Top Ten Worst Pokemon Gym Leaders / Elite Four

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1 Bugsy

When you sweep a bug gym leader with a bayleef, you know something is wrong. His only competent pokemon is scyther and he is waaay to easy to set up on. Not only that, but he is forgettable- no persanility whatsoever. None.

Is Bugsy a boy or a girl? Seriously, look at him/her. It doesn't help that he/she specializes in the type with the lowest average base stat total.

Really, he, or she, as some people say, is a terrible idea! Pink hair, short jeans, neon green.

2 Wikstrom

While xy had lots of forgettable charecters, wikstorm is the most forgettable because not only does he have only 4 pokemon, he has no persanility and a bad design, even compared to the other xy e4.

His Aegislash is the only thing he has going for him in battle. Also, Klefki? Really?

3 Falkner

Mudslap. It the perfect move to showcase why a trainer like you should use Flying type pokemon.- Falkner.

His Gym and his Pokemon were GIVEN to him by his OWN Father. Yeah, that's how much he sucks

How did he even manage to become gym leader with only lvl7 pidgey and lvl9 pidgeotto?

4 Olympia

X and Y had a LOT of forgettable characters and gym leaders, plus the entire Elite Four and the Champion in general. Olympia just plain sucks! Her design is... OK, in my opinion, I like her cape, but she's just so easy to beat in those games! I mean, Korrina was pretty hard, but this fight tones down the difficulty and makes the already-easy games even easier!

Lacking in persanility, having a weak team, and looking a bit creepy are all reason I voted for her. While the first two apply to most xy gym leaders, the third one is a bit much.

5 Chuck

To be honest I forgot all about him after I left his gym... That can't be a good sign...

He uses 2 pokemon, 1 not fully evolved, from KANTO, despite being the 5th johto gym leader. Also a bit boring in persanility.

This guy seriously looks like Jack Black. Po the panda in human form.

6 Cilan Cilan is one of the three Gym Leaders of Striaton City's Gym, known officially as the Striaton Gym, in Pokemon Black and White. In the anime, he is classified as an A-class Pokemon Connoisseur and traveled with Ash Ketchum in the Unova region. He first debuted in Triple Leaders, Team Threats!.

Ignoring the anime, cilantro shares his spot with two others and is replaced in the next game. This leaves a really boring first impression that's never expanded upon. I'm not the biggest fan of pansage, his signature Pokemon, either. Cilan is just forgettable.
Regarding the anime, the 20 episodes I watched and the movies he was in made me dislike him. His voice was annoying and his talks about food boring. I can see why people would defend cilan. I'm only voting for him out of process of elimination

7 Clemont Clemont originates in Pokemon XY, created by Nintendo & game freak. is a gym leader of the lumoise city. He specialized in electric Pokemon and is known as a genius... read more

The gen6 electric leader is by far my least favourite leader in the series. I'm actually kinda surprised he's in the top 10, but very glad.

Personality: Possibly the blandest leader ever. An inventer? Nice, but we don't see him inventing anything. And that's about it, all he does is claim he does random stuff. Yeah, sure.

His battle: He is undoubtfully the most annoying leader ever. Well, not in regular play, he's managable there, but in a Nuzlocke, the only way to not have a bad time is to use the free Lucario, or just simply hope you get a relatively decent Ground mon. And hope your Ground mon makes it to him. In my 2nd X Nuzrun I only managed to get a Dugtrio, and he died against a gym trainer. The actual gym battle itself didn't look too good either.

In the show: If memory serves he was kinda annoying.

Overall, he's... still a really bad leader. Bland, hard in a bad way, and forgettable as a whole.

8 Whitney

She wasn't even that hard. My Skiploom could deal with the rollouts easy because it was female and I used sleep powder and leech seed. In my other gameplay my Gloom beat her clefairy and miltank because I had enough time to use growth a lot during Clefairy's metronomes. And her Clefairy was a much bigger deal than her Miltank.

The Clefairy was more of a problem than the Miltank. You were given tons of chances to block out the Mitank, but Clefairy could even have Sacred Fire!

I traded for the Machop... Evolved it into a Machoke... I honestly didn't find Miltank that hard... Her Clefairy's metronome used Aerial Ace though...

9 Gardenia

When I used wing attack, Bam! Her Roserade fainted. too easy! Train more Gardenia!

Honestly Gardenia, don't show your belly to the trainers. its gross.

10 Iris Iris is from the Pokemon bwhite version & Pokemon black 2 & white. She ether was the gym leader in Opelucid city in white version. She first appeared to aid Bianca, Burgh, and the playable character when Bianca's Munna was stolen, & acted as a bodyguard. In Black 2 & White 2, she was the champion. Iris... read more

Iris is the champion of the unova region, and probably one of the strongest at that. Please direct your hate to someone who deserves it, like falkner

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11 Glacia

I don't know if it is just me, but I just can't stand Glacia. I only played Omega Ruby, not the original one, so I don't know if she was better or worse. She was forgettable, and I didn't really like what she said before the battle. Her design is really nothing speical, and she was the number one person in the whole game that I had trouble with beating. My Pokemon were always getting confused, and were always getting frozen. I had to waste 8 revives and over a dozen full restores to finally kill her stupid Froslass. Right when I kill Froslass though, I was like, "Finally... Wait... She has ANOTHER FROSLASS!? DANGET! " I haven't played the original Ruby and Sapphire yet, so I can't say much more but in omega and alpha, I just really hate Glacia.

