and by the way my name is FloraOfHearts on Roblox. but if you don't want me to mention the time when you spilled milk on the teacher, that's ok.
Me and my big mouth

Every single time I see a temple run game on roblox, I play it. But every single time Inplay it, it's a tycoon! D: T: In my opinion, tycoons are boring, and you have to wait. Can't say the same for my brother, though...

I don't know if we're all talking about the same thing but the Temple Run Minigames I played was a noobish tycoon with a sponge bob thumbnail and expensive-ass gamepasses...

14 Roblox Cookie Clicker

Are you kidding me right now? what kind of idiot decided that a game where you just click one thing for several hours would be FUN? come on, cookie clicker? I mean, why the hell does this game even get played? you just sit there and click a cookie half a million times! nothing special at all about this game.

Do you like cookie clicker? Me too! Do you like to play a watered down version on ROBLOX? Too bad.

This deserves a higher rank than this... I mean, if you wanna click stuff, than go to something like bunny island (Or whatever it was)! Seriously, who has joy in clicking a cookie several hundred times!?

Yes people play ROBLOX to sit at a computer and click a cookie a million times!

15 Beach House Roleplay

It's a high chance seeing horrible RPers and ODers in this game, also why is the island so small? And the beach house looks more like a hotel, a BEACH HOUSE is a tropical-themed small-looking house, a BEACH HOTEL is a hotel on the beach, a modern-themed big-looking house.

WHY DOES THIS GAME EXIST?! Some 3.0 dude: I'm GONNA PUT ON THESE CLOTHES! I will put on some swimming trunks because I'm so hot. The 3.0 dude doesn't know how to change colors on his body so it looks like there is still a shirt on... 3.0 Dude becomes girlfriend with someone. The girl then sees him on another game where you can't change your appearance from your normal look on ROBLOX. you know what happens next...

I mean there are online daters sometimes, but come on guys this is a classic. I personally like it, just don't like the people on it sometimes.

This game is kinda good, but at the same time it is boring because there isn't really anything much to do there.

16 Area 51

Ever tried to find the point of one of these things? You fall down this hole thing and then every three seconds there's like a monster and that's it. There's no point or goal to it at all.

To be honest, this game is a boring, bland mess of a game. And, millions of places are copies of it! This definitely deserves to be here!

Everybody spell it out for me! F, R, double E! M, O, D L E!
most of the Area 51 games I played is sprinkled with free models. There's no goals to accomplish, and its just a waste of time.

This game has a boring map, glitchy AI, and follows trends, and it is copied way too much!

17 High School Life

Still looks better than roblox high school. at least the school in this game gives me the impression that the creator knows how an actual high school looks. I know roblox high school is meant to replicate old roblox more but the high school doesn't even look like a school

but the gameplay for the most part is still more boring than being in an actual school. I know this game is more for roleplayers but please at least have some fun stuff for the average gamer too!

So true, no purpose except just standing around and bullying an innocent pal hair...

This game is Terrible. Lessons finish very quickly. I rather play Roblox High School

Cool and sucks at the same time.

18 Pet Ranch Simulator

You literally do nothing but hatch eggs once every 5 minutes. For whatever reason 93% of the raters enjoy that.

Yippee a simulator. Do you like running around and that's it? If so. This is the game for you.

It's a simulator. Do I need to say more?

19 Mountaineers

Whats the point of this game it takes hours to get there even more if you fall and who would play a game of endless walking it gets boring in the first minute.

This game doesn't give clear instructions on how it is to be played, got stuck... Lots of walking involved so slow gameplay.

I think this game is kinda pointless, since it isn't really that fun.

I don't even know what this game is. I think it is so bad that litterally like no one knows this game anymore

20 Boys and Girls Hangout

There are MANY amazing games out there that are so underrated and I can see that the creator must have put a lot of effort into it. This, is the opposite. It's a very overrated game with poor scripting and models they probably didn't make. Most of thee people that play this game a lot fall into two categories: ODERs and sexist people. Girls get mad at the boys and vice versa. I don't need to explain what is wrong with the oders...

No comment... Almost everyone knows what's the problem. There are online daters who pretends to be they are roleplaying. Really annoying so far.

The first person said, "It's all free models." Well, guess what? ALL models are free, dumbass.

Free modeled OD hangout. Why wouldn't I vote for it?

21 Fight the Monsters!

It's a boring and poorly made attempt at creating an rpg. It also looks bad.

Nah... I guess this game was very interesting

Stereotypical and a bad attempt at an RPG.

It just is stupid bro.

22 Are You Smart?

Some questions are just so easy that even a newborn can do it (at first). The answers are insane. I don't think the people working on this even have brains!

Stupid game, the questions are basically what's 1+1? And then the correct answer is something like 43, more like Want to lose braincells?

The owner should look in the mirror while saying the game name then rethink his life.

It should be called "Do you Have a Brain? " Seriously, a 2 year old can play this.

23 Pet Simulator

This game sucks. If you're not buying things, the only thing you can do is click a pile of coins, wait for your slow pet to pick them all up, and do the same over millions of times. I would rather fail a business than play this horrible game.

Pet simulator is amazingly boring and stupid, here's why: When you buy luck gamepass it might give you bad pets like the worst. The owner is scamming.

Another simulator. This is probably the worst one because it's so slow.

This game sucks, boring. I say don't play.

24 Adopt Me

I think this game is honestly terrible. I thought it was meant for role play right? Now is a pet simulator with scammers and greedy kids. This game is just overrated and toxic. This game also has a lot of kids saying their 16. This game needs to be taken down. It's just a quick cash grab. 1/10 is my final opinion.

This game needs to be taken down. How can the life of me understand this game. All you are doing basically is doing tasks for your pet, trading and other stuff that isn't relevant. You are spending real money for a damn pet then get scammed for it then your broke. The pets are too expensive and adopt me have to be aware because if people keep getting scammed for their pets that cost robux they will quit and adopt me will lose their players. A friend of mine had very rare pets on their account and sadly it got hacked but I don't know if she quit but I think she did. I wish adopt me legacy was still on roblox so I could play that instead of this trap robux loot game. I would rename this game to 'Play adopt me get a pet get scammed, cry get another pet get scammed adopt a child or encounter a poor person which all they want is pets encounter trust traders get scammed rage quit the game one day later you go back to the game get robux spend it on a kitsune but then you get scammed and quit ...more

Me and my friends used to love playing adopt me. But then the game got boring for me, and a few months ago my friend got terminated with a mega kangaroo, a parrot and etc on there. Some time after the mythic egg came out, we both quit. After all, the games all like, "TRUST TRADE YOU GO FIRST" and "TRADING MEGA SHADOW FOR FREE". The old adopt me was better when pets weren't there.

My cousin got really greedy while playing this. There are a lot of scammers that just want OUR pets. Like before it was all normal but now It's like scammers are everywhere. It's supposed to be about getting a kid and roleplaying but they didn't even mention it in the description. Thank you for reading this. Byee

25 Fame Simulator

What next, jumping simulator? Existing simulator?

Fame simulator: youtube simulator : hi simulator : everything simulator : stupid game simulator. whats now

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