Top 10 Best Overwatch Heroes

Each Overwatch hero offers a unique playstyle, and they all come with their own sets of strengths and weaknesses. From sharpshooters like Widowmaker to frontline tanks like Reinhardt, the roster is chock-full of characters designed to suit various strategies and skill levels.

The best heroes aren't just the ones that look cool or have flashy ultimates; they're the ones that can truly make a difference in the heat of battle. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newbie still figuring out how to aim, some heroes just seem to rise to the top.

It's all about versatility, effectiveness in various game modes, and, of course, the sheer joy of playability. But don't just take our word for it. We've got a list here that's been curated by votes, intense debates, and maybe a rage quit or two.
The Top Ten
1 Tracer As one of the faces of Overwatch, Tracer specializes in speed and agility, making her a difficult target to hit. She can "blink" through space and even reverse time with her "Recall" ability, undoing any damage taken. These features make her excellent at hit-and-run tactics, allowing her to dart in, eliminate a key target, and dart out. Tracer's Pulse Bomb ultimate can stick to enemies, making it a high-impact weapon in tight spaces or against clustered foes.

Tracer is very epic and thick. She's very squishy, but with her small hitbox and three reserve blinks, she can be a very hard target if played in the right hands. The recall is a very nice ability as you can regain your health, status, and position on the map three seconds before you activate it.

Tracer is my favorite as she has a very unique kit. She also takes a ton of skill to master, hence why she is so rewarding to play as.

Although I'm a Reaper main, at times I've realized that Tracer is the best hero in the game. She is agile, has an easy escape, is quick at damage, and above all, she is the face of the game.

2 D.Va Piloting a powerful mech, D.Va is a versatile tank hero known for her Defense Matrix ability, which can nullify incoming projectiles. When her mech is destroyed, she continues fighting in a less armored "pilot" mode, giving her a second chance at life. Her Self-Destruct ultimate can clear entire areas, making it crucial for contesting objectives. Additionally, her Boosters make her highly mobile, allowing her to reach high ground or escape dangerous situations.

Hands down the best main in Overwatch. I main her all the time. I've seen gender-swaps of her. They look even cuter. To be honest, I love her! She's amazing and cute. I seriously love the bunny logo and her logo that's on her mech.

I'm still trying to master her ultimate. The last time, I got a quadruple kill with Self-Destruct. Her skins are so expensive. I wish Blizzard could lower the price. I get jealous when others get the skin that I really want. D.Va is by far my first main when my brother got me into Overwatch. I'm still learning other heroes in Overwatch, such as Reaper, Soldier 76, Sombra, and Tracer.

3 Genji A cybernetic ninja, Genji excels at close-quarters combat and can climb walls and double jump. His Deflect ability can turn enemy projectiles back at them, offering a unique form of protection. Genji's Swift Strike allows him to dash through foes, resetting on eliminations to chain attacks together. His ultimate, Dragonblade, unsheathes a deadly sword that can cut down multiple enemies in quick succession.

How is Genji not number one on the list? He is the most mobile and the deadliest character in the game. If Roadhog hooks you, you can just deflect his shotgun blast back in his face. Sombra may be able to hack and take away Genji's abilities, but he can just climb to safety using his passive ability called Cybernetic Agility.

He can counter everyone in one way or another. All those Tracer mains think that just because she can recall and blink, she is so powerful. She can be killed in one Dragon Blade hit, or for that matter, just a regular melee attack. I read that the guy who made that long comment went on about how he switched mains from Genji to Sombra. Man, he made a big mistake.

Besides, Genji can be strategic when you know how to play him. Anyway, Genji should be number one.

4 Junkrat A hero who specializes in area denial, Junkrat uses a grenade launcher to lay down indirect fire. His Steel Trap and Concussion Mine abilities provide utility, either immobilizing enemies or propelling himself through the air. Junkrat is highly effective at disrupting entrenched enemy positions, especially with his Rip-Tire ultimate, which can navigate terrain to deliver a high-explosive surprise. His kit is tailored for creating chaos and controlling space on the battlefield.

Junkrat is seriously underrated, but a good Junkrat poses a real threat to the enemy. He's good as both an attack hero and a defense hero. His passive ability is amusing for getting kills with. As for his ultimate, it's perfect for situations where the enemy team is all on the payload/objective. He is one kickass hero.

I main Junkrat and I like it.

I keep getting hate because people say the only reason Junkrat is good is due to frag grenade spam, but I resent that. The other abilities are amazing, and with his new buff, now he gets a triple jump.

