Top Ten Weirdest Pokemon Evolutions

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1 Magikarp - Gyarados

It's based off of an Asian legend where carp that make it through the waterfall become majestic sea serpents.

2 Dragonair - Dragonite

How does a walking stripe (or slithering) turn into a dragon. Either way I'm not complaining, it's a very strong Pokemon I don't care if it was originally a stripe it's still a great Pokemon.

We're not saying it's bad, We're just saying it's weird!

It's like someone made it Orange
and have wings and it sounds different to a dragonair...IT'S CRAZY!

3 Remoraid - Octillery

It's actually based on weapons. Remoraid is a gun. Octillery is a tank.

4 Dewott - Samurott

Where the heck did it get the front legs and the white sclera from?

I LIKE samurott, the evolution just doesn't make sense...

5 Pikachu - Raichu

How does a stupid and horrible Pokemon evolve into a great special sweeper?

A rat evolves to become a bigger rat. That is so mind-boggingly weird!

6 Diglett - Dugtrio

I actually really love this because Diglett is so cute, and now we get the times as much Diglett in Dugtrio! But seriously, how does this work?! It's just like the Digglet went, "Alright imma evolve" and grabbed TWO OTHER FRIGGIN' Diglett and forced them to become part of it! Talk about creepy...

7 Shroomish - Breloom

Shroomish is a sad mushroom and breloom is a weird fighting toadstool

8 Clamperl - Huntail
9 Bronzor - Bronzong
10 Poliwhirl - Politoed

How come poliwhirl the not frog turns to a tadpole which is ugly?

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11 Cubone - Marowak

A theory says that its mother was a Kangaskan that died. So Cubone takes its mother's skull and one of her bones as armor and a weapon. So much for respecting the dead. Kangaskan is also only female so how are there males? When it evolves the pokedex says that it has gotten over the loss of its mother, yet it still wears its mothers skull. Imagine Pokemon heaven, Cubone: Hi Mommy! I spent my life using your skull as a helmet. And throwing your bone like a boomerang was fun too. Cubone's Mother: You did what now?
Then in Alola Cubone is normal. Then he changes from brown to black. That sure makes a lot of sense. Oh and he also sets fire to his mothers bone and uses it as a upgraded weapon. He's kind of Alola's equivalent of Ghost Marowak because to be a ghost type don't you have to DIE? So yeah taking parts of your mothers skeleton and using them as tools is great. Also, fathers apparently matter that much for Cubones because the ain't mentioned ONCE. :(

12 Trapinch - Vibrava

This is really weird how can an anteater evolve into a fly? SO weird!

I'm actually giving this a pass because I like them both.

13 Snorunt - Froslass

Does the dawn stone kill it? It literally becomes a ice/ghost type.

14 Feebas - Milotic

Sorry, couldn't vote for Magikarp - Gyrados, just makes too much sense since it's based on an old legend.
I think we can all agree Milotic is the queen of the sea, and Gyrados is the king. However Feebas and Magikarp are both runts. It's cool to see one of the most useless things evolve into a fierce yet beautiful queen of the oceans.

It's amazing how feebas goes from that small fish to one of the coolest designs after evolving. Kind of like magikarp

An Ugly Magikarp lookalike evolving to this, This is weird how Gyarados and Milotic are similar

15 Gloom - Blossom

Bellossom is actually shorter (but a little heavier) than Oddish.

16 Kabuto - Kabutops
17 Clamperl - Gorebyss

A clam suddenly turns into a beautiful pink long sea snake... weird

18 Floette - Florges

A fairy that turns into a living garden?

19 Exeggcute - Exeggutor

A bunch of eggs evolves into a palm tree with three faces. What?

And yes I know they're seeds but THEY ARE NOT because one has a yolk

Eggs. Eggs turn into palm tree. Makes total sense. *internal dying*

What happens to the other 2 eggs?

20 Magnemite - Magneton

I've always found this evolution to be strange, because it grows three more magnemite in the process...

What happens when you cross a Magnemite with a lazy Pokemon designer? You get Magneton!

21 Pupitar - Tyranitar
22 Cosmoem - Solgaleo

How does a levitating golden eye evolves into a Lion or a Bat?

A piece of candy turns into a legendary?

23 Koffing - Weezing

Where did it get its extra head and what happened to its happiness?

24 Bagon - Shelgon

Umm I think it turns to cocoon then pops out of it but still weird

25 Meowth - Persian
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