Top Ten Clichés In The Legend of Zelda Series

The Legend of Zelda is an amazing series with many games... but with so many of them, surely there are some concurrent trends in the series. Let it be an idea/concept, a a mechanic, or whatever, this list counts down the biggest clichés in almost 30 years of Zelda tradition.
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1 Enter a dungeon, get an item, defeat a boss with the item

That's the trend that started with Ocarina of Time. Find bombs in a dungeon? Go fight King Dodongo. Find a bow? Go fight Gohma, Prepare to do this several times. Is the dungeon late in the game? Never use the item again. Don't worry, you can at least pretend to like the Hammer, Spinner, Fire Arrows, etc!

2 Ice, Fire, and Water based dungeons

These three dungeon types are very common. The fire dungeon is usually there to burn you, there is normally an ice-based dungeon to make you slip, and a water dungeon to utilize those swim mechanics! Who even needs variety?

Also forest levels and desert levels, but still, very overused

3 Waiting for enemies

Have you ever played Skyward Sword? In that game, the Wii motion plus makes it so that you can swing your sword at precise angles. This means that you rarely, if EVER, have to wait. There is usually, if not always, a small opening or a trick to defeating certain enemies quickly. Take for example Lizalfos. Some people might just wait for it to taunt and then attack. However, you could attack it and it will block and try to counter attack. If you are quick enough, you can do a backflip and a jump strike to make it fall on its back. Then, fatal blow.

The rest of the 3D Zeldas? Yeah there is a lot of waiting...

You hold both shoulder buttons to lock on and shield, and wait about 10 seconds for your enemy to circle around you, come near you, shoot at you, etc. Remember when you just ran in and swiped?

Skyward Sword kinda threw this one out the window. You rarely, if ever, have to wait for enemies to attack. It is just you swinging your remote.

Swiping your sword is more mindless than 3d games' combat.

4 No plot relations to previous games

The only direct sequels in the series are Zelda II, Majora's Mask, and I believe Phantom Hourglass. Everything else has similar characters, but their place on the timeline has led to years of debate! There are 3 branching paths!

There is a timeline. I will just hilight the 3D Zeldas and ALTTP for simplicities sake. SS -> OOt 3 branches (child, adult, downfall) Child branch -> MM -> TP Adult Branch -> WW Downfall Branch -> ALTTP.

5 Boomerangs, Bows, and Bombs

A lot of items trend in Zelda games, but these three have been around since the beginning and haven't disappeared since. Boomerangs stun enemies, bows and arrows kill them from a distance, and bombs do massive damage. What would the series be without them?

6 Backtracking

Of course, every similar game needs this mechanic. Go back to the Temple of Time to put the sword back! Go back to Clock Town to stop the moon! Go back to... well, anywhere in Skyward Sword! Talk about overstaying your welcome!

You only need to go the temple of time like once before the spirit temple. Clock town is the hub that leads to all other places.

7 Controversial new mechanics

Yep, this is the one. Zelda II: Side Scroll. OOT: Z-Targeting. MM: 3-Day Cycle. TP: Alternate Dimensions. SS: Wii MotionPlus. BOTW: Massive world with small dungeons. The list goes on, and on, and on... Of course every one of these was amazing, but Zelda is definitely a "ground-breaking" type of series.

You know what I'm talking about: Majora's Mask and the 3 day cycle, Skyward Sword and the motion controls, etc. These mechanics aren't that bad after a while, but the first impressions are too much for some fans.

MM had a very interesting mechanic, but it helped and hindered progress.

8 Someone has the hots for Link

There's always at least one female NPC who is attracted to link, whether it's Ruto, Midna, and Zelda herself of course. It's usually only a small plot device, but it sure is frequent.

Saria, Zelda (In the majority of the games), and Mipha are just Link's childhood friends.

Like every girl in Hyrule.

9 "Only Link can defeat Ganon"

Why does this happen? Why, you always happen to be the reincarnation of the Hero of Time, and you even keep your looks and voice! Obviously, others have tried to defeat Ganon, but that would mean the game not existing, of course!

It has to be either an adult or child voice, dude. What else will Link sound like?

There's countless other links and they have very different voices.

And princess Zelda and the sages.

10 "Attack the Eye" enemies

This is more evident in bosses, but especially in the 3D games, it becomes quite apparent that there's a single feature and ONLY that feature that kills an enemy.

My mom walked in on me playing and she was like.
"Honey, what is this? "
" 0-0 well, you don't seem bothered."
"The... Eye... *leaves"

The Contenders
11 Stealth missions

This is less common than the others, but how many games in the series had stealth missions? There's Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Oracle of Seasons, and I might even be missing one. Some are even in broad daylight! But whatever, Metal Gear Zelda for the win!

I liked the stealth mission in Skyward Sword, where the eruption makes you lose all of your items and you have to find them while sneaking past bokoblins.

If there's one thing I hate it's stealth missions. I'm an aggressive person, and this just goes contrary to whatever I do.

You are forgetting the one from Phantom Hourglass.

12 Breaking pots
13 Rescuing Zelda

This is very common in most Zelda games. It starts out with some disaster happening, and then some how involves Zelda and her needing saving from a chosen knight.(hint:Link) a lot of Zelda games concepts are on Link finding a way to save Zelda, like in Skyward Sword, Ocarina of time, Breath of the wild, Twilight Princess, etc.

14 Escorts
15 Ruins everywhere
16 Raising the water levels
17 Head with two floating hands
18 "It's a secret to everybody"
19 Damsel in distress
20 Forest Temples
21 Unbreaking weapons
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