Top Ten Mario Party Games with the Best Cover

What Mario Party game has the best cover art? The game's quality does not count. With that being said here is the list.
The Top Ten
1 Mario Party 9

This is hands down one of the best covers from any Mario game, not just Mario Party. Everything about this cover is just amazing, from the artwork, layout, you name it. Our man Wario is finally in the spotlight to start off with, and you can kind of get a sense of exactly what this game is about just from looking at this cover: the car, the mini-stars, Bowser, and not to mention..., the GORGEOUS COLOURS! This is easily the most eye-popping cover of the bunch, thanks to how vibrant and diverse the color choices are. This one is easily my favourite cover.

2 Mario Party 4

What I said about eye-popping and colourfulness on 9 can be said about Mario Party 4's cover as well, except just not to the same extent. I mean look at it, it's without a doubt one of the best and happiest looking covers of the bunch. Everyone is glad and excited about the party. It's a shame the game itself isn't...

3 Mario Party DS

By far the best handheld cover, this one has Mario and friends in Toadette's Music Room running from giant Bowser but still having fun..., albeit with Yoshi almost falling to his doom..., but everything else..., great! And that Mario pose is just great!

4 Mario Party 6

Mario's pose on this one is really iconic to me, as he's pointing his finger across day on Towering Treetop and night on Faire Square. There's a lot of personality on this one, and Mario's expression raises a lot of thoughts. Overall this is the 3rd best cover.

Mario's expression along the with the divide between night and day adds a lot of personality to this cover.

5 Mario Party 5

For being my least favourite game outside of The Top 100 and -e, Mario Party 5's cover is on the opposite side of the spectrum. Everything about this cover screams excitement and partying, from the bright blue sky, and all of the characters forming a ball, with Mario at the top reaching for the star. I like it a lot!

6 Mario Party 7

It's a bit of a less interesting version of 6's cover, and instead of Mario pointing his finger, now he's about to stomp on the fourth wall. Yeah that foot of his is the most notable part of the cover. We also see Pyramid Park in the background which is pretty nice. But 7's lack of day/night removes SOME atmosphere, but it's still great!

7 Mario Party 2
8 Mario Party 10

The cover shows that the Gamepad actually serves a use in this game. I also like the facial expressions. The "Mario Party 10" logo is also the best in my opinion.

This cover has Bowser playing on the Wii U Gamepad in the spotlight, so it's automatically great. What could've made this one better though is having a more interesting setting in the background, as right now it's just the lifeless Mushroom Park board which signifies the emptyness of the game. But Bowser is enough to love this cover.

9 Mario Party: Island Tour

This one is slightly bland, but it's pretty nice to look at and spot all the different easter eggs and features that are present in the game itself. We have Mario on one of those rockets, Luigi with Shy Guy's cards, Boo with an item, Waluigi on a carpet, Peach with mini-stars, a Banzai Bill in the background..., this cover manages to capture all of the boards in one picture and that's great.

10 Mario Party: Star Rush

From now on the covers on the list will be a little lacklustre albeit interesting. Mario Party: Star Rush is the best handheld Mario Party title, and its cover does contain a lot of the things that is what the game's all about. However I feel like there's a bit too much "filler" that only exists to make it look less empty. But I like the green field...

The Contenders
11 Mario Party 8

This cover is kinda meh, mostly because it lacks an identity/personality. It's just Mario and his friends walking towards the right, but none of the characters take up a prime spotlight, and the background is just the carnival tent. It could've been a lot better.

12 Mario Party: The Top 100
13 Mario Party
14 Mario Party 3
15 Super Mario Party
16 Mario Party Superstars
17 Mario Party Advance
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