Top 10 Strongest New Pokemon of Gen 8

Here are the rules. Vote for who you think is/are the strongest Pokemon of the most recent generation: generation 8. It can be a legendary, a Galarian form, or anything like that. However, you should not vote for any Gigantamax form on a old Pokemon. However, you can vote for a new Pokemon, and use its Gigantamax form as an argument to why this Pokemon is strong. Also you should know that base stats are not everything, and that if you vote for a Pokemon just for that, it might be not a very good idea. Also, don't vote for Eternamax Eternatus, because you can't even use it. However, if somehow game freak make it so that this Pokemon is playable in a future Pokemon game, than I guess you can vote for it, however, it's not usable for now, and for good reasons. Anyway, let's start the votes.
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1 Zacian Zacian is a Fairy-type Legendary Pokémon that was introduced in Generation VIII. It serves as the mascot for Pokémon Sword.

Show me someone that thinks there is a stronger new pokemon than Zacian, and I will show you a lier. You have to know by the way that I am talking about mostly Zacian Crowned, since this is the stronger form. I honestly think that Zacian might be stronger than Mega Rayquaza. It's that good. With Zacian you have arguably the best defensive double type in the game (steel/fairy), on top of a very good bulk of 92 hp, and 115 in both defenses. The worst part being, those are Zacian's worst stats besides special attack. Zacian has an incredible 148 speed, which is very good on it's own, but is, until they bring back some old pokemon (if they do), the second best speed after Ninjask. Meanwhile, his attack stat reach a god-like 170 attack stat, couple with an ability that give a +1 attack boost that activate every time he enters the battlefield, making so that with an adamant nature he hits harder than Mega-Mawile used to (because you know, Megas are not there anymore). Also, this thing has a movepool, that make it so that Zacian is extremely unsafe to switch on. For example, Toxapex is a good counter to Zacian, unless it has Psychic Fangs. Aegislash is also a good counter unless, it has fire fangs or crunch. Do you know zacian has close combat by the way? Oh! And his signature move is a 100 bs power STAB steel type move with the power doubling on Dynamax pokemons. This pokemon is simply crazy.

2 Eternatus

Eternatus has decent defenses couple with great 140 hp, has a great speed stat of 130, and amazing special attack of 145. Combine that with a dragon type version of Zacian's signature move, and even an access to recover, and agility and we have a pretty damn strong pokemon, that has a better time dealing with Zacian than most pokemon in the game. Not that he is the perfect counter, because you know...(psychic fangs).

The world's strongest such dynamic killer one shots all Leon's pokemon

3 Zamazenta

Zamazenta is a very good tank pokemon with 140 in both defenses couple with 90 hp on top of having a very good 130 attack stat, and 120 speed. Not only that, but he has a the same signature move of Zacian, and the physical defense equivalent of Zacian's ability. The only reason he is not higher is because he can't heal itself without rest, so therefore some pokemon have a better defensive role.

4 Dragapult

This pokemon is simple. It's really, really fast with 142 speed, it hits hard both physically with 120 att., and specially with 100 spec., and it has a pretty good movepool, the only bad thing being phantom force being its only physical ghost move. Because of that, Dragapult is really unpredictable and strong.

5 Galarian Darmanitan

Darmanitan was a pretty decent pokemon, with amazing attack stat, and decent speed that can be very good if you add a scarf, combine with moves like u-turn, and flare blitz. In gen 8, we have an ice type darmanitan, and even considering the bad reputation of ice types, it went from a very cool pokemon in underused, to possibly a top tier in overused. Why? First, while the ice type is very bad defensively, it is amazing offensively, and Darmanitan being a very offensive mon, it's good for him. Secondly, during the type translation, Darmanitan kept his fire type moves, while gaining new ice type moves. More imortantly though is the ability gorilla tactics. This ability, works exactly like a choice band: it locks you into using the same move, but it grows your attack to 50%. So you already have a pokemon that hits really hard, but you can add a choice item on top of that, meaning you can either have a safe option with the scarf that allows you to go faster than most non scarf pokemon, or add a band to hit even harder! All that, makes Darmanitan a very dangerous pokemon, that is surprisingly unpredictable, and is so good, that even though game freak made a way stronger zen mode form for it, it still is overshadowed by his other form.

6 Corviknight

Remember skarmory? Remember how it was a pokemon that always was in overused for every generations in big part, thanks to his amazing double type. Well, Corviknight is pretty much the new Skarmory, but with different sets. Like skarmory, it can defog, and roost, but he can also use bulk up, which is not a bad set at all. Also, his physical defense isn't as good as skarmory, but he do have a better special defense. It's one of the greatest defensive threat in overused, and as long as skarmory, and celesteela are gone, it will stay like this.

7 Dracovish

Let me give you guys a lesson in math: Dracovish has decent everything with above-average defense. What makes him broken, however, is Fishious Rend. This move multiplies by two if he goes first to 170. One hundred accuracy. That isn't the end. Next up is Strong Jaw which multiplies all bite moves by 1.5. Fishious Rend? Bite move. Finishing off with Same Type Attack Boost (1.5x), we get a whopping attack power of 382.5. That is insane. That is just normal. Imagine a super-effective attack. While the other fossils get this, Arctovish is the one least counterable.

8 Cinderace

So first, Cinderace has a very good physical attack and speed of 116 and 119, making it a good sweeper. It also has a 120 base power STAB fire type move more precise than fire blast on top of good type coverage, but what makes this pokemon so strong is court change. Court change is a move that switch the side of hazard, screens, and other thing. And this, is really, really good, because it makes the opponent scared to use hazards as long as Cinderace is alive. The best part is, this comment was made before they released Cinderace's hidden ability. I can't imagine how strong Cinderace will be with libero, AKA protean.

