Top 10 Worst Things About Among Us

Among Us is one of the most recent viral video games, having been released in 2018, but got incredibly popular in 2020 due to the coronavirus and quarantine. I've been playing a lot of it and while it's fun, it's not without flaws. So with that being said here is the list.
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1 Immature players

There are many stupid people in Among Us or just garbage imposters overall. But this isn't Among Us' fault. Among Us can't do anything about it and it is a problem within the players, not the game.

*Emergency meeting*
Other people: what?
6: I need to use bathroom
Me: really?
1: I can show you bathroom
*no one was ejected*
*Emergency meeting*
Me: now what?
6: the bathroom was dirty.
Me: are you serious?
Me: *votes 6*
1: I can show you other bathroom.

See what I mean? Me and a bunch of other people wanted to vote 6 just because he was wasting our meetings. Thank god he stopped after that...

I haven't had a single game in Among Us where there's at least one idiot who's ruining the gameplay for everyone, whether it be not starting the game, calling emergency meetings for no reason, accusing others for no reason, etc. Not to mention, how immature most people are. This a murder mystery game where you play Death Note, but half of the people have no clue what they're even doing. It's annoying.

I agree, I mean...when I was playing in a new game I was an Impsotor. I vented when no one was around, but then Cyan put on an emergency meeting and no one commented, all of them just voted me out...They didn't see I guess they're hacking?! - UltimateHarms

2 People vote out someone just because of an accusation

So l was playing and orange (who saw me scan) said black (me) sus l was like how u saw me scan. Orange said in all caps BLACK SUS! And l a, like dude u, red, and green saw me scan (there was only me, orange green, and red left) yet for some reason they all vote me and then when it said OREO GIRL was not the imposter and orange wins l go into the lobby and l was like y'all are stupid as hell. Y'all saw me scan and still voted me off dummies. I got so ticked off that l banned orange bc he kept saying things like "l am so smart y'all are so dumb" etc and everyone said ban him and l was like "u don't have to tell me twice"

I just want to tell another annoying thing:
7: *starts chasing me*
8: *follows 7*
Me: *calls meeting*
***Emergency Meeting***
Me: 7 was following me
7: I wanted to stick together
Me and mostly everyone else: *votes 7*
***SilverShadow was ejected***
8: *starts chasing me*
Me: *calls meeting
***Emergency Meeting***
Me: it's 8. she was following me
8: it's 3
***no one was ejected***
8: *starts following me again*
Me: *waits for emergency cooldown*
8: *kills 1 without me seeing*
Me: *reports*
***body found***
Me: It's 8 she killed 1
***no one was ejected***
8: *kills 2 and wins*
sad :(

and I hate when the imposter convinces the other person that you are the killer:
2: *starts chasing me*
Me: *calls emergency meeting before she kills me*
**Emergency meeting**
Me: it's 2. she was trying to kill me before I called the meeting
2: it's 6 (me)
Me: no it's you admit it.
4: it's 6:
**Shadow (me) was ejected**
**Betrayers win**
Me: whyyyy?

This should say something about the playerbase being really immature and annoying. Just write "(insert colour here) sus" and almost everyone will gang up on him. Imagine this was real life and people just threw out others into outer space because "they were sus". Although to be fair this is a game..., but it's no fun when you get voted out when you're innocent.

3 No way to increase your chance to become impostor

Half of the time I log into Among Us, I do so to hope I can play a round as an impostor because it's the most fun part of the game. Unluckily, the chance of that actually happening is incredibly low because there are ten people in the server, and only one to three of them can be chosen depending on the server type.

Na because then literally everyone would increase their chances and it would just be the same thing as we had with no increased chances.

Disagreed. It's way better if it's random, that makes the game more unpredictable.

4 The people who use discord or have a sibling in the game to find out who the imposter is then just tell everyone

*Inhales* Today I met the most irritatingly annoying cheaters I've ever met. So yellow was THE impostor and killed dark blue, We reported and Black said it was yellow (Which was true). But this b^tch said 'Yellow is my brother so I'm not gonna vote him' she voted me and so did her brother while I voted yellow and so did black then it was a tie. I found black's body then they voted me out! Sadly, they were the host so they were in charge. These people must be banned!

That's cheating, but there isn't really anything to do against that. The game basically relies on people being mature and playing the game the way it's intended to be.

