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1 Revenge Revenge Cover Art

Aaww-man; this song is good! my favorite part is the rap part: Dig up diamonds, and craft those diamonds
Looks like that armor's been exercising
MLG Pro, that diamond sword
Come at me bro, I got it forged
Training under the torchlight glow
Hone that form now you're in the zone
Creepers out prowling, ready for the big fight
Show them what it feels like
Come on. Let's go!
'Cause I'm a warrior baby through and through
Take my revenge.
That's what I will do
Bring it

Genuien thank you to captain sparklez. your AWESOME!

Ii think that it's a good song over all, I love just listing to it when I casually playing Minecraft and it makes it even better when I kill a creeper!

This is the BEST song I've ever heard the lyrics are accrete, the beats are amazing! TryHardNinja, you are the best music artist ever!

The song is kind of good BUT LOVE THE ANIMATION Jordan just made the way steve was fighting way to badass

2 Don't Mine at Night Don't Mine at Night Cover Art

Best minecraft song ever! Why is it number 11! Anyway this is my list

1. Don't mine at night
2. Revenge
3. In search of diamonds
4. I can swing my sword
5. Screw the nether
6. Fallen kingdom
7. Dwarf hole
8. Form this way
9. I found a diamond
10. TNT

This song is brilliant and funny and introduced me to Katy Perry my favorite artist of all time without her I would have at to go through a really hard on in my life without any inspiration or help on how to get through it. You have helped me and in return I will always love this song!

This song introduced me to Katy Perry and she rocks my world! I will never forget the lyrics this song as long as a live. Thank you for introducing me to my favorite artist of all time and using her lyrics to make another brilliant and funny song

This song is way too catchy (which is a good thing)! I love it so much I could listen to it all day. I've listened to this song 100 times and I never get tired of hearing it. It's a great song and the lyrics are very creative and fun!

3 Take Back the Night

Love this song! Great sequel to Fallen Kingdom. Seriously? Number 11?! So close! Should be in the top 10! Revenge is a good song, But you guys are taking it to seriously, TryHardNinja's voice was a little crackly in that song, But he really improved in this awesome song! Please! Just get this song in the top 10!

Take back the night is really great and has an awesome story behind it. It's a sequel, but I bet you it will still be amazing even if it stands alone. It is very original, and I want the sensei villager and zombie pigman boss to be in the game. And the giant lava monster. I love this song!

Why do you guys do this. This is the best minecraft song in existence. Revenge... meh. The old one was ok and now Usher copywrited it. The suspension in this song is incredible and it is so amazing because a royal baby is taught fighting. Also, it's a sequel to Fallen Kingdom. A SEQUEL. Is there anything better than that?

This song is so amazing! The animation is perfect, the vocals are fantastic, the lyrics are beautiful, the tune is catchy, and the storyline is awesome and makes sense. I love CaptainSparklez and all his work!


I'm wondering why this wasn't on the list until now, it's the original, influenced all Minecraft Songs after them, and is extremely catchy!

The original version of it was way better, why did CaptainSparklez have to change it

I like this song but if cube land was on here I would so vote for it

When my family died this song played at their funeral and I thought it was pretty epic. Lolz

5 The Fallen Kingdom

It's so beautiful! It takes Viva la Vida, an already absolutely gorgeous song, puts in amazing lyrics telling an epic story that fits right into the world of Minecraft, and pairs it with an amazing animation depicting the amazing story being told. I still love it, and the rest of the Fallen Kingdom series!

This is, quite simply, one of the best minecraft songs out there and is incredibly iconic of the whole genre in general, being only second to (in my opinion) don't mine at night for actual prominence and visibility, but most certainly not in quality.

This song is only #5? I'd think it would be #2 or #3 at least! This song is amazing, beautiful, and the animation for this song is perfect! Also it has amazing vocals and beautiful lyrics. I love this song so much! It is one of my favorite Minecraft songs!

From a great song (Viva la Vida) to a great parody (Fallen Kingdom). Definitely my favorite, hands down. Awesome story, awesome video, and awesome music. Nothing bad to say here.

6 I Found a Diamond I Found a Diamond Cover Art

Yeah it's a great song I guess I don't really care. I love it but I'm not addicted to mine craft I'm addicted to animal jam play wild!

I love this song becuase it's so catchy and becuase it's by one of my favorite youtubers! I also like revenge a lot, I found diamond takes the win!

I also like diamond because it is the hardest matter and it is beautiful

When I am just about crying I found a diamond. Sorry I love that one line.

7 Hunger Games Song

Why do I still like this parody more than the original song, even when it's been years since my Minecraft phase?
Oh, I know! The song and the music video are both incredibly badass, and Borgore sucks!
So yeah. I still love it more than the original, since I can actually stand the lyrics of this one. Great song.

Hunger games, I wanna win, I'll win it all, I wanna win all day, I'm not teaming, I'm not teaming, you should of learnt how to play, yes I win it all, so I'll win it all, I wanna win all day, I'm not teaming, I'm not teaming, YOU SHOULD OF SEEN MA LAST HUNGER GAMES!

The music video and the music itself is just amazing, I never heard good Minecraft parody in a long time. The animations are different to the other Minecraft songs and parodies I watched.

I love the voice in this one very well put together I can just imagine the countless hours put into this song!

8 I Can Swing My Sword

This song is EPIC!
Anyway this is my top ten minecraft songs
1. Revenge
2. I can swing my sword
3. In search of diamonds
4. Don't mine at night
5. Dwarf hole
6. Screw the nether
7. Like a block
8. I found a diamond
9. TNT
10. All I do is dig

Any way saftey torch is not a minecraft song

11. Redstone
12. Form this way
13. Mineshaft
14. Diamond
15. Cube land
16. I hate creepers
17. The miner
18. Its herobrine
19. Mine it all out
20. I'll make some cake

I love this one because he's funny and crazy and the song he make are awesome

Hi! I don't mean the be mean but I don't really like this song...

