Top 10 Best World of Tanks Tank Destroyers

What makes a tank destroyer truly stand out in the heat of battle? At the core of every successful tank destroyer lies a balance of firepower, armor, mobility, and camouflage. The capability to deliver crushing blows to the enemy with its formidable gun while maintaining a low profile is paramount. But that's not all; the best tank destroyers exhibit excellent penetration and accuracy, ensuring each shot hits its mark and pierces through enemy defenses.

Mobility is another key aspect. While speed isn't the main forte of many tank destroyers, the ability to reposition quickly and respond to changing battle conditions is crucial. Then comes the armor - while some tank destroyers sacrifice armor for speed and stealth, others sport thick shields that can bounce shots off their hulls.

And last but not least, a good tank destroyer should also blend in with its environment, thanks to good camouflage values. This trait helps to stay hidden from enemies, lining up the perfect shot while remaining unseen.
The Top Ten
1 Waffentrager auf E 100 This tank destroyer is renowned for its firepower, with the ability to deliver massive damage in a short period. However, its large size and subpar armor can make it an easy target.

This thing is OP. It has a turret, is very fast, has 0.29 accuracy, and a four-round autoloader. Each shot deals 750 damage.

2 Jagdpanzer E 100 It is loved for its thick frontal armor and high damage output. Yet, it has a sluggish top speed and limited maneuverability that can hinder movement on the battlefield.

The original Deathstar, it packs 1,000 damage if it penetrates. The downside is it lacks the powerful HESH the FV can load, but the Jagdpanzer E 100 has way better armor values.

3 FV215b (183) This tank destroyer is known for its extraordinary alpha damage, but it's hampered by a slow rate of fire and a high shell cost.

This tank packs a serious punch. It's a first priority in a deathmatch. It doesn't have super good armor, but it can bounce some things and is not to be taken lightly. You have one chance when he/she fires. Just don't be caught in the open. I don't have this, but I've played against it for fun in training rooms. Alone, it's easy to pick off. Just be careful about where you shoot.

The most powerful non-artillery tank in the game. Its AP deals 900-1500 damage flat and best of all, it loads HESH, a powerful HE round. It really deserves the name 'Deathstar'.

4 Hetzer Hetzer boasts great sloped armor, making it hard to penetrate, but its poor view range and gun depression can limit its effectiveness.

With great damage and good frontal armor, coupled with the ability to one-shot any tank one tier lower than it, the Hetzer is one of the best low-tier tank destroyers there are.

People say the Hetzer is a bad tank. Then, they get hit in the ammo rack and destroyed. The Hetzer is the best tank destroyer under tier 5.

I love the damage. It is really nice.

5 ISU-152 Its main advantage is its high penetration gun, however, its slow movement speed and poor armor can be a downside in dynamic encounters.
6 T95 Known for impressive front armor and powerful guns, but its low speed can make it difficult to reposition.

Dubbed as the 'doom turtle', the T95 has the best armor values in the game, but is countered by a very slow speed (13 kph).

7 Grille 15 This tank destroyer shines with its excellent gun performance and speed, but it struggles due to its weak armor and large size.
8 T110E3 This tank boasts robust frontal armor and powerful gun, but its poor mobility and lack of a turret can put it at a disadvantage.
9 M18 Hellcat Praised for its fast speed and good camouflage, the M18 Hellcat's weak armor and low hit points can leave it vulnerable.

The Hellcat is possibly the most famous low-tier tank destroyer. Famed for its insane speed of 72 kph, the Hellcat earns its reputation. However, it is countered by rather weak armor.

10 Foch 155 This tank destroyer has a powerful autoloading gun but is hampered by a long reload time and mediocre gun arc.

The 'WT E100' of the old days, the Foch 155 was faster and was greatly feared because of its autoloader. With the arrival of the Waffentragers, the Foch is encountered less these days.

The Contenders
11 E-25 Its strengths include good camo values and high rate of fire, but it suffers from low alpha damage and poor gun elevation.
12 T67 This tank destroyer has high mobility and good camo values, but its poor armor and low health points can lead to a quick demise.

Crazy mobility... speed like a light tank, fast loading... if you know how to use this tank, you will get a high number of kills. The best technique is to snipe and shoot. Once you get spotted, run as far as you can, hide, and shoot again. Then run... (Hit & Run). Always remember, don't go on the front line, stay behind. This tank has no armor.

My T67 is one of my best tanks in the garage. It has the most number of kills.

13 Fv217 badger Known for its high DPM and strong frontal armor, it's handicapped by low speed and weak side and rear armor.
14 Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffentrager [Rhm.Borsig WT] This tank destroyer is known for its excellent camo values and gun performance, but its weak armor and mediocre speed can be a disadvantage.
15 M8A1 This tank destroyer is known for its excellent mobility and turret, but it suffers from poor armor and low health points.
16 T30 This tank destroyer benefits from a high-caliber gun and strong turret armor, but its hull armor is relatively weak and it has a long reload time.
17 Obj 268 Its powerful gun and good camo values are significant strengths, but its mediocre armor and limited gun arc can be problematic.
18 T110E4 This tank destroyer stands out with its solid frontal armor and good gun performance, but its weak lower glacis and slow turret rotation are noticeable weaknesses.
19 FV4005 Its strengths lie in its devastating gun, but its large size, poor camo values, and weak armor are significant drawbacks.
20 T28 Prototype This tank destroyer is appreciated for its strong frontal armor and turret, but its low speed and weak side and rear armor are notable weaknesses.
21 Mardar II This tank destroyer has a powerful gun for its tier and good view range, but its thin armor and large size can be easily exploited by enemies.

I really enjoy using this tank destroyer. It's extremely good on damage to enemy vehicles. One to remember!

22 T18 HMC Its armor is strong for its tier and it has a decent firepower, but its slow speed and poor view range can make it susceptible to attacks.
23 UE 57 Its small size and good camouflage make it hard to detect, but it's hampered by its low hit points and weak armor.

This has to be one of the best low-tier TDs. It's the smallest tank in the game! And the top gun can penetrate almost any tank in the game by shooting weak spots.

24 StuG III Ausf. G This tank destroyer boasts high penetration and good camo values, but its lack of a turret and mediocre view range can limit its versatility.
25 We 113g ft Known for its strong frontal armor and high alpha damage, it suffers from poor mobility and a low rate of fire.
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