Top 10 Pokemon Types that Should Be Made

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1 Sound

I believe a sound type should be strong against electric types. A Tesla coil experiment with music has shown how sound can control electric currents and they couldn't resist the redirection of the sound. A strong enough sound wave could also bend currents (it hasn't been proven but in theory an ultra sonic boom could likely bend a lightning bolt). Also I believe it's about time electric Pokemon have a second weakness besides ground types. The other types weak against sound would be steel, water, and psychic types. A sound types weakness should be normal, flying, fighting, and dragon types. I think something should be weak against normal types, and why not something as simple as sound?

2 Light

Light types would give ghost another weakness and if you think about it, electric and fire couldn't affect light types because their both sources of light. A light type would be weak against grass because a grass type would just absorb light attacks. Other light type weaknesses include fairy, and steel types. Light types would be strong against ghost, electric, fire, and flying. Dark and light types would resist each other and dragon type moves would always connect though not super strong. A dragon type move would be drawn to light like moths to a flame because Dragons are drawn to shiny objects. Light type candidates include Voltorb/electrode, Rotom, Cresselia, Chinchou/Lanturn, etc. Attacks that's for Pokemon company to decide.

3 Cosmic

They should have two legendary cosmic types that control space and time (each controlling a different one) and for a Pokemon game you have to try and catch them. If you catch them, they can take you to any region at any time. Like how in Pokemon black opeludic city is the future but in Pokemon white is the past. They could take you to either.

Cosmic is the best new type idea. Seems much more realistic than Sound and to an extent light. You guys seem to be forgetting the designs of Pokémon. Imagine how weird sound Pokemon would look, what would it look like? A trumpet, a symbol, a keyboard lol, it just lacks design potential. Light WAS a good idea, but was kind of shut down after fairy types became a thing, leaving only cosmic type to be the most logical choice. There are so many good ideas for the typing, A UFO Pokemon, a black hole, a star, a nebula, the possibilities are near endless, not to mention the amount of Pokémon that already could have the typing. Clefable, Minior, Cosmoem, deoxys, Cresselia, Lunatone, Solrock,

Mew, lots of opportunities.

4 Wind

The lack of a wind/air type is strange. It has always been on of the four classic elements. Look at other media like Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Fifth Element, Captain Planet. The four elements are always "Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind." Wind is always an elemental type in almost all video games or movies which reference such magical elements. Pokemon should really have a wind type - and it's definitely different from Flying. Honestly, in my opinion, flying shouldn't even be a type. It should just be an ability, like Levitate. Maybe make flying bird type and then add wind type.

5 Crystal

The only reason I vote for this is because I created a Pokemon that was based off of gems, and I don't know what type to make it, seeing as a giant flying ruby doesn't really seem very steel-typish.

I'm going to add this to my game actually, with the same effectiveness's as the ones some people here have shared out.

I think that it would be a lot like Fairy, but also have Rock in it.

6 Shadow

Yes, yes, I know, "but we already have a Dark type! " Sure, Dark SOUNDS like it would be for shadows, the night, the moon and the like, but let me ask you this- what does the move Gang Up have to do with any of those things? What about Bite? Fake Tears? Nasty Plot? The list goes on and on and on!

You see, the Dark type is not a type about shadows OR the night OR the moon; it is a type about evil. Mischief. Manipulation. That's why it's called the Evil type in Japan.

So, where would this put Shadow? Shadow WOULD be the type for the shadows, the night, the moon!

I propose that Pokémon changes Dark type's English name to Evil type, and adds the Light and Shadow types. Why didn't I vote for Light? This type needs it much more, and people need to know how it wouldn't just be a carbon copy of Dark type.

7 Energy

Energy is exactly like Mega Evolution, it uses the spirit and motivation of Pokemon to attack their opponents, so could that mean a stronger form of Mega Evolution?

There is Energy cards so why not Energy Pokemon!

Imaging hearing about an energy energy... :/

8 Time

A time type pokemon would be perfect! This could work. Offensively it could beat speedy type like electric, if we have a sound type, "faster than the speed of sound" that could work" also like a normal vs ghost thing it could be ineffective against cosmic and 100% resistant to cosmic, like a space and time sort of thing.

That's crazy, This could work. Pokemon that have trick room or something could be considered. Kinda close to psychic.

Time is really interesting I think that should be a Pokemon type

9 Plasma

This should be a type. I really like it. It's super effective to ice and not to fire and electric. Many new pokemon can be made. Maybe like gooey Pokemon like ditto.

Isn't that basically the electric type?

I think it friends with poison types.