It's pretty annoying when it happens. One time when I was an imposter I killed someone and the person who died told their brother then told everyone but even so, I wasn't voted out XD.

And the person who dies tells everyone on discord who did it. It's beyond cheating.

5 People voting you out even though you have confirmed to be safe

Imagine doing the Medbay scan in front of 3 people and still getting voted out just because you were wrong about someone.
Totally never happened to me.

So I was watching my brother playing among us and I saw black scan be she got voted out because one of our dumb crewmates couldn't see that orange was the Imposter this is how everything went.
*Dead body reported*
Yellow: It's dark blue
Dark blue(My brother): Uh no It's orange
Yellow: How?
Black: yes It's orange
Dark blue: Well, You are not the imposter, I am not the impostor and black scanned. So it's orange!
yellow: Vote dark blue
Black: I'm voting orange
Dark blue: I'm skipping
Purple: Dark blue
Orange: Dark Blue
*Dark Blue was Not an impostor*
*Few minutes later*
*Dead Body Reported*
Black: It's orange
Yellow: No, Black
Black: I Scannned!
Orange: Black!
Black: No!
*Black was not the imposter*

*Back in the lobby*'
Yellow: gg
Dark blue: I said black had scanned :(

6 Red and cyan always being portrayed as ‘sus’

Cyan: (me) Pink killed white and vented in electrical

Orange: Red sus

*red was not the imposter*

*emergency meeting*

Pink: (imposter) Ngl cyan kinda sus

Me: No she vented and I scanned in front of blue remember blue?

Blue: Yep

Pink: But he sus

*cyan was not the imposter*

So l used to be red and l would always get the same thing, "Red sus" "red sus" even tho l am innocent. On this one map l got banned for being red just bc l was "sus." LIKE COME ON! Is it illegal to be red or something?

Honestly, Purple and White are most sus for me. But I got everyone to vote red out even though I was the impostor for the 'memes'

I once was voted out because I was red.

7 People who call emergency meetings for no reason

So I was playing and some called a meeting. I then noticed the person's name was Tails (like Tails from sonic) and I knew why he had called it. He told everyone that there was a fake Tails in the server, which was me but my name was tailsthefox. Then he started following me.

This happens often near the start of a game and it sucks. There's nothing to report and most people will just voteskip or vote out the annoyance. What's worse is that they often aren't even the impostor, so we have to vote out a crewmate which adds a risk for the impostor to win because there's one less crewmate.

Why do people call emergency meetings for no reason? I swear I was in a game and within 2 minutes we had like 3 emergency meetings like what...? Why?

Today I was in this server, and this guy, named chef, called an emergency meeting and he's like what should I make for lunch today. I was like what the heck dude

8 People who don't start a game

You know, when the ten people have joined a server but the owner just won't start? And then everyone leaves and more people come but it still won't start! Like why did you make the server then in the first place? Sure you can always leave it without consequences at least, but it's still annoying.

So me and my sister were playing on this map and we just got o after the first round and red was the host and they would not start blue (my sis) said start brown (me) START OR I LEAVE! bc I said start 10 mins ago my sis leaves and so does everyone eles

Yeah this is obnoxious.
Me: Joins, is the 10th player.
Me in the chat: Start
Half the others: Start...
5 minutes later: START!
*just leaves game because the host is lazy as hell*

If the host is waiting for 10 people, I understand that. But when the room is full, there's no excuses for stalling.

9 When people take ages to vote

Either it means they're impostors, or they're just being annoying for the sake of it..., or they're AFK. Dude, no one wants to wait for 90 seconds because you aren't voting. Just leave if you had to do something in the real world!

I hate it when people do this, just skip if you're unsure.

Sometimes it's annoying sometimes it's excusable.

10 Card swiping

When l get on the map and see card swipe as the first task I think easy right? WRONG it keeps saying bad read

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11 Doing tasks gets repetitive

What sets Among Us apart from other murder mystery games is that the civilians (crewmates) actually have something to do instead of just running around and that is doing tasks on the map, whether it be connecting wires, flicking levers, etc. However, it gets incredibly dull after a while, and some tasks are painfully annoying, like the aforementioned connect the wires, simon says and downloading data.

I guess it's no longer being an actually good game that is the key to popularity. It's just being a simple and repetitive game that relies on online multiplayer. What a real shame, society!

Especially the downloading tasks.