12 Clair

The worst part about Clair is that you have to go out of your way to do something for her to "prove your worth" when you beat her instead of getting the final badge. At least with Jasmine, there was a sick Pokemon in need of tlc, but Clair just has anger management problems.

At least whitney is a kid, she is an adult and not only did she whine but she made you do a sidequests as well. At least she had a good team though.

13 Wulfric

While his persanility and design are fine, no 8th gym leader should be allowed to use 3 pokemon with only 3 moves.

14 Clay

Take Clay off of here! He's vicious.

15 Aaron

Aaron uses one of the worst types of Pokemon. And to those who says he's the one with the Lucario, the Aaron we are talking about is in the Elite 4.

Aaron, the one that died with the Lucario? Ya, he was really annoying. I don't know any other Aaron, so..

I ALWAYS forget about him, because he doesn't really have anything to do with the plot.

16 Maylene

Paul, is this you? Maylene is far from the worst...get her off here, she's awesome.

Can I ask what the hell Maylene is doing here?

17 Elesa

She is the worst spammer gym leader ever. She has two Emolgas and a Zebstrika. So, you can't use ground type attacks on the Emolgas, and instead have to just spam a strong attack and hopefully kill it. If you don't, she has like 4 hyper potions, which drags the battle on and on. She just spams volt switch and double team and does virtually nothing else. She isn't hard because she's a string trainer, she's hard because she's literally unfair and bull.

She is a cheater, can you believe that in the anime, Zebstrika dodged Swift from Bianca's Minccinno? An attack that NEVER misses ACTUALLY MISSED. I don't like her and she annoys me in the anime, I don't hate super models but she's got to be the worst. Sorry, guys.

18 Fantina

Fantina in the Adventures manga: A funny woman from the Kalos region who laughs at Diamond and Pearl's jokes.

Fantina in the games: Just way too uppity. She would probably be voiced by Tress Macneille. Plus, her Mismagius is a tank.

That one has to be the hardest so far for me. I get a too easy gym leader isn't good but an unbeatable one isn't either. She's pretty cool tho.

Oooh La La! It's ze French gym leader! Seriously. Too pompous and annoying.

19 Valerie

Uses the worst pokemon type of all time.

20 Lt. Surge Lt. Surge is a fictional character in the Pokémon series and the Gym Leader of Vermillion City who specializes in electric type Pokémon, in the anime he's extremely arrogant, aggressive and refers to other trainers as babies for not meeting his qualities his main Pokémon is Raichu who he evolved... read more

Lt. Surge's puzzle is super annoying in the way that it's planned out. You have to look through the trash cans to activate a switch, which in theory is right next to it. But if you fail to find it, the gym arena resets the switches, and you must find the first switch all over again. I mean, that's just the floor. The gym battle is worse as he has his Voltorb and his Raichu, and unless you have a Ground type, they're tough to beat.

In pokemon yellow, this guy uses only 1 pokemon. That's just plain dumb. I know pokemon yelps is based on the anime but it would have been better to give him additional pokemon since the player can.

21 Blaine
22 Erika Erika is the Gym Leader of the Celadon Gym who hands out the Rainbow Badge to Trainers who defeat her in Pokémon Red and Blue.

... ? Rude? He called her best product trash, Ash gets 1 for arrogance.

Along with being sexist in the anime, she has little persanility in the games. Easily worst kanto leader.

23 Burgh

This guy himself is fine. What bothers me however, is that stupid english name! Seriously, I get they wanted a name that sounds like 'bug' but that one has to be the worst. Bugsy, as a name, was fine, however Burgh simply sounds like someone is throwing up. I watched his battle against Ash in the anime, in dub version, and every time Ash said his name I had trouble taking it seriously because it sounded like he was about to throw up. Seriously, how hard was it to keep Arti/Arty/Artie, that doesn't sound too ridiculous or too hard for kids to remember, right? Even some other languages kept this name but they just had to go and give him a throw up noise as a name...

Again, not hating on the guy himself, he's fine.

24 Alder

Even though he's a champion, he deserves to be here. he tries to hard to teach the main character, then gets beaten before he even battles! His theme sucks, he team sucks, his anime depiction sucks.

25 Morty

He has a bland personality like a lot of other gym leaders, has an incredibly uninspired and lazily put together team (seriously, how hard would have it been to at least give him a misdreveaus? ) and has so many counters to him that it makes the battle incredibly easy without having to grind levels. Johto had tons of lame gym leaders but Morty is by far the worst of them.

He's Mort-poo and will weaken all my psychic Pokemon in let's go Pikachu; Only Pikachu himself can help me win!

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