5 Reaper Specializing in close-range combat, Reaper wields dual shotguns that are devastating up close. His "The Reaping" ability allows him to restore health by collecting soul globes from defeated enemies. He can also become invincible and pass through enemies with his Wraith Form, offering both an escape and an engagement tool. Reaper's Death Blossom ultimate can quickly eliminate multiple nearby enemies, making it particularly potent in confined spaces.

As a miserable teen with 40+ hours in Reaper, the first thing I spent my credits on was his Mariachi skin.

He isn't as easy to play as most believe. His damage falloff means he can be picked off by any hero with range if they know how to backtrack. He is easy to use in that his range of abilities is quite limited and simple to use. At the end of the day, what separates a good Reaper from a bad one is their map knowledge, their ability to make judgment calls, and how they behave when faced with different heroes.

For example, a Tracer can easily kite you. You have the power to two-shot them (headshot + melee), but you need them to get close. Go around a corner and wait right beside the door. Make sure your shotguns aren't sticking out for them to see. If they're smart and know what you're doing, they'll leave you alone, in which case you're free to go.

If a Mei is freezing you, most people will use Wraith Form. You can also use Shadow Step since it takes less time to change locations than it does for Mei to freeze you. Just make sure to do it as soon as she has a lock on you.

6 Lucio A support hero with a love for music, Lucio uses his sonic abilities to either speed up his team or heal them. His "Crossfade" ability toggles between these two auras, providing flexibility in support roles. Lucio's Wall Ride makes him a highly mobile character, able to traverse complex terrains. His Sound Barrier ultimate grants temporary shields to nearby teammates, making it a game-changing ability in team fights.

Super fun to play and very underrated. You can get decent environmental kills with his knock-back ability, and Crossfade is super useful in almost all situations. Lucio is super versatile. He can be a high-speed flanker by speeding up his team in modes like capture the flag. He can provide constant healing, giving his team much more survivability.

His wall run gives him very high mobility (not that he needs it), and he is overall a nuisance to the enemy if played correctly. His super is one of the strongest defensive abilities in game modes like capture the objective or team deathmatch, where surviving is crucial. His main attack can deal consistent chip damage, and he isn't that hard to get kills with. He's fast, relatively hard to kill with Amp It Up on his healing song, and a very strong support. I suggest Lucio to people who want to mix it up a little bit.

7 Cassidy Formerly known as McCree, Cassidy is a gunslinger who excels at mid-range combat. His Peacekeeper revolver deals high damage, especially when he uses the "Fan the Hammer" technique for quick shots. He has a Combat Roll for dodging and reloading simultaneously, adding to his dueling prowess. His Deadeye ultimate can lock onto multiple enemies, executing them with precise shots, making him a threat in open areas.

His ultimate is one of the most powerful in the game, but his pistol requires extreme precision at long ranges.

By far the coolest character, in my opinion, but he is also one of the more difficult ones to truly master.

I can't say why, but I'm glad they included him in this game. He's very distinct, and his weapons are unique.

8 Bastion A hero that can transform between a mobile recon mode and a stationary turret, Bastion specializes in area denial. In turret form, he unleashes a rapid-fire barrage that can shred through enemy shields and heroes alike. Bastion also has a self-repair ability, allowing him to sustain himself in battle. His ultimate, Configuration: Tank, transforms him into a mobile artillery unit with explosive rounds.

I'm quite disappointed that this excellent character is at #15. I recently became a Bastion main, and I think he's an excellent and powerful character. I actually get Play of the Game with him a lot, and it's not because of me. It's just because Bastion is such a good character.

Bastion is an overpowered monster capable of taking out the entire enemy team without even moving. As you scream out in rage and break your game, Bastion will be watching, and he will drink your tears when you are sad and make you sad when you are happy.

9 Hanzo A sniper who employs a traditional bow, Hanzo is known for his high burst damage. His Sonic Arrow reveals enemies behind walls, providing valuable intelligence, while his Storm Arrows unleash rapid shots for a limited time. He is also one of the few heroes capable of scaling walls, offering unique vantage points. Hanzo's ultimate, Dragonstrike, releases a pair of spirit dragons that pass through walls and deal significant damage.

It's sad that most Hanzo mains never switch nor contribute damage or kills to the team. At least on that extremely rare occasion where you have a good Hanzo, he does all the damage.

Don't diss Hanzo mains. I challenge you to get a headshot on a flying Pharah with no scope and projectiles that have travel time and fly in an arc. Admittedly, there are some shocking mains out there.