9 Grimmsnarl

Grimmsnarl is pretty strong, and while I don't think it's the strongest pokemon of this generation it is definitely my favorite pokemon to use in battle period. This pokemon has a unique battle style that no other pokemon has. Dark/Fairy is a very good double type, both offensively and defensively. It has decent HP, and a very good physical attack. However, some people (including me before I know more about this pokemon), would point out that its defensive stats are not that great, and that he is very slow. And that's where its ability prankster, and its movepool comes into play. Prankster is an ability that gives priority to every status moves, and that single ability makes grimmsnarl a very versatile an useful pokemon. Its most popular set is the dual screen set, which allows it to double the defense and special defense of the team without too much risk. It can use taunt in order to not getting taunted by the opponent, it can paralyze with thunder wave to prevent the opponent from sweeping. It can use a combination of bulk up and spirit break to raise its defense when there is a physical attacker and lowers the special attack of the opponent when it's a special attacker. It can use priority rest, and sleep talk to have priority over each of your move. I didn't know an offensive user of prankster could be that useful, and fun.

10 Hatterene

We continue with the defensive monsters of overused with Hatterene. To start with, Hatterene has very good special attack and defensive. After that, there is its ability magic bounce, which bounces status moves and therefore can be dangerous to defensive team. It also have access to calm mind and other cool moves. On top of that, because it's really slow, it is an amazing pokemon in trick room. A pokemon to beware of.

The Contenders
11 Toxtricity

Toxtricity's function is simple: dealing crazy damage with punk rock boosted overdrives, and boombursts. Plus, it's electric poison typing has good resistances, and let him switch on some attacks without too much risk. His stats could have been better, but hey.

12 Sirfetch’d

Sirfetch'd is decently strong with an high attack, and decent bulk, on top of moves like first impression, and an item that highers its critical hit rate, however, it is outclass by other fighting type, more particularly Conkeldurr which is bulkier and hits harder.

13 Inteleon

Um I am offended I soloed pokemon sword and shield with inteleon and didn't die once. Also for your information Rillaboom is so bad I soloed the games with all the starters its not even possible with rillaboom. no offense to cinderace

Inteleon, is simple. It's really fast, and hits really hard. He lacks some type coverage, but he is still pretty cool.

Epic even can be used as a 1 hit KO.

14 Centiskorch

Oh boy! I find this pokemon to be very cool, but he is bad in competitive battling. His typing is okay, he has the ability flash fire, and he can use fire lash, but his stats are awful. He has a decent special bulk, but his defense is bad, he is slow, and doesn't hurt a lot.

15 Drednaw

Drednaw, is actually very dangerous in the rain, with it's hidden ability swift swim. It's basically the new kabutops.

It was how I beat sword and was my first pokemon to grow to level 100!

16 Rillaboom

Rillaboom isn't bad, but it doesn't have anything special. However, I bet it will be a very good overused pokemon, when it'll obtain his hidden ability, grassy surge, since with that it will basially become the new Tapu Bulu.

When that drum comes out, things are about to get ugly...

17 Boltund

I think Boltund is a decent electric type pokemon for two reasons. First, it has a very good speed of 121. Second, its ability strong jaw is very useful, since it has access to fang moves like, fire fang, psychic fangs, crunch, and of course, STAB thunder fang (which is stronger than Wild Charge, thanks to strong jaw, and doesn't have recoil). All of this is even better when you consider a lot of electric type relied on hidden power ice to have type coverage, and that now that hidden power ice is gone, the fact Boltund has access to so much coverage without hidden power would make it more interesting than other electric types. It's far from the strongest new pokemon, but it's also far from the weakest.

18 Galarian Corsola

Now some of you might say: "why Corsola, and not cursola? " One word: "eviolite". Corsola has good defenses (the physical one being higher than its evolution), and with an eviolite they reach great amount. Corsola also has an amazing defensive movepool with the amazing strength sap, on top of will-o-wisp and stealth rock. Like Corviknight, it's one of the biggest defensive threat in overused.

19 Orbeetle

Orbeetle is very special. It has very good defensive stats, is decently fast, but it's hold back, by a pretty bad double typing defensively, and low hp. However, it has a niche that can make it usefull when use well. Orbeetle is a decent sticky web user, that use a stab U-turn to switch, and can heal himself with recover or put the opponent to sleep with hypnosis. I doubt, this pokemon will be seen often on the competitive scene, since its use is very specific, and some pokemon might do the job better than it, like Ribombee. At least, it's not useless, and if you like this pokemon it might be very usefull in a sword and shield playthrough, and I have to admit, it looks cool.

20 Goodra Goodra is a fictional creature in the Pokemon franchise. Introduced in the 6th gen, Goodra is a Dragon type Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Sliggoo and the final evolved form of Goomy. Classified as the Dragon Pokemon, Goodra is a very slimy, yet affectionate Pokemon, and likes to hug its trainers,... read more
21 Barraskewda

Basically, it's a fish that hits really hard, is very fast, is faster under the rain on top of hitting harder with water moves, and an access to psychic fangs, crunch, and close combat. A really good sweeper.

22 Duraludon

Duraludon has a very good typing, good physical defense, good special defense, and decent movepool. However, he is not really special, and its special defense holds it back.

23 Toxapex
24 Coalossal
25 Wooloo
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