Saddest Deaths In Call of Duty

The only reason I didn't put Ghost or Woods in here is because they aren't dead.
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1 Soap

This just happend to me I've played the game
This guy killed zaciev and avenged ghost by killing Shepard In a unique way, a knife to the eye.
This man saved the world a lot do times, and what does trearch do? Kill him in a bad way.
He should have died in a better way if he had to die

Yours truly, will

Ps if ghost is so badass did he save the world?

Soap was my favourite character in Call of Duty. I was thinking I am going to save his life twice but all of a sudden he died.
His death was 2nd most sad moment for me
Most saddest was when roach dies along side of ghost they werent my favourite but their death was most tragic for me

Easily the saddest death in cod history ever. Soap was someone who died with duty in his heart, as well as some shrapnel. We lived so much with him and now he's dead. Absolutely devastating

We rescue him for a few chapters, we worry about him, and then he dies. Thanks for those who made this game, after his death I felt nothing good in MW 3. We want back him.

2 Ghost

Shepard's betrayal was 100% unpredictable, and Ghost was bad ASS. Wish I Could've died alone, and not Ghost. People say Soap was the saddest, and I respect that, but I think Ghost barely made it out as the winner of saddest death.

Ghost didn't deserve to die by the hands of Shepherd, he should of died during 'Dust to Dust' (if he was alive) saving Price from being executed by Makarov instead of Yuri.

You've kind of got to wonder if he's really dead! Remember, he was shot in the shoulder.

I hope in a new game he comes back saving a main character that would be BAD ASS!

3 Reznov

Viktor Reznov, made quite an appearance in Call of Duty WAW
My favourite character in the whole series but he died a bad death, shot trying to escape from prison. Sad story!

I know everyone loves the MW series but the storyline behind Reznov and how deep they go into his history and relationship with Petrenko and then Mason is too good to not be higher on this list.

In black ops, when the numbers are decoded, it says reznov is still alive...

He died in Vorkuta. My favorite Black Ops level! My favorite level ruined bu him dying!

4 Gaz

People thinks that Gaz is Ghost but I don't think so. Anyway, Gaz was awesome. Why is everybody dying? Yuri, Soap, Sandman, Reznov... If Price or Mason or Woods dies I will be dissapointed and mayby stop buying these games.

Should be lower. He got shot in the head. It lasted about 1.5 seconds. Hudson should be here, he got his legs shot off and he was in Blops 1 along with 2

Will why in the last level of Call of Duty 4.

This death sucked

5 Yuri

He shouldn't have died. Price the fool, he should at least mourned.

Captain price should've sacrificed himself!

Yuri was awesome. I wish he was still alive.

6 Sandman

Sandman was a bad ass

He gave his life for price, yuri, and the president. I just played mw3

Truly a heroic last stand, obviously one of the bigger tear jerkers in the series

7 Alex Mason

When I saw Mason die, I was so sad because Black Ops 1 was the first Call of Duty I ever played. I know you can save him, but when I first played the mission and saw that one guy smirking, and then you run up to see Mason lifeless. It brings chills.

He only dies if you choose a certain path, which, by the way, should be obvious enough to avoid. However, David's face when he sees him is true enough to shed one man-tear.

I killed him and then found out you can save him. I cried so hard.

8 Vasquez
9 Roach

Why isn't Roach up in the top ten?! Ghost is higher and he was a pure beast don't get me wrong but you actually played as roach for the majority of MW2. He pretty much does all of the action packed missions and all the cool stunts in this game. It also is extremely sad because he was already wounded and he and ghost were the only men left then BANG they get shot out of nowhere and betrayed and actually experienced that as Roach!

Roach is and was my favourite Call of Duty character. Even though most people think that Ghost was better, Roach is always my favourite. He was trusted by his team (Task Force 141) and he was their family as well as they were his. I basically died when Roach (and Ghost) died from betrayal of all things.

Why did roach die? He was awesome!

Why is this man bit as high as Ghost, they both died at the same damn time and both had a free cremation

10 Cormack

It was he was almost at the base then he died the whole rest of the game I was like for cormack!

Why did he die

So horrible his death, bleeding in the back of the truck at the end of the mission

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11 Jason Hudson

His death was just brutal as hell man, I'm surprised he isn't higher

12 Ethan

I felt like crying when he died because he really made me laugh and not only did he sacrifice himself but you had to play as him while he did it.

