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These are the good, the bad, and the ugly roleplays on ROBLOX!
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1 The Island Of Mezaa

Island of Mezaa is truly a memorable roleplaying game. The plot is thick and intriguing, the customization is broad and allows you to make a truly unique wolf, and the community is amazing! I used to play this game all the time and roleplay to my heart's content! Unfortunately it has taken severe hits to its popularity and not many play it now. But it truly deserves the recognition it gets!

Island of Mezaa is something I've been playing for a really long time and I really do like it! I have a great opinion I don't really know how to explain, though not many people play it anymore, as of early 2019.

I remember going on Roblox and playing this game, back when it was popular. It is a great game, its just that there's not a lot of people on or if people are on they're all spread out and in PRP.

Haven't actually played this game but I have heard MANY good things about it, very excited to play it now!

2 Roblox High School

For those stupid people who says online dating is dangerous. You guys are complete brainwashed by someone who don't know anything. Stop complain about these ODers. Let them play their games... I don't date. But let them play! They are not stupid to ask them where they live. Roblox is full of kids so it is 00.1% that a guy meets someone in real life. Don't worry, trust me. They will grow up and realize how cringe it was what they did.. RHS is an awesome game to hangout... now stop being a little prick and play the game instead of stop online daters! Let them play for god sake. If you continue trying to stop ODers and ruin their hangouts.. then stop it.. I am not an online dater. And I never dated. Just stop it.

I LOVE roblox high school allot, however,like LemonComputer said, if you enjoy being a fantasy character then this isn't really the game for you...I do have some fantasy experiences that I could share if anyone is interested...I have a character called Kei, she has white skin, black ripped jeans and a black hoodie with purple hair 'ya know, you average high school goth right? And I said in my BIO I was a ghost because oh well I wanted to and EVERYONE bullied me for it, same with another character, Kendra,she had a pink 'nerdy' top with a collar and all that jazz and I had jeans on and purple hair and guess what! BULLIED!

There are lots of online daters and people who just copy other people's outfits and roleplay names. There are also lots of people who don't accept new stories and characters. Fantasy characters would be made fun off and would have quite a bad experience unless they're lucky enough to go onto a server with people less stuck up. However, this is a very nice game and I do play it a lot.

It's a pretty good game except the fact that there are very limited things you can do here. I wish there was more a variety of things and subjects and actual stuff to fo during the subjects other than sitting there and waiting for it to be done. Also there should be clubs you can go to, your own houses and being able to invite people over. Or other things like that because it honestly needs more variety.

3 After the Flash

I'm surprised that me and only like 300 other people got this beast of a game to be recognized for once. Honestly it isn't that popular but it definitely deserves some respect.

ATF (After The Flash) is a great game. It's one of the greatest Role Playing games I've played on ROBLOX. The story is amazing, and after you read the whole lore, it gives the game even more atmosphere than it had before; you feel like you ACTUALLY understand what's going on, what year is it, and the truth: do not trust anybody.
Sure, the game might destroy your computer if you have a poor one, but with some computers, playing on the low graphics will do. I play ATF Deep Six and Deep Winter mostly right now, because I usually go there to RP with my friends, since that's where they RP most. I totally recommend this game. Still, there are a few flaws, like some of the people that don't let you do anything and say "Fear RP", but overall a great game. 10/10.

It's a great game but jesus christ, I have a story about some guy that was literally one of the worst players in this game. So, me and my friend thought about doing some cool story, he was a bandit in disguise that wanted to kill citizens, while I was a detective on the wasteland town. In one moment I got shot with a sniper rifle by him two times: Once in the leg and once in the arm. I tried to get to the town to get help and this guy that was a CDF officer wannabe said "this guy deserved it" and later when I tried to chase the bandit he attacked me, he tackled me and arrested me for carrying a weapon (like, coyotes times are gone?!) and he did not even bother getting the bandit or doing something with my wounds! I later died because of the wounds, so he called me a "fail roleplayer" and voided me.

This game is amazing! Its incredibly detailed, I actually saw something similar but this should be higher as its literally one of the best roleplay games for "RP PROS" as someone else phrased it. The earlier games ease you into roleplaying, this one is for people who have come to roleplay seriously. The people on here are usually good at roleplaying and helpful and the game itself is just so intricate. I'm happy its still up even after the 3 years I haven't had a way to access roblox.

