Top 10 Among Us Impostor Strategies

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the game Among Us. It is actually a 2018 game but has resurfaced in 2020 thanks to YouTube and Twitch streamers because, let’s be honest, this is one of the only good things about 2020. This is similar to the game Clue where you have a crew and impostors. I am in love with this game and here’s a few tips to win if you’re the impostor among us.
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1 Act like the crewmates

You gotta be careful tho once I lost because orange and yellow said each other they were safe and I watched brown scan (there were 4 of us) so they cornered me

As an imposter you want to blend in as much as possible that’s why you need to vote accuse and talk as if you were a Crewmate be as honest as possible so you aren’t sus, but don’t be too aggressive either. Instead of calling out "I think it’s blue", be like "I thought I saw pink complete a task, so he’s in the clear".

This is literally the whole point of being the impostor, goes without saying

Yes, this is true. Or you could be voted out! Also, how do you comment on a comment?

2 Go for group kills

This is a bad idea when killing someone around another person, they will just report and say "you did it" and everyone will believe them. So kill when nobody else is around except you and a fellow crewmate.

When at least four players are standing on the same spot and one of them gets stabbed to death, it is very hard to determine who the killer was. You, as an Impostor, should make use of that.

Especially in the security rooms, since people will be on camera, and not have a clue what goes on behind them.

Actually, when the impostor acts like the Crewmate, they think YOU are still acting like the impostor. - UltimateHarms

3 Lock doors to get easy kills

Sometimes locking doors for privacy is critical so that way you can go for an instant kill and then escape. When the body is reported, then you can deflect blame as you’re far away from there.

that happened to me once. I was in security and I saw 3 (I play which uses numbers instead of colors) vent. then he locked me in security and killed me before I could call the meeting

Make sure you can vent though. If someone is on the other side it's game over.

If you do that strategy Either vent and unvent or just stay in the vent.

4 Use sabotage

Lights and 02 are the best to sabotage.
-02 should be sabatoged when there is 5 or less people, because there are two parts.
-Lights is best to sabatoge when there is more than 5 people bc they can't rlly see so when someone is going to electrical u can kill them and run off without anyone seeing.

Sabotage is a great tool to split the crew up and can force them to a death trap because they have to fix it or it’s automatic game over you just camp there and then bam you strike.

I like to turn out the lights and camp in electrical to wait for someone to come by and try to turn the lights on again.

Sad how the best sabotage has not been mentioned here. (Reactor)

5 Don’t be afraid to backstab other imposters

Sometimes it’s difficult to team up and coordinate with other imposters. In certain situations if everyone unanimously voted for the imposter, you might have to as well just to stay in the game. Remember, fitting in is important.

Yeah of the evidence is overwhelming don't defend them.

It’s a bit selfish, but defending then will get the crew mates even more suspicious.

Well, if there’s two players, we should. - UltimateHarms

6 Know which tasks to fake

Obviously, only crewmates can complete tasks, so faking one when other players are near can give you an alibi. To fake a task, stand still in the task spot and wait a bit. Try to leave just after the task bar in the upper left corner fills up, to prove that you really did it. Be careful on which tasks to do. Don’t do a short one and be there for 20 seconds or vise versa and stay away from visible tasks as you can’t fake those ones.

Yeah don't try to fake trash, med-bay scan, or asteroids. If you are on a map that has the mazes I recommend doing that. You can make the excuse you keep messing up.

do NOT fake the scan task, people will know if you actually scanned, or faked it, or the weather node tasks, you wont know which node is each node

even with viauals off, don't fak scan if anothr crewmate wanted to scan, and if you wre a crewmawte, they would have to wait. hover, if you ar faking, thy could scan right away, because thre can only be 1 person scanning at a time so that makd you sus

7 Be careful using vents

Vents can be useful to travel from place to place, but beware of who else is around you because if someone sees you vent, then that’s pretty sus.

Under no circumstances do you vent with other people watching.

Yeah, sure. Be very careful.

In general, avoid venting out into hallways. I don’t ever really vent unless I need to get away quickly or the lights are out.