He's great for doing damage when supported by a tank.

10 Widowmaker A sniper hero known for her long-range capabilities, Widowmaker can eliminate key targets from a distance with her Widow's Kiss sniper rifle. Her Grappling Hook allows her to reach high vantage points, giving her a better line of sight. Widowmaker's Infra-Sight ultimate reveals enemy locations through walls to her entire team, offering tactical advantage. She can also deploy a Venom Mine that poisons enemies who walk near it, alerting her to their presence.

Widowmaker should earn the number 2 or 3 spot. She has a very interesting and awesomely heartbreaking background. She is the queen of attack and defense, and she has one of the best weapons in Overwatch. She's sexy and totally badass. She is literally the Nicki Minaj of Overwatch, and she's so loving of her husband that she actually went to his grave in the Overwatch Christmas comic.

She's independent, and she knows how to kick some butt. She defeated Tracer, who's a fast and fierce opponent. She has one of the best and gothic lines ever. Widowmaker is still one of the best DPS heroes, along with Genji and Doomfist, which is pretty good considering that all her counters are meta as well. She's so tough that she took a huge punch from Doomfist's gauntlet. She gets hated a lot because she's just too OP. Love or hate Widowmaker, she's still one of the best in Overwatch.

The Contenders
11 Mercy A quintessential support hero, Mercy has a Caduceus Staff that can either heal allies or boost their damage. She can also quickly fly towards teammates with her Guardian Angel ability, making her highly mobile despite lacking offensive capabilities. Her Resurrect ability can bring back eliminated teammates, turning the tide of battle. Mercy's Valkyrie ultimate enhances all her abilities and allows her to fly, making her a formidable support during crucial moments.

Many people seem to think that playing a support is boring, but characters like Mercy, who have to get close to their allies to heal them, need to dodge attacks and balance out protecting themselves and healing teammates. This can lead to some serious gameplay.

On my PS4, all my friends think I'm the best Mercy. I'm not one of those Mercys that are hungry for kills. I'm more like both. I heal and boost damage. Hands down, she's the best healer in all of Overwatch! I love Mercy. She's my go-to healer main because she's a one-star healer!

12 Mei A hero focused on area control, Mei can erect Ice Walls to block pathways or protect teammates. Her Endothermic Blaster can freeze enemies in place, setting them up for easy eliminations. Mei's Cryo-Freeze ability encases her in ice, healing her and making her invulnerable for a short duration. Her Blizzard ultimate deploys a drone that freezes all enemies in a designated area, making it highly effective for zoning and crowd control.

If you think about it, Mei is one of the most overpowered characters in the game. Her icicle is as sharp as anything, and her freeze blast is totally overpowered by freezing the opponent and then shooting an icicle. Plus, she has an ice wall, and she can heal without being hit by anyone.

Then again, she is very unprotected when she gets out of her healing thing.

The most annoying hero in Overwatch. You will be happily roaming the houses as whatever hero you want, and suddenly you stop moving. You look around, but it is too late. You are frozen solid and must watch as you get headshot with a tiny little icicle.

13 Roadhog Known for his Hook-Scrap Gun combo, Roadhog is a tank hero that excels at isolating and eliminating individual targets. His Chain Hook can pull enemies towards him, making them easy pickings for his powerful Scrap Gun. He possesses high survivability due to his Take A Breather ability, which restores a substantial amount of his health. Roadhog's Whole Hog ultimate sprays shrapnel in a wide area, pushing enemies back and dealing significant damage.

Epic class. I used to look at him and think, "Who would want to play a fat Australian criminal who has a pig nose and a raspy voice?" That was until I played him. He can hook squishy enemies like Tracer, pull her in, and one-shot her with his scrap gun.

He has "Take a Breather," which gives him 300 HP and has an 8-second cooldown. Amazing.

God, I can't believe Reaper is higher up than him. Hog is a better, higher-damage version of Reaper who can heal himself infinitely and hook enemies for an instant kill. Hog deserves at least the No. 3 spot.

14 Soldier: 76 76: Designed as a well-rounded damage hero, Soldier: 76 has a rapid-fire pulse rifle complemented by Helix Rockets for burst damage. He's one of the few heroes with a sprint ability, allowing him to quickly reposition or escape danger. His Biotic Field provides healing for himself and nearby teammates, adding a supportive element to his kit. Soldier: 76's Tactical Visor ultimate auto-targets enemies, ensuring that every shot hits its mark.

Soldier 76 is my favorite character because his Helix Rockets are very powerful, and he has an amazing ultimate: Tactical Visor.

