Top 10 Best Rhythm Heaven Games

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1 Lockstep (DS)

You have to tap more than 200 taps and still counting, and those random offbeats, miss 2 or more taps and you will not get "Perfect". This minigame deserves the highest spot of every Rhythm Heaven series!

I remember really struggling with the offbeat to on-beat transitions. But now it's a piece of cake. And the song is great too.

2 Space Dance (GBA)

This one is such a classic. It's very memorable and a highlight of the series.

3 The Bon Odori (GBA)

This one had a special little charm to it that just draws you in. It might not be the most memorable, but it has a special place in our hearts.

4 Built to Scale (DS)
5 Launch Party (Wii)
6 Stomp Farmer (DS)

The actual name is Crop Stomp, but like with Lockstep, the music is very good. The only tough part is those moles. They're kind of offbeat, so they're a little hard to hit.

7 Ringside (Wii)

I feel like people only like this one because of the random gibberish that the girl says before saying the true line. Personally, I only knew about this because it's one of the spirits used to summon Masked Dedede in Smash, and I really wanted him. It's an alright game, but I feel like it just gets too much popularity.

8 Tap Troupe (Wii)

Reminds me a lot of Frog Hop, except there are fewer cues. Looking at some of the comments I put for some of these games back like a year ago, I don't know what I was doing them for myself. But yeah, I think the three taps that happen every now and then are a little hard. You just have to make sure that you're on the beat, like with Frog Hop.

9 Working Dough (Wii)
10 Karate Man (DS)

Others: Great music!

Love has a cruel sense of fun,
Never plays by the rules,
It spins us both on our heads,
Turns us both into fools,
And leaves me on my own with tear-stained eyes.
Oh, what can I do?

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11 Air Rally (Wii)

Another one that was sort of known due to Smash Bros. I just like hearing Forthington scream his cue when he goes really far back. It's also one of the unique games to have a different voice count off.

12 Monkey Watch (Wii)

The cutest game ever! The monkeys are adorable.

13 Fan Club (DS)

This one is very good. The cues would get me a lot back when I first played this, but now I just like to vibe with the music.

14 Exhibition Match (Wii)
15 Manzai Birds (WII)
16 Remix 10 (Wii)

You all know how tough Remix 10 is. Being at least 3 to 4 minutes long, it takes all of the games you've played up to this point (not counting remixes or sequels) and combines them all into one long game. I remember thinking that when I played this on the DS the first time I did it, and then I didn't even get close. It's so hard because you have to be ready for when the next game comes on.

Probably one of the most memorable games in the series.

17 Flockstep (Wii)
18 Rhythm Rally (DS)
19 Polyrhythm (GBA)
20 Remix 10 (DS)
21 Night Walk (GBA)
22 Air Boarders (DS)

This game you can do after you beat Remix 6. After you watch a video of it being done, that is.

23 Samurai Slice (GBA)
24 Samurai Slice (Wii)
25 Catch of the Day (Wii)
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