4 Starship Roleplay

Honestly, this is the best role-playing game that has ever existed on ROBLOX, for it has an amazing map so far, and has a short, but amazing lore right now. As well as its community being amazing with its groups of vast lore and supporting members. This game deserves to make it up to the top. Roblox Tactical Engineers deserves to be put up with the gods.

I've played this since Early 2016, and honestly, if you ignore the erm..cancerous kids on this game saying "kills" its honestly not that bad. Thought it is very Money hungry, as to have fun with guns and Roles you need to pay robux. Its Honestly the best Roleplay game I've found, and the only good non-tycoon space game. Great community and, even though they changed their Group to Starfall, it still is worked on.

This is a great game for futuristic roleplay. It helps you become more creative. A good game for a good, but not quite full-fledged serious roleplayer. There are many possibilities. It forces you to use your imagination and make up your things. And the characters? Infinite possibilities.

I played this game at launch and through when one of their devs died from cancer, Hei_Days, and I love it, I have many people I can RP with and the people are fun, the developers are great and overall, A game that everyone dedicated to the magic of roleplay on ROBLOX should play.

5 Welcome to Bloxburg

I think it is a very good game because it makes kids explore and use there imagination when building houses it also teaches kids to learn to save money and not just spend it!

I have been playing Bloxburg for years. I think that the game is the best and it is one of the reasons why I am still playing Roblox today. I usually build but I really do like roleplaying on the game!

Welcome to Bloxburg, in my opinion, is the ABSOLUTE BEST roleplaying game on Roblox. Sure it's paid access, but buying the game is 100% worth it! You can work for money, build your dream home (Or café, or hotel, or whatever), and roleplay with friends. You can buy a car, and even explore the large map. These are only a couple reasons that Welcome to Bloxburg is the BEST Roleplaying game on Roblox. Yes, better than every other game on this list. If you get Robux and you haven't already, buy Welcome to Bloxburg. You won't regret it one bit!

I love this game I have seen many youtubers play this, but I cannot afford to buy it if you can donate me some robux I can share my experience with you. maybe I can be a gamer too an I promise to kepp visting your sitemy username : SallyStewart

6 Beach House Roleplay

I love this game and I seen this map it was awesome but later s bully came and was saying shut up all the time but if he wants silence why does he say shut up even if we are quiet?

To be honest, I have always loved this game. But there is a lot of bullies on this game and such.

I like this game, it's sadly filled with 6-year-old ODers.
Last time I played the game? In a server with a hacker.

Why I like this game:Its cool because you can have apartments,and secret clubs at the top floor,And you can do other stuff so in my opinion it's the best game.

7 Kingdom Life II

I REALLY love this game! I loved the first, though I hated the limited roles/morphs and such. It's very enchanting, allowing you to be anything you want, and the fact it's set in medieval times gives it a nice twist. There's so many people, all very diverse. It barely happens when you find yourself walking into your clone. ( Unless you use a common outfit/the default outfit ) Only things I don't like about it are when people randomly start attacking you. This should be like, at least 2nd or 3rd place. It's honestly my favorite RPG, so far. and I don't think anything will surpass this particular RPG. It's so unique, in a world where copies are common, and games and fandoms compete to see who's better.

Kingdom Life II is a really good game, but like most games on Roblox, it's ruined by the community. This is really one of the only Roblox games where you find good original models. The map is big, but not too big, it's where you can walk across it in maybe 1 day/night cycle. The armor choices feel kind of limiting for light-armor, though. Hopefully DevBuckette does something about this in the new Kingdom Life game. The community is also pretty eh, it's filled with god-modders and meta-gamers. It's pretty rare to join a game and find a well thought out OC, even a decent one. One last nitpick, the buildings aren't realistic, they're barely realistic. The staff and admins aren't like Pacifico's admins and actually help you out, that's nice.

This should be much higher, especially over the FNAF stuff. There are two types of this game, suited for 2 different types of people. The original is mainly for little kids and is very limited to introduce them a little to the basics of roleplaying. The better version is mainly for pros and introduces people to creating a roleplaying name and story, creating a character and even the symbols used in roleplaying. It also has rules. Both versions are beginner friendly and the staff are nice and understanding.