Ethan was so innocent and had a genuine robot soul. His death was the first time I felt empty inside since Ghost's death. Always a hero.

Some guy dies- Oh! I kind of liked him.
Ethan dies- Why! Why Ethan! Why!

The most badass robot of them all died a honorable death.

13 Brooklyn

In Call of Duty The Big Red One you really bonded with everyone in your squad. You fight with all of them throughout the entire European Theatre and you really feel like they have your back. When they talk to you they aren't spouting any plot twist or giving military orders, or screaming and shouting as if they're hardcore Rambo soldiers. They are just just regular guys who volunteered (I think) just like your character. When one of them dies, you feel like you've lost a friend. But the hardest blow is when the wisecracking Brooklyn dies from mortar fire on last mission near the end of the game. There isn't any dramatic music or any music. You just stand there seeing him struggling trying to avoid the shells being fired at him until one sends him flying in the air.

The way Brooklyn was there for you in the beginning of the game, and the fact that you bond with all the characters in your squad, hurts when one dies. The other fact about Brooklyn's death that sucks is that it's on the last level of the game. He was so close to getting home and he gets mortared to death... RIP my friend.

I never finished B.R.1 and now I know what happens

My favorite Call of Duty 2big red 1 was the first Call of Duty I ever played and I was6

14 Dimitri Petrenko

I somewhat envy Soap that even though he died, he died beside his friend Price who was trying to keep him alive. He may be gone, but he died like a hero. However, Dimitri... his comrade Reznov had witnessed him suffer inside the gas chamber and there is nothing to do about it. He should have died in Berlin.

I will admit. He wasn't one of my most favorite characters (He was decent) but his death was heartbreaking. He did so much in World War II and fought honorably. Looking at his face as he died, pounding on the windows in deep pain. His death hit me like a bullet. Fast and hard.

Remember Heart of the Reich? This guy (so basically, us) did some badass stuff in Call of Duty WaW, and so when I saw him in the BO 1 mission, my heart jumped! And then he dies one of the worst deaths in Call of Duty history. I agree with Reznov, he should have died back in Berlin.

He dies by dragovich in bo1 by gas. Reznov says he died like nothing. an animal. He also said. He should of died worthy back in Berlin. RIP. Dimitri Petrenko

15 Griggs

Got shot in the head on the final level of CoD4.

Should be way higher, he risk his life for Soap and died, he could of been the captain in MW2 if he didn't come out and start shooting, he could of stayed in cover and act dead

16 Harper

Sad for mason

17 Riley

Guys! Its Simon Riley aka "GHOST". I wonder still why he has two spots in this list...

The dog doesn't die dumbass.

We've had soap, yuri, gaz but now a dog in Call of Duty ghosts! Just stupid now

It's a dog, that's why.!

18 Turner

Being the only exceptional character in ww2 ,besides maybe zussman, his death hits especially hard, it's a little dramatic but the fact is that he sacrificed himself and saved his men.

He was...a character, when he died, I felt my heart break. Not only was he my favorite cod player, but he had the saddest death to me...

Turner was one of the best people who helped you throughout WWII,but when his time came,it was kinda tear-breaking.

The only man that actually kinda was a father figure to his squad

19 Captain Price Captain John Price is a main fictional character in the Call of Duty series, being one of three characters to be featured in all of the games in the Modern Warfare series, the others being Captain John "Soap" MacTavish and Nikolai.
20 Mike Dixon

Dixon was a good guy

21 Frank Woods

Really? He survived as you can see in black ops 2

I loved him r.I.p he guided me through the game died by a explosion

22 Sergeant Paul Jackson

I felt bad when I saw Jackson died, I kind of wanted him to live and maybe fight along side soap and the loyalists, and make a final stand against Zakhaev

23 Bowman

Don't know if he actually died... There is a possibility that bowman survived... He could be Russman from black ops 2 since Russman can't remember anything too...

Got beat in the head till death. RIP.

24 Will Irons

Will was cool

25 Bloomfield

The way he died shocked me, just because he was a fun character, and it was in the final mission in the game. He was one of my favorite characters in the game.

He was my favorite character in the whole series!

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