Top 10 Child Friendly Minecraft YouTubers

A list of the best child friendly YouTubers out there!
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1 stampylonghead Joseph Garrett, known on YouTube as stampylonghead, is an English YouTuber who posts videos about the Sandbox Video Game Minecraft as the character Stampy. His Youtube channel was created in August 3 2006 and is still making videos in 2021.

He is a very good and experienced commentator and knows how to entertain the youth in a creative and interesting way. He doesn't swear expect for in his earliest videos and has never since. He has said 'hell' and 'God' before, but nothing too bad. I like how he likes what he does and enjoys it, and he can actually be educational, in some ways. He has many good series' and I think he deserves number one!

Stampylonghead is a great Kid-friendly channel. Stampy's older videos include swearing, but he is super kid friendly these days. He runs an educational channel called Wonder Quest, and is only joined in his videos by kid-friendly YouTubers. He is really funny and entertaining. He does daily Minecraft, along with a few others.

Just the whole idea of his lovely world series just sounds like a kids show! A cat and a bear that eat cake together, nothing could be more kid friendly! Don't let that scare you away though, he's way funnier than some other kid friendly channels I've seen!

Ah, good 'ol Stampy Cat. He was my favorite YouTuber for two years. He was funny, helpful, and entertaining all at the same time! He did videos of various games, including Minecraft, Skylanders, Terraria, etc. He was legendary. He never swears, not even a bit of mild language. He is truly kid friendly. I recommend 6+ for all families.

2 TheDiamondMinecart

Hell and damn and crap are okay, he has a wife and is probably an adult he's gonna say some things! By the way what he says does not affect me at all! And he barely ever curses but sometimes hell when weird stuff happens and damn when bad happens and crap when he's almost dead in a game. He's so child friendly!

Dan USA real inspiration to all children who like amine craft or want to be YouTubers. If Dan stops I don't know what children would watch on YouTube. He has inspired me to be a Minecraft player and already have an account but don't have any videos. I watch him, Pewds (Pewdiepie) and JSE (jacksepticeye) they are all inspirations to me and would give up YouTube if they just quit YouTube for good.

Dan is an amazing person. If I ever met him I'd be in tears of happiness or I'd probably be dreaming. Always the first youtuber I watch whenever I use youtube. So child-friendly! Don't believe the people who say he swears. If he ever did, he doesn't now. Other than hell, damn and crap... I love his videos! My mum hates him. She thinks his voice is irritating...

Dan is such a positive, loveable, caring person. You always find him with a smile on his face. He's one of my favourite youtubers of all time. He's ABSOLUTELY a kid-friendly channel. His videos are amazing and so entertaining, he also plays various games so it satisfies everyone's preferences.

3 popularmmos

A few years ago when I was younger I loved them, I watched their videos recently. Sadly their is no longer a 'their', they broke up. I still love them and they make me laugh.

Pat will never swear when he is reading something off the chat on a map and it says "crap" (which isn't even a bad word) he will not say it he will just skip it he won't say anything that's bad he is very kid friendly. He does most of his videos with his wife Jen and she doesn't say anything either. Sometimes the will say "balls" but not in that kind of way. They are just joking around when they say that because they are referring to slime balls or something like that but never EVER in a bad way.

Pat is really a great YouTuber. With his wife (Jen) and their adorable cat (Cloud), they make hilarious and interesting content that I've ever seen. Although I have to agree with other people, sometimes he makes kinda sexual jokes like about balls and stuff like that. But he isn't like THAT sexual. His channel is aimed for kids at about 9 or 10 or maybe even more than that. But other than that, Pat is a really great YouTuber that everyone will enjoy.

Pat and Jen are really cool. He never swears, not even if it says a bad word in a custom map. With younger kids, keep them away from his first maybe 200 videos. It sounds bad but it's not. Keep your child in his recently posted videos. I've watched him since I was
7. PopularMMOS should be at the top of the list.