My friend just showed me this 2 days ago and it's AMAZING!

9 Diamond Heart

I love this song!


10 From the Ground Up

Oh my gosh... WHY IS THIS SONG ONLY #15?!?!?! This song is so beautiful and the video for it is amazingly animated! Personally, this is one of my favorite songs and I just can't express how much I love this song. It makes me sad that this song is this low on the chart. It should be #1-3!

What an amazing song. It makes me sad somehow but still in my top 5

I love this song. But it should at least be in top 1-3!

I like this song because it is very amazing!

The Contenders
11 Minecraft Style

Why is this song so low on the list? All of Captain Sparklez songs should be in the top five for their quality, animations, and sheer time put into them to make them the best they can possibly be.

My favorite song! This should be number 1-3 not number 12! It has like 1/2 a billon views on youtube.

CaptainSparklez's songs are the bomb man, why is this on 10th? it should be 2nd, after revenge.

Come on people! A minecraft version of gangnum style! Move it up higher!

12 New World

I putt this on here and I am so glad so many people have voted for this and even though it is not high on the ratings we all know it is the best song so GO SKY ARMY! GO GO GO!

I love this song the animation is by slamacow on the vocals are by skydoesminecraft. All of that in mind this is the best song ever

Awesome! Why is it #40? It should be at least #5! It is totally cool and the animation and vocals are awesome!

New world is the best my opinion is

1. New world

2. Don't mine at night

3. Tnt

4. Fallen kingdom

5. Revenge

13 Promise

Come on voters! This song is wonderful! Vote til it is in the top 10

SpaceMonkey02 will love this song to be in the top 10 with Running Out Of Time

This song should be number 1!

A very nice song...

14 Never Let You Go

After the first song it made me so happy for what happened at the end

This is a awesome parody continuing never say goodbye

First one I listened to and it somewhat made me cry

Best song ever. I cried when I first watched it.

15 All I Do is Mine All I Do is Mine Cover Art

First Minecraft song I ever heard

Best song ever

16 500 Chunks

WHERE DID MY WOOD GO element animation is awesome and this is not my favorite

1. Like an Enderman tied with hunger games song tnt creeper rap and mine the diamond (and all tobuscus songs)

My friend recommended this song, and now it's stuck in my head in a good way. AWESOME SONG!

This song was the first Minecraft song I ever heard!

This is the best is is so catchy

17 Screw the Nether

This song is so amazingly catchy and funny! This is a song that gets stuck in your head for days and you don't get sick of it. In fact, you actually enjoy the song being stuck in your head, because it is just that amazingly good!

I don't really like the original song all that much, but! The beat is so catchy and that what makes this song so good but my Favorite Minecraft song would have to be ♪ I'll Play Minecraft by ThnxCya quite surprised it is not on this list actually.

This one is one of my favorites along with a Minecraft Christmas and how do I craft this again

Yes this song is funny I love this as well because it is catchy1

18 In Search of Diamonds

This song is a great song. It's fun and catchy, original, and s pretty funny at times.
Here's my opinion on all the songs in the top ten at the moment:
Revenge: needs to be lower on the list. Good music video, but it's better than the actual song. It should be between 8 and 20.
TNT:also needs to go lower- between 8 and 20 again.
I found a diamond: is in a good place.
Screw the nether: needs to be slightly lower because of it's terrible bridge.
Dwarf hole: I have no idea why this song is so popular. It should be near/at the bottom of the list. My opinion.
In search of diamonds: should be in the top 3. That's obvious, since I voted for it.
Form ths way: this should be lower. Maybe between 8 and 20 again.
Swing my diamond sword: once again, I think this song should be lower. Between 8 and 20 again.
The fallen kingom: this should be higher. I love the song, and the music video is amazing. It should be in the top three.
All I do is dig: needs to be lower, ...more

Ya see, I was just walking through a cave, checkin if sum1 had dropped diamonds on the ground, and I was like, "I still haven't found a diamond", so the song kinda reminded me of my own personal experience. By the way, have you seen a diamond on amazon?

This is the first Minecraft song to blow up back when the game was still full of mystery and exploration.

Ok I got to admit I laughed it has a funny beat that makes you giggle

19 I Love Blocks I Love Blocks Cover Art

I love them too

20 Mine All Day - PewDiePie & Party in Backyard Mine All Day - PewDiePie & Party in Backyard Cover Art
21 Running Out of Time

It might make you cry if was watch

SpaceMonkey02 will love to make it in the top 10 with Promise

Really dramatic considering you will just respawn

I love this song!

22 One More Fright One More Fright Cover Art
23 Find the Pieces Find the Pieces Cover Art

It is a very good song. The set is 10/10, the vocals are awesome(I don't like manly people's singing), and the animation is nearly flawless. I BET you can't even build 1 of the houses in the set.

Why is this 63?! It's an amazing song,

Ok y is this number 58 ok I get it is new but STILL it's a great song!


24 I'm So Crafty

It is awesome my sister loves it!

25 Form This Way

I never knew this song until I went to this website. I then looked it up and it's very funny, but it wouldn't be on my top ten list. I would call this song a 50%.

It doesn't matter if you love Notch... Or the Mythical Herobrine. This is a song about Minecraft. The blocks for this way see!

This is a very catchy song with a fun beat and fun lyrics! I love this song! It's so amazing! It should be at least #10

So catchy and loved this from the beginning. Whenever I listen to it I think of the noob times

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