I find that Kingdom Life II is an interesting RP Classic, though overtime it has been plagued by many problems that only seem to be getting worsened as time goes.
As an RP game, it has a great map, and a lot of different tools at your disposal to create YOUR experience.

There are many different rules in the game that are controversial, such as how combat works: It's slow typing. The creator, lolguy banned it halfway through 2017, and it saw a real shift in how combat works. It's a neverending mess of infinite dodges and counters, as well as OOC arguments.

The staff are okay, they're way too nice and biased to new players, who still need to know what the rules are, and that their enforced.

Overall it's a good RP game to start off with and learn the rules, before moving on to ATF or Eternal Moon e.t.c.

8 Rocitizens

I thought Rocitizens was going to be one of those boring role play games.. but it actually turned out to be the opposite of what I thought. Almost every time I play on Roblox I play Rocitizens and I would highly recommend it for people who like role playing.. tending to needs and working for money. You meet a lot of people and it's really fun playing with them. Sometimes you even become best friends. It is really fun and it can keep you very busy! I hope those of you who are playing it enjoys it just as much as I do!

Apparently, a big update is on its way. I love it even without the big update. Everyone is saying they would accept even a small update, but they've been given small updates, they just haven noticed them. More things were added on the phone and seasons were added.

This is a good RPing game, except that a lot of people just play and don't RP. But normally if someone does RP on this game, they're good RPers. The worst thing about it IS the part where it doesn't update that often, and I've been playing RoCitizens for over 3 years now.

Good game I used to play it literally everyday, but it really needs to update more often and I do understand it take a while but even something small will help. It's gotten old for me. You should try it out!

9 Work at a Pizza Place

I'm not too big of a fan, but...
-This game makes it easier to RP, because, well, you don't have to think of the roleplay all by yourself, but you CAN think of it, if you want to
-My friend, who introduced me to Roblox... Well, she loves the seasonal stuff so...
~There's Hallowe'en Trick-or-Treating,
~Something I forget for Christmas, and well... more!
-This is a wonderful game, and I really recommend it to everyone who has read this comment.

I think this is more of a simulator because people don't roleplay, but... Either way, it has simple working jobs and it's pretty fun. There are good graphics. Some people may be toxic though, and there are tons of fights for manager.

Not sure if it would make a great RP game, but the graphics are good and it's a nice and calm setting. Plus the jobs keep you busy (in a good way)! I really like it honestly, but if it were to be a better RP game, then maybe the map would need to be bigger so it looked like more of a town instead of houses and a pizza place. All in all, I give this game an 8/10 regarding it RP wise ^_^.

Really fun starter for getting someone into roleplaying, as if you choose not to roleplay it wouldn't be as weird as going onto a game such as Kingdom Life II and ignoring everyone.

10 FNaf Roleplay

I absolutely love this game! There are so many features you can that let you customize a unique animatronic. I also love that it's not based around game passes and I made a lot of online friends who are also love FNaF as much as I do. I love the different dance moves that actually work ( I love the wave dance :D) and the different items you can hold. The microphone really makes it seem real. Most FNaF RPs only let you be in-game characters, or make you pay Robux for just wanting to be a character like Foxy! I do think that they should add a jump scare noice and make there SL better, but you can tell there working all the time to make sure there game gets frequent updates. I would recommend this game to anyone who loves FNaF as much as I do

Some FNAF roleplays are really good! To those BAWWing about "how FNAF is horrible", please stop. Nobody wants to hear you sniveling about how much you hate FNAF,and in reality,nobody cares about your little tantrums just because something is FNAF. Grow up and get a life already,anti-FNAF idiots...stop being mad just because something isn't Baldi or Bendy or Cuphead. Go play other games and leave us FNAF fans alone for once.

An oldie but a goodie. Only real professionals play this game anymore. The downsides are its way too dark and there is too many glitches. "Noobs" who play this game use girlfriend way too much also.

I love all Undertale games. All FNaF games are.. ok'ish. I made one myself and it's terrible, I mean Free Modeled... cause' they're apparently not allowed on ROBLOX cause' their that bad...