I'm fine with the task.

12 Being a ghost isn't fun

If you get killed by an impostor, all you can do is complete tasks but who likes doing tasks? Apart from that, you can't report bodies, vote or discuss with the others..., just like a normal ghost. It's no fun in the slightest and I hope ghosts get something more interesting to do in the future.

My Cousin Played This. He was Voted by all the people in among us. He was mad and said They All Cheated or saying they were hackers. It's a fun game.

For me, it depends if I'm an impostor or a crew mate. If I'm a crew mate, and when I've finished the tasks, all I do is follow the person that killed me. But if I'm an impostor, I have fun and go sabotage-crazy.

I don't mind spectating other players, especially the dude who killed me, and chatting to the other ghosts is ok too I don't see why this is even mentioned on the list

13 Players who leave the game because they are not imposter

Well...ALL THE TIME! I got imp with 2 other people and 3 people leave and when people leave it counts as a kill for the impostor and we imps win and never killed anyone all because 1 more person left

These people deserve to go die in a hole, though stereotyping all game-start leavers as crew is a silly thing to do. Plenty of impostors leave at the start and it is even MORE frustrating because losing 1 of 8 hurts, but losing 1 of 2 is a kick in the balls.

That's the most annoying thing for me. Usually, there's always between 1 to 3 players who leave the game, it makes the game easier for the imposter and less interesting.

Seriously, why do you leave just because you aren't the imposter? That's like not playing football because you're not the Quarterback.

14 Impostor kills someone then immediately reports it
15 The hackers are everywhere

OK how many encountered stupid sire sirol. He will hack if you don't hack. I've seen sire sirol like 5 times and I would hack him just so he feels the pain. I think this dude is eris loris. You need to ban a red dude called sire sirol now. Do it!

I would be fine with hackers if 1: they made it obvious they were hacking before the game starts; AND 2: the hacks aren't cheating, they're just spicing up the gameplay a bit. But none of them seem to do either so all hackers suck basically.

There are even many hackers in cubic sandbox, like this one time that there is a cubic sandbox user that steals the spot of host in whatever multiplayer game he enters

Once I was imposter and this other dude, we won straight away cause he hacked it was so annoying especially because I was crewmate like 7 times after that

16 It's everywhere on the internet

Well, I mean the game just got popular. It will probably will die out in a few months or so

I have found among uses 5! When I found the one and only 1 among uses

17 There are only 3 maps

The only balanced one of these is Skeld by the way. Mira HQ has way too many straight corridors and Polus is better, but is confusing. Skelder is has a sensible map layout and isn't too large.

Among Us costs five dollars though.

They're adding a 4th one! Very excited.

They should add like two more maps.

18 Getting banned from a server for no reason

Sometimes when I join a server I get banned a few seconds later and when I look at the names it seems to be because it's supposed to be a private server. Like bruh why did you make it public then?

ALL THE TIME! I join this map 4 people and I said hi in the chat. Well...for some fricking reason saying hi in the chat got me banned and l was like what dude all I said was hi

I got banned for 1 finding the imposter and 2 I was wearing a ninja hat. I will always ban that idiot.

I got banned just because I caught the impostor red-handed. Why are people so salty?

19 Dying immediately

This happened to me in a server just a minute ago. I got killed by the impostor about 30 seconds after the game started.

This is why I'm scared of Electrical and Navigation. For some reason the impostors always go there.

20 People who act like they are imposters but aren't

You know, those who talk WAY too much, or talk is if they are trying to sound nice, but instead come off as suspicious? Those guys are really irritating because we vote them out, but it turns out they aren't imposters - and that means there's a higher chance for the impostor to win. Literally once someone said "Who tf killed ma boi Blue? He was my bestie" and I voted him out without hesitation when in the end he was innocent. Like come on, who writes like that if you're innocent?

I've been in a server where someone "admitted" that they were an impostor, when they actually weren't.

Dude you aren't the imposter so work with the crew don't pretend to be the imposter

21 Uncomfortable death scenes

Not that big of a complaint, but some of the death scenes are kinda unsettling. Especially the one where the impostor basically shoots a spear through your helmet (which looks like an eye due to the art-style). The other's aren't as bad, but eh...

Eh I've seen worse

22 It's boring
23 Overused names
24 The mobile version is free while you have to pay for the PC version
25 The download task
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