Soldier 76. I always play this amazing character, and he is so useful in the game for noobs, bad level 18s who get Play of the Game for no reason (that's me), and pros. He should be number 1.

The first hero you use and is currently my most used. Helix Rockets are great, with the addition of healing.

15 Reinhardt Primarily a frontline tank, Reinhardt's main feature is his large Barrier Shield, which can absorb a substantial amount of damage for his team. He excels in close combat with his Rocket Hammer, which deals sweeping damage in melee range. His Charge ability can pin and eliminate key enemies but leaves him vulnerable if misused. Reinhardt's Earthshatter ultimate can knock down multiple enemies in its path, setting up easy eliminations for his team.

With clever use of his shield, he is the most valuable tank in the game. Overwatch is about teamwork. Between him and Lucio, both are huge benefactors that aid the team as a whole, and not just themselves. This is something I have noticed many people don't get.

Rein is the best character in the game because he can defend an entire team, take down an entire team with clever use, and can capture a point single-handedly while only losing half his health.

Compared to other Overwatch characters, he is among one of the strongest because of his teamwork. He can shield the entire team, stun, pin, deal damage, take damage, and do pretty much everything.

16 Zenyatta A unique support hero, Zenyatta can both heal allies and significantly weaken enemies. His Orb of Harmony provides continuous healing to a single ally, while his Orb of Discord amplifies the damage an enemy takes. Zenyatta can also defend himself reasonably well with his Orb of Destruction attacks. His Transcendence ultimate grants invincibility and rapid healing to nearby teammates, making it a pivotal ability in team fights.

As a Zenyatta main myself, I can agree with this spot because other heroes can beat him in 1v1s. Although he has one of the best ultimates in the game, his speed is slow, so he can't really run away from his enemies. But I believe that his Discord Orb could rank him at least a little bit higher.

The combination of damage, healing, and debuffing enemies makes Zenyatta the most versatile support. Holding off a frontal assault or pushing into a heavily defended control point with Transcendence is almost a free couple of kills for the team.

17 Winston A highly mobile tank, Winston can leap great distances with his Jump Pack and deploy a Barrier Projector to block incoming damage. His Tesla Cannon deals consistent, albeit low, damage in a cone in front of him, making him effective against multiple enemies at close range. Winston excels at disrupting enemy backlines and taking out squishy support and damage heroes. His Primal Rage ultimate grants him massive health and strong melee attacks but disables his Tesla Cannon.

He is a genetically engineered, super-genius gorilla! What more could you want? He's powerful, smart, and he's trying to get the heroes of Overwatch together again.

Winston is one of the most fun characters to play. He might seem like he is really easy, although you need to know when to engage and disengage, and you need to have good positioning to kill people with his low-damage Tesla Cannon.

Tank with heaps of hit points, can deal large damage with his ray gun, and hit fast-moving targets such as Tracer.

18 Pharah Specializing in aerial combat, Pharah has a jetpack that allows her to fly above the battlefield. Her rocket launcher deals high damage in an area, making her effective against clusters of enemies. She is particularly strong in environments with verticality and open skies. Pharah's Barrage ultimate unleashes a torrent of rockets in a concentrated area, capable of wiping out multiple enemies if they're not prepared.

Her weapons are very powerful. Teamed with Mercy, she's unstoppable and has a very high chance of being on fire.

The reason I like this character is because of her missile barrage, her explosive shooting weapon, and how she can somewhat fly. It's very fun using her.

Voting for Pharah as a Mercy main because Pharmercy is the best duo in Overwatch.

19 Ana A support sniper, Ana can heal allies from a distance with her Biotic Rifle or use it to deal damage to enemies. Her Sleep Dart can incapacitate foes, providing opportunities for her team to capitalize on. Ana's Biotic Grenade amplifies healing effects for allies and negates healing on enemies, making it extremely versatile. Her Nano Boost ultimate greatly enhances an ally's capabilities, giving them a significant advantage in combat.

Ana is a multitasker. You can't expect her to get gold in healing every time, as she's also trying to help in dealing out damage. A good Ana is incredibly useful in any team, regardless of how many cards she gets or how many medals.

It's not like she's the best burst healer and has a fast-charging, game-changing ultimate or anything.

20 Sombra Known for her hacking abilities, Sombra can disable enemies and health packs, rendering them useless for a short duration. Her Thermoptic Camo provides invisibility and increased speed, allowing for excellent reconnaissance and flanking. Sombra's Translocator gives her a reliable escape option or a way to quickly engage. Her EMP ultimate is a game-changer, hacking all enemies in a wide radius and removing their barriers and shields.