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11 The Town of Robloxia

A similar game to Robloxity but it's younger than it and it's a game where there are not items you can do that much with.

My very first game on Roblox. I only wish it was still active!

I really enjoy this game. My first ever Roleplaying game!

Yeah,I didn't check out the updated one yet. I would always play the game on my old account which got hacked a year ago ;-;

12 Animatronic World

Great game! I play it all the time! It takes some time to find a good role player, and sometimes you must switch servers, but when you find a good one, you will have the time of your life! Ignore most of the annoying people who just slam axes in you and dress as William and say they killed you. Try to find serious role players who do good, and makes sense! Also, great game to play out your OC's backstory! Trust me, All FNaF fans will love it!

This Rp is amazing even if you have to wait 15 to 30 mins to find a Rp but when you get it you'll have fun.I really like that you can customize your own character for your Rp. Also dev add jump-scare sounds.

AW! is my favourite FNAF Roleplay game on ROBLOX, and most likely my favourite RP Game as well. Say what you want 'bout it bein' a FNAF game, but in my opinion there is a lot of room for a unique roleplay. I've met my some of my best ROBLOX friends on Animatronic World, as well.
Just, ignore the ODing children.

I played this game before, and it's honestly great! I haven't played it in a while, but honestly it's great. The custom animatronics are great! I definitely recommend it to all those fnaf fans!

13 Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby

I am going to ruin one of the servers of this trash dating game, Babies beg for adoption Let's trash this game - 3 year old girl. SEE Even kindergarten kids actually know the right thing, but this game is terrible and I am going to ruin the server. Overrated

I play this game a lot. My first ever ROBLOX game very fun and the only role playing game where I actually get adopted. The original game got ban but the new version is the same. I like to play as a baby most of the time it's more fun in my opinion. If you want to get adopted/ adopt a child play this game.

This game is overrated and boring and I don't see any entertainment in it glad that I got Rc7 to destroy it! And trolling too and I also find it fun to explode peoples ears in the game! Also its very lame Like really lame All you do is make a family and then Date IS THAT ALL?!

I like this game. How ever though I started getting a LITTLE bored of It. the worst thing about it is that people roleplay as they are drinking mommy milk & there are very spoiled babies & babies who wont stop begging you to adopt them (usually when you have another baby who acts super cute...probably because they want to get all the attention on the server..)

14 Feather Family

Feather Family gives you all the tools and actions you need to roleplay not with language, but just with gestures. You can unravel a story without a single speach bubble. Its wonderful, and you can customize everything to your hearts content!

AWESOME! So many birds, so many locations, good music, and all that stuff! Thing is... it's kind of underrated, I think they need to fix that.

Hate this game.
I wish you had more customization!
Is you want a good animal roleplay game look up the group, "Shyfoox Studios"
Their games are way better!

It is a good game that I enjoyed when I wasn't that experienced in rp. Now when I go back to it not many people know how to rp.

15 Guest World

This game is really fun. I enjoy it personally as it has minigames and as well as vehicles you can buy and other roleplay items. in my opinion this is a 10/10

Somehow, I'm a fan of guests and I get to play as one when I play this game.

Why is this not in the list? It's less oder and it's really good ya know!

I love this game although I hate roleplay this game is one of the best games ever

16 Pokemon Evolutions.V2

I Really like this game, It's fun! But sometimes it's a bit glitchy for me.

Can you make links to the games?

17 Dragon's Life by Shyfoox Studios

It's good for anyone who likes dragons and I personally think that it's a good starter for new RPers. It can be a bit...strange. But just void(ignore) or report anyone harassing you and interrupting the rp session.

I wish there was more to do honestly, I just get a little bored. Also only a third of the people in each server are actually roleplaying at any given time and most of them are FRPers

I love it, though there's a bug in the game! *everyone gasps* it says I'm kicked from the game and the error code is 267, Buuut, I don't know were to type it :P

YES Dragon's Life is so amazing, and very detailed. It has tons of emotes.