4 iBallisticSquid

I think he is so kid friendly! He only would say hell in his older videos because he had no idea that kids were watching. He has played many dropper maps and hunger games. He also plays with Stampylongnose and FearaDubh also known as Ash. He has many custom maps like DeathRun and that might sound scary but it really isn't! He also plays PixelArt and he has a new series called TimeTravelers with his two friends Stampy and Ash. I love his SquiddyVlogs and SquiddyPlays! He is so funny and a really good person I think you guys should make him 2nd even 1st!

Never swears, and when someone swears in the chat, he blanks it out. He wouldn't let people know he swears by beeping it out, he'll edit it out so it looks like nothing happened. He used to swear when he didn't realise there were kids watching him, but he stopped as soon as he found out and turned his channel to PG. He even deleted any videos that had any curses in them

IBallisticSquid is one of the best, most child friendly YouTubers I know. He is friendly to everyone and will not allow swearing - meaning if he is on a server of any kind he will find a way to get rid of it. He really cares about his subscribers a lot and I respect him for that.

I find him funnier than other Minecraft YouTubers. Stampy is mostly for the much more younger audience like 4-8 years old. DanTDM is good but not as funny. I think popularmmos swears to much on "accident". Ballisticsquid is forever my favorite YouTuber. AshDubh is also very funny, but only when he's playing with Squid or Stamps. This is just my opinion, so please don't get mad

5 paulsoaresjr

Paulsoaresjr has separate channels for kids and adults! (Paulieontap) Plus, he is very funny and his roleplays are excellent. Also, Paul almost never swears and even those swear words aren't extremely bad. He should be #1!

Paul is the best! He is married, an entrepreneur (he fixes computers), a dad, and a amazing YouTuber! by the way Pungence should so be within the top 20. He NEVER cusses, and never says anything inappropriate!

Paulsoaresjr is the best Minecraft YouTuber-the original one. He has inspired so many others to play and record the game. He's the best.

He has a great sense of humor. The baddest word he as ever said is ship up. Yeah sure, he *really* cursed yeah right!

6 L for Leeeeee

On youtube, he is perfectly fine. He never swears and does good videos. However, he did sexually harass a girl and was arrested for it. So I can see why parents would be scared off. As long as you don't tell your child what happened, I guess it's fine.

Lee is awesome! He is always helping Stampy out, and never swears in his videos! He should be places at least in the top 10.

I have littarally watched all his videos, My phone tells me which I watched. The only "curse words" I've ever heard him say are crap and hell. Most 16 hear olds would go and say f---, and Lee doesn't even curse!

Lee is awesome I almost never see a video with him in it that I haven't laughed about!

7 Thinknoodles

Thinknoodles is an amazing, kid-friendly YouTuber, who is always positive and who I have never heard swear in about 3 years of watching his channel grow from 100k to 500k and now almost 1000k! He is very mature, being 'around since the dinosaurs' and is always very friendly and does a wide variety of games, from Minecraft to Poptropica and occasionally does games chosen by his fans. In all my years of being hooked to his channel, I have never found one thing negative to say about him.

My 5 year old loves Think. He plays horror games too but doesn't swear in them even when he is startled by jump scares. I struggle to not swear at jump scares or when I'm frustrated. This dude does very child friendly videos. Granted the horror ones are not suitable for children but his commentary is and he blocks out bad words when they're written in the game.

He doesn't swear at all, he tries to make his content entertaining even if the game he's playing is tedious, and his intro and the first words you hear him say in each and every video is "Hey everyone, it's your friend, Thinknoodles! " The worst he can do is make a very subtle reference to a show with adult humor in a few of his videos.

Cupquake is above Thinknoodles.

Just think about that.

Thinknoodles doesn't even say "stupid" or "oh my god". Cupquake makes videos sometimes where she says "what the hell". So does many other people on this list.

Thinknoodles is THE MOST FAMILY-FRIENDLY Minecraft PERSON THERE IS. Sometimes our parents will let us put our computer screens on the T.V. and let us watch his videos. And when he does play a perverted game on Fan Choice Friday, he specifically states "I don't know why I listen to you guys".

8 iHasCupquake

Ihascupquake cheers me up when I get down. She is very positive and kid friendly. If you're kid wants to watch her Minecraft videos, tell them it's ok. The only time I've heard her swear is if she is playing a game with others or reading cuss words. If she is playing a non kid appropriate series, she will make you have to put in your age and email to watch it. She is good for all ages. I love her.