8 Accuse other imposters in multiple imposter rounds to gain credibility

Self-report and accuse another imposter, then everyone will think you're legit

Don't do this I did this once and I got banned

Yeah, but it's kind of rude.

9 Kill those known to be innocent

Among us is a game all about lies and deception, and one of the only pieces of reliable information to the crew is visible tasks to prove innocence. The less innocent people there are, the more they will begin to question each other. You want to cause as much chaos as possible so those known to be innocent should be your primary targets.

Yes. Imagine if theres four people, and I'm an impostor. Blue scans, and I kill yellow. Green sees the body. So that means he's knnow it'd be me because if blue scans it couldn't be him.

Yeah because if you don't the innocents will gang up on you.

Yes, if someone is suspicious you want to keep them to make you look less sus

10 Double kill and vent

The Newcomers

? Stand on the player doing Asteroids task while another player is watching

That worked for me yesterday

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11 Pay attention to cameras

Definitely. Also make sure you don't walk in the room with someone you're about to murder with cams on. Someone smart may notice the other person didn't come out.

If you’re about to kill someone in the hallway, always make sure to look and see if the cameras have the red light on. I learned this the hard way.

Obviously you’d never kill when the red lights are blinking on the cameras be sure to pay attention if someone is watching they may get offline then back on to catch you in the act.

I was in security with 10 and we both saw 1, who was his sister get killed on camera. (I was dead so he didn't know I was there)

12 Pay attention to when people vote

If anonymous votes are off, remember who voted for you (if any) when you weren't brought up as a suspect in the chat, you'll want to kill that person as soon as possible.

A lot of people pay attention to who people vote for, but when they vote is also important. Generally, those who wait are pretty sus, while those who vote early are innocent, but that’s not always the case. If you wait too long to cast your vote, people will begin to suspect something is up.

Just vote at a not incredibly slow pace. Like I take my time most of the time when I vote, but I try not to take forever.

If you vote too early, you’re sus, but if you vote too late, people will think something’s up, especially if they’re voting out you’re impostor buddy

13 Kill suspicious people

I always do that. whenever someone snitches on me I isolate them and kill them

AKA the ones who vote for you. I guess this is similar to “Kill those known to be innocent”.

14 Hide behind huge rock in polus then if crewmate comes by, kill them

this is very usefull, but use a small name like "c" or "I" or "q".

15 Stay without chatting

alright, this one person, he was the imposter and there were not many people left. he was red and I suddenly relized that he wasent talking and the other crew mates were just blaming them selves, every body ingnored him. I got my mind clear and then figured out that HE was the imposter, not chatting, so sus! and so before he could kill anyone else, I called a meeting and made it clear that he was the sus guy, and that was the story my guys, he nearly got away, but I cought him!

No, that will get people even more suspicious.

no because then they will be like "*player*'s quiet vote him/her"

16 Sabotage coms so cams don't work before killing someone

I sabotage coms every time I fake a task

do it so the log will not work or cams

17 Kill someone then hide the body then kill then vent

I do this sometimes but its best not to do it all the time

Among us summed up

how do you hide the body?

werty no sense

18 Buy yourself time using sabotage if they know it's you

yeah one time, someone was about to press the button, but I switched on reactor and everyone moved but him, and even though he didn't know it, he was standing right next to the other imposter, so he got killed and I won.

19 Murder and hide
20 Self-report

I've had luck with this before.

21 Leave suspicious players alive to shift blame
22 Killing in front of a crewmate and then report him as impostor

But then they will vote you next

black reported as impostor but orange voted and black voted red(PUMBA)

23 Hide in a vent, jump out to kill a crewmate, and jump back in

I only added this becouse it reallly works, I jumped out of a vent then just killed someone then jumped back in the vent and went into an empty room and acted as though I was doing astroids while sapatousing and repeated

I do this all the time espically if theres 2 crewmates and one of them walks out because then u can try and frame them

24 Spare some crewmates

Of course, why didn't I thing of that lol I could almost just wait for them to finish tasks

25 Stack-killing
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