Worst Mario Party 7 Minigames

Mario Party 7 has the largest collection of minigames in the Mario Party series at 88 (not including Mario Party: The Top 100), and it also has the most diverse collection of minigames, ranging from Free for All, 1 vs. 3, 2 vs. 2, Mic, Bowser, DK, Rare, Battle, Duel and even 8-Player! It also has one of my favourite collections of minigames. However there was a minority of REALLY bad ones too, especially from those categories that were new to the series. With that being said here are the worst ones.
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1 Bowser's Lovely Lift

Bowser's Lovely Lift, oh yeah. If anything this is one of the absolute worst final boss battle minigames ever created, and one of my least favourite minigames ever. It's not that it's bland or simple, it's that it's way too hard! In fact I still haven't beaten it despite having owned the game for four years! The annoying difficulty has primarily to do with poor controls as you can't jump very high and the speed is very tight. You need to hit all of the buttons on a lift to get higher but Bowser shoots missiles at you at the same time and it's just hard to avoid them. What's worse is that you've only got one hit point or else you not only need to start the minigame over again, but also find a new star on the board! Speaking of which, I still have not unlocked Bowser's Enchanted Inferno because of this. By far my least favourite as a result.

2 Vine Country

So Mario Party 7 introduced these "DK" and "Bowser" which would occur if you landed on their respective spaces. I hated this concept, because the turns took way too long as a result. What's worse is that they aren't even that good, at least not the single player ones. The worst one is by far the single-player DK minigame Vine Country. Here we have the precursor to Mario Party 8's Flip the Chimp and Mario Party 9's Chain Event. How does it compare to those? Well I'd say this one is the weakest, which means I think it's actually worse than even Flip the Chimp? Why? Well let me as you this: do you prefer shaking the Wii Remote or Button Mashing? I prefer the former so..., but that's not the only problem. You also need to play perfectly and not hit a single thing or else you'll lose, seeing as your opponent DK just ALWAYS seems to be slightly ahead of you. I just loathe this minigame on so many levels.

3 Funderwall!

Like DK, Bowser has his own minigames which are activated whenever you land on Bowser Space. It's either multiplayer or single player, and the absolute worst one here is the multiplayer minigame Funderwall. Holy frick, is this one annoying. You basically climb up a cage while Koopa Kids decide to spit fire everywhere and it's too hard to avoid it. Yeah..., I don't like this one at all.

4 Air Farce

This minigame gives me pretty bad memories of Random Ride from Mario Party 5, although on a side note it's not RNG at least, and actually requires skill. But..., it's so poorly explained how you're supposed to play this minigame that I never seem to get the hang of it, not even after practicing for ten minutes straight! You're supposed to fly the farthest distance with a pair of wings by tilting the control stick from left to right to gain height, but I can yet never get further than the Easy CPU! This minigame is just annoying!

5 Dart Attack

Hot take: I don't dislike the Gamecube Mic actually..., at all. In fact I thought it was a really neat addition to the Gamecube, seeing as it's super comfortable to hold and use, even if it's not that responsive. And speaking of not being responsive..., Dart Attack is the least responsive Mic Minigame. Basically you all take turns shooting arrows at signs with points that go left to right, and you shoot by saying "Fire". However it doesn't fire until two seconds later and it can get irritating when you think you have it but the timing ruins it. I don't like it...

6 Bob-ombic Plague

Oh would you look at that we have the precursor of my least favourite Super Mario Party minigame, which is Bob-Ombic Plague. There have been many different versions of Hot Potato in Mario Party, but this one has got to take the cake for absolute worst one. As an 8-Player minigame, you all throw around the bomb to each other, but whenever it explodes, it won't just eliminate the player holding it, but even the players next to him! Just..., WHY THE FRICK? It just removes all strategy of an already luck-based and random minigame that wasn't fun to begin with.

7 Picture This

This is a minigame with a good and interesting concept, which was terribly ruined in the execution. Basically a notebook with animated pages appears in the middle and the player has to replicate that same picture in their notebook by pressing L/R to go forward in the notebook animation. However it's incredibly unfair because it takes ages to move just one page, some people have an unfair advantage because their page is closer to the right one on the notebook in the middle which means they can faster get to the right page. It's just really unfun to play on.

8 Spin Off

Let's me real who even likes slot machines? Well this is an 8-Player slot-machine minigame where two players each take care of one half of a spinning slot machine and the two halves must belong to each other (basically one is the underside of a Goomba and the other is the top half of it) to earn points. I never liked any of these slot-minigames and this one is just as bad.

9 Big Dripper

I've never liked minigames where you need to catch stuff falling from the sky, and this is no different. Here you must get as much honey as possible dripping from the sky. It's no different from Coney Island, Snack Attack, Meteor Melee, etc. Just boring.

10 Pokey Pummel

While it's pretty much the only button masher in the game alongside Vine Country, that doesn't mean it's any better. Ok, it's better than most button mashers because all you do is mash away the body parts of pokey which means you can predict when to take a swift break from constant mashing (if that makes sense), but I still don't really like it.

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