IHasCupquake only curses off camera A.K.A She NEVER swears on YouTube and hell and crap aren't counted as a swear right? She is positive and kid-friendly, she also plays kid-friendly games like: Minecraft, flash game and challenges with other kid-friendly YouTubers like stacyplays or LDShadowlady! Cupquake is the best! She always cheers me up when I'm down, or just not on top of the world!

She's so amazing and I watch her everyday. Plays multiple games and only swears when reading things off of a game with swear words in it. If she is playing a game that is inappropriate for kids she will make it so you can only watch if you're a certain age or higher. Great women and is so kind.

IHascupquake is the best YouTuber ever! She might curse a little here and there, but all mild words. It doesn't do anything to me. She is the best YouTuber in the universe. If I'm ever sad, she is just so positive all the time, she makes me happy when am sad.

9 AmyLee33

She is the best! In fact, I am watching her videos right now! She always cheers me up when I'm having a ruff day at school. She even has videos about facing her fears and loving yourself and they can really cheer you up! I have been watching Amy for almost a year and has never heard her swear.

She is so nice and would never swear for the world. She is always kind to all no matter what and she wants people to feel good about themselves when they are down because her fans matter to her and the world...I rest my case. Need I say more because I can go on.

AmyLee33 is such a sweet natured person and is always very happy and cheery which is great for kids as she is very child like in a good way, she is also a wonderful role model as she is a beautiful person inside and out.

Yes! Please watch this channel! She is kid friendly, doesn't say any bad words, and is funny! She plays with StacyPlays and that's really all I know. But when I do watch her videos she does with Stacy, she is friendly.

10 CaptainSparklez

He just about never swears. Sometimes he will say the sh word (that's what I refer to it as because I am a kid and I will not type it because it is just like saying it). Sometimes in videos with other people they will say swears so try to stay away from the Pokemon GO series because people in those videos say the F word. He never does though so most of his videos are ok.

Honestly his videos are towards more mature people and does swear when he has too. He shouldn't be on this list. Or maybe low down at the least. I like him, he's my favourite YouTuber definitely but he doesn't fit 'child friendly'

He has such funny videos and he likes to play Minecraft and he has been on YouTube for a while.

Rarely swears, but sure. I'll not argue with his low rank because he isn't so child friendly.

The Contenders
11 Stacyplays

She never swears, encourages reading, has a positive attitude, she is very creative and has many fun and entertaining series. Stacy talks about not letting haters and bullies get you down and responds to nasty comments calmly, nicely and appropriately. When something gets her down it's only for a second and she continues on with a good attitude and tries again. She tries her best to keep violence and inappropriate things from her videos and blocks hate and swearing from her comments. She is always nice and encourages being nice to everybody, not letting haters get to you and working hard for what you believe in. Her channel has fun series like Dogcraft where she builds fun things with her animals, Bookcraft where she recommends a book, builds things from the books with her friends, reads small exerts from the books and also does a Word of the Day at the beginning of each episode. Overall Stacyplays is child friendly, entertaining and a great role model!

I have never heard Stacy swear at all she is so sweeet! If she is playing with someone who does swear she tries to take that out of her footage for the kids watching her. Her friends are so nice too like Ihascupquake, Stampy, Sqaishey Quack, Amylee33, and Joey Graceffa. Although Joey might swear in his videos I don't think he does it with any of the kid friendly youtubers. Well now you know lot of kid friendly youtubers, but Joey still might be for kids 10+ of years old. This is my opinion and I'm only nine years old so maybe checking it out yourself might be better since you're the parent.

Stacy's a great role model especially with her series bookcraft where she encourages everyone to read along with her and getting people to read books they might not normally go for and trying new things. Also the word of the episode where she knows that most people might not know the word and explains it but also acknowledges that others do, so no one can complain with thing like
"I know what that word meant Stacy! Your not the only one with an expansive vocabulary! " Or anything similar so that is making things more open and all in all she is a great role model, encouraging reading, not swearing, Being positive but all at the same time being highly entertaining. I'm not sure why she isn't in the top five or number one for that matter but none the less Stacy is one amazing YouTuber and I hope that she sees all of our support if ever feeling blue like the countless times that she brightened our day when maybe it was cloudy!