18 Ace Attorney Chatroom

Lol I enjoy playing this game and I was surprised to find it on the list. Ace attorney is really good and one thing I hope they do is give us some scenarios to make the game going, like sometimes the scenarios people in the game make are fun, and I've made lots of good humored friends in this game, but it kinda gets boring if you run outta ideas

I do not understand why people say "nobody plays it anymore". I think the main issue is that people actually play this because they spam "objection" and other stuff.

A great roleplaying game, with very good scripting and excellent visuals compared to the actual game.
Any Ace Attorney fan MUST check it out.

It's great! But nobody really plays it

19 Lion RP

This was my favorite game back in 2015. The lion appearance tab has a lot of features. Clans were a cool addition. I liked it better when the ice area was around. Back in 2015 there were a lot (and I mean A LOT) of exploiters, that problem was fixed. The only problems I have with the new November 8, 2017 edition is that noises. One more would have to be the actual role-players on there: They OD, they ignore you, and all think they are royalty when they're not the king of the clan (Or queen).

I love this game. Very addicting and I recommend it to all (Role) Players. You can be your own standard lion, or any other animal because why not? And also, I see many other people playing as characters from other games I'm familiar with, life Fnaf, Pokemon and Undertale. The characterisation is very precise and so are the names and bio. You can join Prides, buy clothing, and even poke your tongue out. I really like this role play a and I think others will agree

This is one of my favourite Rp games! It's got a huge map and great customisation!
Although there too many derps and weirdos everywhere.

Great RP! There's lots of secrets and a great map. Also lion avatars are really cool and costumizable.

20 Adopt and Raise a Baby (Kingandrewk)

Funny game to play

Not a good game.

21 Anime High School (Slice of Life)

Ok, this game is hands down the best roblox roleplaying game. It's popular enough that it's not filled with pros that judge you if you're learning how to roleplay, but not popular enough for online daters, noobs, and other people like that to play. Also, most people let you join their rp, and you don't have to watch anime to play it and enjoy it! The only downside, is that it takes FOREVER to load.

I love this game! I've made tons of friends while playing. The only downside of this game is the fact that there aren't a lot of people that play this game. It deserves more attention. Once you find a good roleplay, you could play for hours.

The game went to ruins. The creator removed almost all the mods and no one really roleplays there anymore. It was good while it lasted.

It's well designed, and has quite a good amount of roleplayers on it, in about the hundreds from what I see. You can forge your own roleplay with friends, meet new people with the same interests as you (Most of the time). And even join some clubs in the group! I find it a good roleplaying place if I didn't want to use "Roblox high school" or "Robloxian high school" (Which I normally don't due to the powerplay and godmod I find in there.)

22 Cruise Roleplay

It's nice to be able to just sit in my living room after stressful school days and be on a cruise ship at the same time. And plus, I can just sit and roleplay for hours. There are many ODers that play but other than that it's just such a great game.

It's nice to interact and when you can't be on a cruise, especially 2020, why can't you just play this to spend the time?

23 Eerie Pizzeria Roleplay

Or otherwise known as, Five Nights At Freddy's roleplay. This game is fun and there is a lot of professional roleplayers on the this game. Only downside is there is a lot of power players. Especially the guards.

The most worst game. Mostly filled with online daters, or someone who says they're going to report you. I wish this game was never made.

It's a good game and I recommend it. Very realistic. Please do not online date as a few people do.

Have any haters played it at all? How about recently? How trash is it now? Not at all.

24 Roblox's Top Model

I do not believe Roblox's Top Model is a roleplay game on Roblox, but this game was the start of fashion games in Roblox. (My opinion) I think that people who made Fashion frenzy/Famous Took a lot of inspiration off of this game and made it better which I think everyone should do, But I don't recommend copying this game due to a lot of people have heard of it. And that this game was a classic. Although I loved it back in the early stages of Roblox but due to the oldness it is getting hacked. :) Remember this is my opinion you can have yours to.

It isn't really a roleplay game and doesn't work that good. If you want a fashion game go do Fashion Frenzy/ Fashion Famous. But still good!

It's not even a roleplay game...

How is that roleplay game?

25 Modern House Roleplay

Now, I have never played this before but I have seen videos about it. Do not unleash a hate attack. Please

Umm can someone send a link cause I can't find it...

An Online-Dating haven for little kids.

I don't exactly like this game. I would if it wasn't an ODer hangout...

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