Best Fate/Grand Order Illustrators

Fate/Grand Order, an online free-to-play role-playing game based on the Fate/stay night visual novel game and franchise by Type-Moon, has had quite a vast cast of illustrators, whether they be Type-Moon veterans or FGO newcomers, that have truly come to provide us with splendidly beautiful art of Servants, Craft Essences, etc. So here's a list of the best Fate/Grand Order illustrators. Now the initial remix is solely based on my personal opinion mixed with how well that illustrator contributed to the game's art for each card. So if you're an FGO player like me, feel free to vote and add more illustrators you feel deserve credit too like the ones on this list if I haven't already added them.
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1 Takashi Takeuchi

Most well known as the co-founder of the company Type-Moon itself. Being the illustrator for the Tsukihime and Fate/stay night visual novels, it's no surprise he would help illustrate some of the Servants and Craft Essences of Fate/Grand Order. A few of his most notable ones would be for the Shielder-class Servant Mash Kyrielight, Artoria Pendragon and her Lily, Alter, Santa Alter, and Archer forms, Archer-class Servants EMIYA and Gilgamesh, the untouchable Lancer-class Servant Cu Chulainn, several variations of the Maid of Orleans Jeanne d'Arc, both Servant class variations of Ryougi Shiki from the Kara no Kyoukai series, and a lot more that there is to name. Phew, I'd list more, but it would be much more time-consuming and take up an entire paragraph to say the least!

2 Morii Shizuki

She did Fate/Strange Fake, Ishtar (and her Rider version), Ereshkigal, Enkidu,Tristan (have you seen his Summer art, dude looks like a runway model), and the Mary Magdalene Craft Essence.

3 Arco Wada

Fate fans will most likely know this illustrator for being behind illustrations of most Servants hailing from the Extra series and the recent Extella series. If you're not familiar with said series, a few examples I could give you would be Nero Claudius, Tamamo no Mae, Elizabeth Bathory, Lu Bu, all 3 Alter Ego-class Servants from the Fate/Extra CCC crossover event, Kiara, and pretty much more where that came from.

4 Ototsugu Konoe

If you're familiar with Fate/Apocrypha, chances are that you know this illustrator. He doesn't exactly illustrate EVERY Servant from Fate/Apocrypha in Fate/Grand Order, but he does manage to get some of them ones like Mordred (and her Rider form), Siegfried, Astolfo, Shirou Kotomine, William Shakespeare, Spartacus, and Jack the Ripper.

5 Hirokazu Koyoma

Eh, I got to give this illustrator some credit. And I can say that credit is awarded to his illustrations of the fan favorite female 5-star Lancer-class Servant Scathach, along with Medea (Lily), Lancelot, and to top it all off, the recent Assassin-class Servant Miyamoto Musashi.

6 pako

Not much I can say about this illustrator, but since this is the guy who illustrated Oda Nobunaga, I think any Fate enthusiast who reads this knows why I put this illustrator on here. Honorable mentions go to Arjuna, Karna, Thomas Edison, and his most recent Chacha.

7 Nakahara

Again, not much I can say about this illustrator, but Servants illustrated by him such as Arthur Pendragon (Prototype), Cu Chulainn (Prototype), Ramses III, and a few more are worth mentioning.

8 Raita Honjou

So now we have a douji artist here. Well, according to my research, given that he's worked on Valkyria Chronicles and Zettai Junpaku: Mahou Shoujo, it's no surprise that he went all out with illustrating the gender-flipped and busty Berserker-class Servant Minamoto no Yorimitsu. But to be fair, his illustrations for this Servant and other Servants as well like James Moriarty, Sakata Kintoki, and Shuten Douji are laudable and beautiful in their own merit.


Well... I can't say too much about BUNBUN since this illustrator only did Alexander and Mysterious Heroine X and her Alter counterpart. But since I've got a penchant for the Mysterious Heroine X Servants, that's pretty much why I'm including this illustrator here.

10 Kotetsu Yamanaka

SPOILERS: Illustrated two of the biggest Big Bads in the game so far in the Japanese server: Tiamat, who is basically a queen of dragons bent on destroying humanity both as a humanoid Femme Fatale with dragon-like body features and eventually an Eldritch Abomination of an utterly destructive beast! And Goetia, known as the almighty King of the Demon Gods. But the guy has also illustrated a Big Good as well like the newly released 5-star Ruler Servant Sherlock Holmes.

The Contenders
11 Rui Komatsuzaki

Danganronpa fans should definitely know this illustrator, as he's the main concept artist of the Danganronpa franchise. While he has barely done some illustrations for Fate/Grand Order, it goes without saying that his illustrations of the Avenger-class Servant Edmond Dantes and the Assassin-class Servant Cleopatra do reflect his signature style. They make the Servants in question look as edgy and badass as the characters he illustrated in Danganronpa.

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