I love watching Stacy because she loves animals, reading and building in Minecraft. I love all of them as well. She recently hit 900,000 subscribers and she deserves everyone of us. She calls us potato flakes! In her series bookcraft, she has a new word of the episode every episode. She teaches us new words to describe things. She has a building team, so her world looks so cool. Sometimes she let's some of us on the world, too.

12 Chimneyswift11

He is so awesome his Minecraft files are super cool, no swearing, and attack of the b-team is awesome!

So good in Minecraft

His skin is great.

13 EthosLab

ETHO never acts and he doesn't curse because he's a good person. He doesn't beg for donations, or act crazy for likes. Because of that he isn't the most popular by far compared to others on this list, but in terms of character and ACTUAL TALENT he is the best, and I watch most of these other channels regularly.

Everything is where it should be in this list... except for stampylonghead and Tobuscus. stampylonghead needs to be at the bottom, and Tobuscus shouldn't be on this list.

He's one of the best. He actually knows how to play the game and is extremely helpful. He's entertaining, keeps his channel kid friendly and doesn't run around screaming BUDDER. I could go on and on about how awesome he isss

Etho is a really nice person and there is no swearing in his videos. If he does a multiplayer map and some of the others curse he cuts it out before uploading. 100% kid safe and friendly. Calm YouTuber, no screaming or crazy stuff. Great for my ADHD son.

14 ssundee

He is very child friendly and his games are mainly minecraft and among us and these games are not very violent (apart from imposter kills in among us but usually that is ok). He doesn't use very bad language (he uses crap quite frequently so watch out for that) and will act politely in most videos. All in all I would say 7 or above should be fine since among us is a 7+.

I love SSundee and he's so funny! I love his humour and I think he sets a good example to kids as he sets up so many successful projects. He's a really funny and positive individual, and is one of the best people on YT in my opinion.

Awesome. If I had to choose between him and MrCrainer, he would win.(By the way I'm a huge fan of both)
If there was two YouTubers I could ever meet and play Minecraft with, he would be one. Never cusses. He should be the next president of the United States. Extremely child friendly.(Considering I'm 13) I can't stand 24 hours without watching him at least once.

He never swears and is very child friendly, one way to tell he is a little bit more is that when he burps, he covers his mouth and says sorry.

15 DanTDM Daniel Robert Middleton (born 8 November 1991), better known online as DanTDM (formerly TheDiamondMinecart), is a British YouTuber and gamer known for his video game commentaries. His online video channels have covered many video games including Minecraft, Roblox and Pokémon.

He is the best YouTube's out there. I have never heard him swear.

Never swears. Appropriate content. No violence.

Only watch a few of his video. Doesn't swear much.

Good for kids. There's no swearing, and he's funny.

16 Sqaishey Quack

People, this is for child friendly. Cussing is not child friendly no matter how old you are! Age doesn't justify it. My vote doesn't go for Stampy because his first few Lovely World videos had cussing in it. YouTubers that don't majorly cuss, like PopularMmos, and StacyPlays, still cuss! I've heard Stacy cuss before in a recent video, and PopularMmos constantly uses sexual jokes and low-key cussing. Squid's first few videos had cussing in them, although they are on private now. Sqaishey has never cussed, and all the people above her on the list have cussed before, and fanboys and fangirls are just using age to 'justify' it.

Sqaishey is arguably the YouTuber who cusses the least. She's part of the MagicAnimalClub, a group known for being popular among children, especially younger ones, and unlike Stampy and Squid, who both had a period of time when they cursed, Sqaishey has never cursed before in her videos. She doesn't even use mild curse words. Great for younger children, but older kids, such as teenagers might find her content a bit lacking.

