Top Ten Sims from the MySims Series

These are the characters that have shown you the light to creativity, and have provided you with entertainment through their personalities. Today we'll be seeing the top ten MySims characters from the MySims series. For this list, I'll be showing you some of the most iconic, most memorable, most entertaining, and most recognizable sims that MySims has shown us. Remember this list will be excluding any characters cut from the games and will be excluding any cameo characters such as Isaac Clarke. Sorry Isaac, get your own game.
The Top Ten
1 Chaz McFreely

Taking top spot on the list is the first ever charcter to be brought to life on commercial, Chaz McFreely, Chaz gains the number 1 spot because he's the most merable character there is, first starting out as the default character, he was the one to introduce you to world of mysims, he later got a cocky personality, and became a daredevil, Chaz McFreely may not be the nicest Character, often pulling pranks on. His friend Travis, or messing up a school classroom, but at times Chaz can give out nice compliments and give us quite a show, That is why Chaz has won the battle of the sims and is the number one Sim.

2 Buddy
3 Morcubus

At number three, we have the series main antagonist: Morcubus, why he's evil is unknown, but whatever it was must not have been good, from taking over the Skies or Even the world, Morcubus is devious Mastermind who is always the Arch nemeses of you, while Morcubus is a clever Genius, he is also a coward and doesn't think ahead of time, even so he's the C.E. O of The largest business in the world: Morcucorp, assisted by Yuki, Esma, Brandi and others, now if only he could keep his Team together.

4 Violet Nightshade
5 Sir. Vincent Skullfinder

Skullfinder is a greedy treasure hunter who has a history of evolving from a devious museum curator to a backstabbing traitor. Skullfinder has a money-hungry attitude and is never afraid to betray his comrades for treasure and status. While he is an evil antagonist, he's not all too bright and is always stopped no matter what. His only problem is that he's a sore loser and is also quite gullible. But, like a good villain, he doesn't give up, and is my choice at 7.

6 D.J Candy

D. J Candy is the sim celebrity of the world of music, and is my favorate female, she is often fallowed by her fans Zack and Saphire, and is the owner of Club Candy, arguably the coolest female rockstar in the series, she has a love of Music, Dancing, and Parties, she even happy some hidden talents like a Great sence of Hearing, she is an easy going character and is a generous friend.

7 Dr. F

Dr. F is the crazy yet brilliant mad scientist, who is arguably the most insane character in the games ever, dr. F's deal is he's a scientist you would often need to go to for "advice" and equipment, he is known for comparing two totally different things together, and even creating world domination that could destroy the world as a whole, he even once sold out sky force to morcubus, always assisted by his assistant Alexa and tortured robot T.O.B.O. R, he is a psycho-pathic genius and notible sim.

8 Poppy

Poppy is a sweet young flower girl who is the younger sister to violet nightshade, while either sister is eligible for the list, in the end I went with poppy for not only being slightly closer to you in the games, but for also being an important subject to the games, she is the one to give you your big case in mysims agents and she gives you a quest to find every flower in mysims kingdom, her personality can be described as cute and lovable, and is a dear friend to everyone.

9 Chef Gino
10 Lyndsay
The Contenders
11 Ol' Gabby
12 Vic Vector

He loves video games, I love it too!

13 Rosalyn P. Marshal

Rosalyn serves an important role in most of the games, she often plays a character who would be often very respected, like the mayor, an academy teacher, or a government agent, Rosalyn is at number 10 because while she is entertaining and interesting, at sometimes she can become snobby and sometimes annoying through silliness or just plane dullness, even so, Rosalyn was the first character to be introduced, and she's my choice at 10.

14 Yuki

I like yuki because she is a spooky sim but she is also really cute.

Yuki is so cute and funny! I love her character

15 Leaf
16 King Roland
17 Esma
18 Chef Watanabe
19 Petal
20 Zombie Carl

This guy was really ugly, but also adorable because of that! Come on, he's totally adorable! Plus he actually went through a lot of crap in the series while lots of other characters had happy dappy wappy lives. Despite that, and being a zombie, he's still actually a pretty nice guy, and has managed to go through several years of trouble! And, he even appeared as one of the few figurines in The Sims 4, so obviously he's important, right?

It kinda bothers me actually that lots of people love characters like Buddy and such. He was nice in Kingdom, but got very old after a while. Plus I see him ALL OVER the place instead of other characters. Please, give Zombie Carl Weatherby some love! He'll really appreciate it!

21 Johnny
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