Top 10 Most Interesting Fights in Undertale

Finally went ahead and watched all the fights. I don't like Undertale too much, but I thought it would be nice to make a list anyway.
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1 Asriel

Ok so first, shadow, I am sorry to tell you that there is only one Asriel fight. Unless you count Flowey as Asriel of course. Second, if you would have my honest opinion, Asriel's fight is my least favorite final boss fight of Undertale. That being said, he is still a super good boss fight, and lead to an excellent ending. Not to mention that it probably would be the hardest fight in the game if it wasn't for the fact that you can't die.

I'm not talking about his first fight. I'm talking about his second one. Instead of fighting him head-on, you have to save your friends to weaken him. It's an interesting change of pace and it combines everyone abilities (minus Muffet's), making it hard to keep up.

2 Muffet Muffet is a character from the game Undertale. She appears in a region called Hotland, selling pastries to raise money to rent a heated limo to help the spider clan from the Ruins (who are also raising a bake sale) reunite with the one in Hotland because the spiders can't cross Snowdin.

Her ability changes your heart to purple. Instead of being able to move around freely, you have three sections you can be in; top, middle, and bottom. The spiders will let you know what is coming up, so you can prepare.

Aside from having the best video game music of all time, Muffet's fight is overall great. The purple heart mechanic is super cool, and who doesn't like the giant spider muffin?

3 Sans Sans or Sans the Skeleton is a character in the 2015 RPG Undertale created by Toby Fox. He is a lazy, pun-loving skeleton who is a supporting protagonist in the "pacifist" and "neutral" routes of Undertale, and a heroic antagonist/final boss of the "genocide" route. He is known for his incredibly difficult... read more

My second favorite fight after Mettaton EX. I love how Sans is technically the weakest monster in the game, but due to his knowledge he knows how to take out invincibility frames from you, and dodge your attacks. The fact the fight is super hard works here, because you really have to try to reach this fight (not to mention you kind of deserved it). Plus, his attack are super hard to dodge and pretty varied.

I put him above Papyrus because even though they have the same style, you have that whole sequence before he keeps moving your heart around for 5 minutes before he falls asleep. Talk about annoying.

4 Mettaton EX Mettaton is a character in the popular 2015 RPG game, Undertale. He is a robot with a soul built by Dr. Alphys, and is the sole television star of the underground. Mettaton is a popular character in the fanbase. His notable features include his legs, and his catchphrase "OH YESSSS!"

My personal favorite boss fight of not only the game, but video games in general. The shooting mechanic makes for crazy unique gameplay, the rating system make it a super interesting fight for the pacifist, and there is a super wide variety of attacks. Plus, it's funny.

For his fight, your heart is yellow. With this color, you gain the ability to shoot projectiles. Not to mention that after you flip the switch, things get real as he turns into Mettaton EX.

When I first saw this... definitely the most interesting.

5 Undyne Undyne is a main character in Toby Fox's 2015 RPG, Undertale. She is the heroic fishlike captain of the Royal Guard, who takes it upon herself to protect the monsters of the Underground. Her name is derived from the word "Undine", and is a pun on the word "Undying". Her most loved monsters are her mentor,... read more

Undyne's fight is pretty cool. In the pacifist, it is interesting because you need to flee her whenever your heart stop being green, and when you are green you can't move, but can block her projectile. The fight against Undyne the Undying though is basically the same thing but way harder.

Her ability turns your heart green. Instead of being able to move around, you have a shield that you can move with the arrow keys. But that's not all. Occasionally, she will flip your heart back to red.

6 Papyrus Papyrus is a character from the 2015 game Undertale, made by Toby Fox. He is the Younger brother of Sans the skeleton, royal guard in training, and a sentry in the town of Snowdin. Opposite to his brother, papyrus is active, loud, and full of himself; but in an endearing way. Papyrus means to become... read more

The blue heart mechanic is super cool and interesting, by turning the game into a platformer. I also like the dilema of this fight. You can just win by losing three time, and than Papyrus will let you pass, but if you do, you wont see his really cool regular attack! Plus, it's Papyrus, and therefore this fight is automatically excellent because of having the best character in the history of gaming in it.

His ability turns your heart blue. While I'm not quite sure what this does, I have an idea. With this, you can really only jump and move as you jump

7 Omega Flowey

His attacks are fun to dodge, he is super scary, it's pure chaos, and I love how the objects you may or may not have found in the game are attacking you before those attacks becomes healing items. He can even manipulate your save files.

I haven't seen much about this because he terrifies me. But what I have seen is interesting. All I can say is good luck because you're gonna need it.

8 Mettaton Mettaton is a character in the popular 2015 RPG game, Undertale. He is a robot with a soul built by Dr. Alphys, and is the sole television star of the underground. Mettaton is a popular character in the fanbase. His notable features include his legs, and his catchphrase "OH YESSSS!"

This one I mean the first one, the quiz style one. You don't fight him, but you have to be careful of getting wrong answers or you might die.

9 Asgore Asgore Dreemurr is a boss monster and the king of the monsters in the 2015 RPG Undertale made by Toby Fox. Asgore is the portrayed main antagonist who plans to acquire seven human souls and use their power to break the barrier that seals the monsters underground . Aspects of his character are hinted... read more

It's true that in terms of being interesting, it is not the best fight ever, because it uses the basic mechanics, but the fight itself is actually one of the best in the game. His attacks are super well designed, and it's super satisfying to dodge them. I love his trident attack in particular.

10 Toriel Toriel is a goat like monster who is the secondary major character in Toby Fox's 2016 RPG, Undertale. She saves the protagonist from Flowey and guides them through the Ruins, of which she is the self-proclaimed caretaker. She is the ex-wife of Asgore, the mother of Asriel Dreemurr, the adoptive mother... read more

Yeah. This fight is very basic. Still pretty fun, but clearly the weakest of the fight listed here. Unless like me you consider Mad Dummy and Napstablook to be boss fights, therefore Napstablook would be lower, but even Mad Dummy is more interesting.

The first boss, so she's obviously last.

The Contenders
11 Mad Dummy
12 Flowey Flowey is a flower in the RPG Undertale. He is the first character you meet, and also your best friend.
13 Mettaton NEO
14 Napstablook Napstablook is a secondary character from Toby Fox's 2016 RPG, Undertale. He is the cousin of Mettaton, who left him in order to become famous. Due to this, poor Blooky has crippling depression.
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