I've watched all of Sqaishey's videos and they are definitely appropriate for little kids,seeing as I'm only in my youth, my little brother and I both love watching her videos along with a bunch of others on this list she has never cursed and is always acting childlike. She really should be higher on the list. If you don't believe me then look for yourself. Watch ONE of her videos whether it be with Stampy,Squid,Stacy,Amy,by herself,or with anybody else and you'll never here her curse. She always replaces inappropriate words with "oh man" or "oh no" and she is sooo kind! I really recommend Sqaishey's videos for your kids!

This girl is amazing. she is a young, child-friendly YouTuber who is funny, and makes everyone laugh. she has brown hair with a golden streak in real life, and her main channel is Feather Adventures. She only plays Minecraft, and her pc skin is a yellow duck, and her x box skin is a chicken in a suit since Xbox didn't have her usual skin. If you start watching her, you will never want to stop!

17 TBNRfrags

I really like the fact that Preston replaced the swear words with like fudge and shrimp, which I sometimes use as well! :) And I really want my brother (who is under the age of 13) to watch some YouTube channels that don't cuss, I mean I'm fine with him watching it, but am not fine with him sometimes saying it. Like I don't want him to say cuss words until he is at least over the age of 10 or older, and so many kids that do YouTube that my brother watches says swear words and some of them has to be younger than him! And I am completely fine with people saying them, I just don't want him to start saying it at such a young age.

He makes sure he keeps sweAr words out ,nothing in appropriate . Tbnrfrags /Preston should be higher on this list he is amazing I watch him everyday and he is so cute . His wife Brianna is so cute as well they are both so child friendly they keep the comments kind and support there fans even if there adults or children . They are the most child freindly ever he makes sure he doesn't do or say anything in appropriate even if it's the word jerk or stupid or dumb .

Preston is just AMAZING. He makes sure that he doesn't swear and loves all of his subscribers (including the children! ). He does well at making sure he doesn't swear and replaces the words with ones that aren't bad - which is a good thing for kids; he is pretty much teaching them that swearing isn't good. He is also entertaining and fun to watch. I definitely recommend him.

Preston manages his frustration during his videos without swearing which, in turn, shows my 8 year old how to manage his frustration. This shows him that it is okay to be angry. However, that anger does not have to control your actions. THANKS PRESTON! God bless.

18 SethBling

His videos are mostly about redstone, but he is kid friendly. If you are a Minecrafter and want to know more about the mechanics of redstone and how it works, check out SethBling!

He never swears he is so chill most of the time he makes cool redstone content and he is AWESOME!

I have always been looking for a youtuber about redstone for AGES! Then I finally found SethBling...

My life changed completely...

Amazing guy.

Sethbling is VERY kid friendly, but his videos are all about redstone. Maybe a few aren't.

19 Finnball

He has three kids

I love him and I'm 8

20 49 supergirlygamer

She is no different than popularmmos, actually popularmmos has been in all her videos. Never curses and comes across as a really nice person.

Make her higher RIGHT NOW! She is the best and definitely child friendly! I've gone through some tough times but Jens videos and positive attitude helped me through them. I don't care that she won't read this or my comment on best mc youtubers she is super amazing and I think the world of her. Shes a great role model and proves that girls CAN game and it's not just a guy thing. (Even if she makes goofy mistakes but their pure comedy 😂) she also proves how you won't get judged for what you like to do in your spare time and could even change your hobby into a job! She deserves so many more subscribers and should be just below par because that's how amazing Jen is. (Also whoever put her on here super girly gamers just her minecraft username her acctual YouTube names gaming with Jen and what's the 49 all about? ) -H

I mean she is probably good and has a t over 100 percent chance of swearing like you see in one of the lucky block games. She is funny, and she is very entertaining not only kids but adults as well

Jen, (SuperGirlyGamer) doesn't curse, really. She is so funny. And will make you laugh, and is just an awesome YouTuber. Jen, is so cool!

21 Vikkstar123

He uploads daily videos and is very kids friendly, his pranks are entertaining especially when recording with his mine craft team, the pack. He has a great sense of humour and his videos include server mini games, parkour (he's great don't worry), challenges (absolutely amazing), modded lets plays and more

Vikkstar123 and he uploads daily Minecraft videos and many more! He has a squad called the Pack! I love them all. The pack includes JeromeASF, BajanCanadian, Vikkstar123, Prestonplayz (TBNRfrags), Woofless, and Lachlan. They all upload daily

Vikk is actually awesome. Like actually. Never swears on his Minecraft channel, always clean and good content. He also uploads really often and deserves more recognition than you think.