10 Cyber

Never heard of this idea, and could be inventive with the type combos, like a bug cyber type that's a computer bug that looks like a fly or something, or a fire cyber type that's like a Falinks but they group together to make a fire wall. For weaknesses, electric could be one, meanwhile it could be super effective against steel, because it I guess would be able to take control of it? There could be an ability for cyber types called something like Virus, where if a steel type hits it with a physical attack, it has a 50% chance of confusing that steel type.

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11 Aura

That's a good idea! I'm not sure why I like it, I just do. I just have the feeling that aura would be a cool type.

12 Fossil

At this point, it would make more sense to have Fossil/Dinosaur be it's own type. The Rock typing on essentially every ancient Pokemon makes no sense from a ecological perspective, and it would make far more sense for the EVER GROWING LIST of ancient Pokemon to have their own specific type, for a new purpose. It would also add a lot more interest to getting these Pokemon, as they'd be your only consistent access to a rare type, and type rarity is something Pokemon hasn't really had since Gen 3.

All fossil pokemon are rock types, so this would be incredibly unnecessary and would involve changing multiple types within a single generation. This also presents the idea of why adding a new type would be difficult, since most of the pokemon that would fit in the ideas in this list already have 2 types.

13 Good

Good is fairy. Fairies are super effective against dragon and dark, which are considered evil. Good beats evil.

14 Mineral

Rock, Ground, and Steel type pokemon are considered 'Mineral' pokemon already. Plus, we have Diancie, made of some kinda mineral, yet she is a rock/fairy type.

Yes I call Diancie a girl because it looks kinda like one. Guys don't do pink rock dresses. Girls do pink dresses. Plus, the thing doesn't look genderless anyways.

We already have rock and ground. Mineral would be more of a ground type

A mineral type would be a great idea. And the pokemon can use a certain attack type acording to its colour like magical gemsa aka minerals.

15 Hydra

Hydra is a water monster. It would just go under water or dragon. If this was made a type, it would have to specifically focus on Pokemon that were ONLY hydra-like, and that does NOT leave a lot of room for creativity.

Hydreigon was the first Pokemon to come to mind when I saw hydra.

It has lots of heads! And it's also on water

16 Life

I think that since we have grass types we should have a life type.

17 Magic

I think this type would not be based purely on magic in the Imagination also I think more of psychic would be immune because many scholars and intelligent minds claim that magic does not exist.

I think this is a great idea for gen 8 kinda close to Psychic but far enough I was thinking of this but I thought it was too close to psychic but now I think it would be great!

This would be great for gen 8. I think this should be added because of the sword and shield games.

18 Death

This type can be really dangerous. What if they cause real deaths in Pokemon during battles? And if this type does become a reality, Pokemon won't remain a kid's show anymore (and may transform into a 18+ show).

This type would be to Pokemon who like nothing but bring destruction on the world
Affective against: light, psychic, fairy, grass, bug, flying.

Weak against: magic.

Allied types: Dark, ghost, cosmic.

Death would not cause real deaths probably just like a dark type move and there weaknesses are time, life, and fighting. There advantages should be life, grass, bug, dragon, fairy, and psychic

19 Space

I agree with the cosmic, but not the Pokemon.

It should be called cosmic type, and we could change the type of solrock, lunatone, clefairy, deoxys and more.

20 Zombie

Zombie would be the same old thing over and over again, like

Oh no it's a zombie type, looks like the same thing only Small/bigger!

Like corporeal undead, these use hands and mouth to spread the virus and fight.

This would be neat.Imagine a Pokemon that is Zombie/Ground that is a dead cloaked man rising from the grave!

21 Human

Personally I believe this is the type that pokemon needed. It would fill in for so many pokemon like Mr. Mime, and youngster Joey.

22 Rubber

Could resist Electric, Water, Fighting, Ground and be weak to Ice, Fire, Steel, and maybe Poison. It could be strong against Dark because good guys often use rubber bullets and other items to stop bad guys, Water because rubber is very water resistant and good at displacing water, and Electric since it would be a poor enough conductor to hit Electric Pokemon.
Although the only Pokemon that exist right now that would fit this type would be Pokemon like Floatzel and possibly others like Ditto, Spoink, or Chansey (one is an amorphous gum-like blob, the other has an elastic pouch and more of a rubber-like appearance than Kangaskhan).
I would love this type because I feel like it would be pretty useful defensively and wouldn't overlap too much with any existing type (I'd argue the closest would be Grass, but without the weaknesses to Bug and Flying). Most of the above types just feel too generic compared to rubber.

23 Dino

Some Pokemon come from fossils. Make a type for this. (Fossil type works too. )

24 Air

Lots of flying type Pokemon are based on things like tornadoes and such, which technically don't fly.

25 Blizzard

I always wondered about stronger types based off of others, like lava for a fire type

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