Sombra can hack (almost) everyone and everything. Seeing as almost all of the other characters in Overwatch (including Sombra) are solely reliant on their abilities, they become completely vulnerable to all attacks when Sombra hacks them. The speed boost you get when going completely invisible is tremendous. Combined with the translocator, you become the most mobile character in the game.

If you get a melee attack on an enemy's back, they die instantaneously. I literally switched my main from Genji to Sombra because of how powerful she is. I have 50 hours on Genji - impressive, right? Well, you'll definitely be surprised when I tell you I have over 100 hours on Sombra. In summary, Sombra is the best and most strategically based character in Overwatch.

21 Orisa Engineered as an anchor tank, Orisa provides a strong frontline with her deployable Protective Barrier. Her Fusion Driver allows her to lay down sustained ranged fire, making her a consistent threat. Her Fortify ability grants her temporary damage reduction and immunity to crowd-control effects. Orisa's Supercharger ultimate boosts the damage output of allies within its radius, serving as a powerful tool to break enemy lines.

Orisa is the best player to use for defense because her shield will defend your team from a lot of incoming fire and can be put back down at full health in only 7 seconds. She is also the best counter to Reaper as a tank hero and is probably the best defense hero in the game.

I would personally not recommend using her for attack, though she is still good but not as good, and is overpowered on the map Lunar Colony on defense.

Even if she is new, she is a pretty good tank. The only bad thing about her is that when you play her, there is no moment when you think you can surpass everyone (use your ultimate, for example). She definitely needs a buff. Until then, she just requires skill to use.

22 Zarya Known for her ability to absorb damage and convert it into firepower, Zarya uses her Particle Barrier and Projected Barrier to protect herself and teammates, respectively. The more damage these barriers absorb, the stronger her Particle Cannon becomes, allowing her to deal significant damage. She excels in close to mid-range combat and is particularly effective when she has high energy. Zarya's Graviton Surge ultimate is a game-changer, pulling enemies into a vortex and making them easy targets for follow-up attacks.

A Zarya who knows what they are doing can be a force to be reckoned with. My friend with Zarya goes 3-5 with 200 damage blocked. However, I took the time to learn how to play her and go 26-3 with 3,500 damage blocked.

Her weapon up close deals massive amounts of damage, which will also increase your aiming skills. Her ability to block D.Va's ultimate for herself and a teammate makes her extremely useful.

Lastly, her ultimate is, in my opinion, the best in the game. Why? Because if the payload is coming and you're the only one left, you can get them off the payload while your teammates respawn. Also, when you use it with McCree, Genji, D.Va (just to name my favorite ones to combo), if used correctly, you can get a team kill pretty easily and, if not a team kill, almost always at least 2-3 opponents.

23 Doomfist A highly mobile damage hero, Doomfist uses his abilities to engage and eliminate targets quickly. His Rocket Punch can one-shot squishy heroes if it sends them into a wall. His Seismic Slam and Rising Uppercut abilities help him traverse the map and disrupt enemy formations. Doomfist's Meteor Strike ultimate allows him to jump into the sky and come crashing down, dealing substantial damage in a radius.

At the start, I didn't understand Doomfist's potential. Then I saw some videos on YouTube, and I understood that he's one of the funniest and most skillful heroes to play. There are many maps with awesome rollouts that allow you to reach amazing spots, using the jump with the rocket punch. Love him.

I despise him. Doomfist is extremely overpowered.

24 Wrecking Ball Also known as Hammond, Wrecking Ball is a versatile tank with high mobility thanks to his Grappling Claw, which lets him swing around the battlefield. His Adaptive Shield provides more protection based on the number of enemies nearby, making him a solid initiator. His Quad Cannons offer consistent damage, while his Piledriver ability disrupts enemy formations. Wrecking Ball's Minefield ultimate deploys a large field of explosive mines, effectively zoning off areas.
25 Ashe A damage hero with a versatile toolkit, Ashe's Viper rifle offers both scoped and unscoped firing modes. Her Dynamite ability can deal area-of-effect damage and set enemies on fire, providing damage over time. The Coach Gun can knock back enemies and propel Ashe to higher ground. Her ultimate, B.O.B, summons her omnic butler who acts as an additional player, shooting at enemies and pushing them away.

I main her, and she's so balanced and the MOST underrated. Once you learn to play her and master her, and know when to throw and shoot your dynamite at enemies (especially when they are grouped up together), she's a blast to play.

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