His videos are awesome. Especially when he gang up with The Pack. He' just awesome. Including his accent. I'm delighted to see every of his videos.

22 LDShadowLady Online as LDShadowLady or Lizzie, is an English YouTuber known for producing YouTube video content on her YouTube channel called LDShadowLady.

LDShadowLady Is an Awesome Minecraft YouTuber, which get along with everyone she plays with. She has a cute designs and ideas, which of course helps her build her Subscribers because it makes her unique. Sims 4 is a popular game from her, which I love. My favourite Minecraft series is One Life, everybody admires her Cute pink Mermaid palace!

LDShadowlady/Lizzie, never swears and is full of colour and cuteness. She plays Minecraft, Mini Games, and other fun games. She is funny and is real with what she says. She has a boyfriend who is also a YouTuber, Joel, AKA: SmallishBeans, who is also a child friendly, non-swearing talented person.

Lizzie is the most influential YouTuber, she's funny, hardly ever swears, except in old videos. In her real life videos, sometimes with her boyfriend Smallishbeans, there's a cute "Jizzie" moment, not very often though. Sometimes she has you rolling around laughing when she dies in Minecraft. She should be No.10 on this list

LDShadowLady is the best! She used to curse before, but now the only time she curses is if she plays a game that is too scary for kids. the only cursing she does in normal videos is just the words that young people can handle. like maybe the word stupid. but LDShadowLady does not swear at all!

23 AntVenom

He swore once, but in the level of YouTubers swearing, he's about at theBajanCanadian-PopularMMOs level. (I do not know. I only watched one of his videos

24 ItsFunneh

Itsfunneh is kid-friendly. It's official. She never cursed, at all. I watched Funneh and the krew from beginning to end. I love her! She's the #1 best YouTuber to me. She always uploads daily. So I won't get bored. True kid-friendly channels ALWAYS have kid-friendly content. And this youtuber has it. I never been so happy in my life when she had a face reveal. I don't know what I would do without her.

She is an AMAZING youtuber! I have been watching her for YEARS and I have never ever EVER hear her curse. She is really family friendly and I recommend her channel to whoever read some this. She is really funny...that is probably why her name is Funneh!

She's one of my fave youtubers and I think her and her siblings are down right hilarious. I believe everybody can have the right to watch her videos.

, SHE IS THE BEST! She never swears and includes inappropriate content in her videos. It's totally kid-friendly, she's funny and I like the fact that she plays Roblox with the krew.

25 SkyDoesMinecraft Adam Dahlberg (born: January 17, 1993), better known online as Sky Does Everything or NetNobody (formerly SkyDoesMinecraft), is an American YouTuber, video game commentator, and former animator who gained prominence for their precursory Minecraft appeal, referring the Minecraft gold ingot item as "budder" and hating squids in the game. They also sang the song "New World" as a Minecraft parody at Minecon 2013. They are also a musician going by the name NetNobody.

Sky doesn't curse as much now since he has a child and he doesn't want his child to find his cursing videos. He tries his best of being child-friendly and not cursing all the time. Maybe here and there but not as much now. Plus HE IS AN ADULT. He can cuss if he wants so stop hating about him cursing. He doesn't want too many kids watch him unless their parents let them.

I'm not trying to hate, but SkyDoesMinecraft does swear. In almost every video I heard him cuss. These are supposed to be kid-friendly, the title says "Kid friendly Minecraft YouTubers! " If it said "Top Ten Minecraft YouTubers" or anything like that, SkyDoesMinecraft should be up there, definitely not here.

People, please stop using the fact that the YouTubers are adults as an excuse to cuss. This list is for child friendly YouTubers, where the number one rule is, YOU CAN'T CURSE! So, someone please remove Sky from the list, so help me God?

Why in the devil is this stupid person even on here?! He cusses so much and is about 3% kid friendly! He is literally brainwashing all of the kids who watch him and making them think he is their leader and consciousness!

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