Best Gracey 101 Characters


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1 Gracey Young

Gracey survives her time at PCA along side her best friends, she's happy, sweet, fun, and quirky girl. - jakeandhudsonfan

2 Eddie Baker

Nice kid that has made a friend in Gracey. Eddie is pretty cool and is good friends with Gracey. - jakeandhudsonfan

He's sweet

3 Zach Reese

He's rich and his brother is Logan from Zoey101, duh!

Brother of Logan Reese (From the OG Zoey 101) Zach's family life is very awkward and though his character is seen to be snobby, there is a sweet side to Zach. - jakeandhudsonfan

I think he hot

4 Dean Johnson

She's adorable and very funny! - jakeandhudsonfan


5 Kushi McToots

Though he disappeared in the second season, there was something very funny about him that brings back the first season Gracey vibes. - jakeandhudsonfan

6 Helga Loon

She can be a bit aggressive, but her scenes are always so funny! - jakeandhudsonfan

7 GiGi PuffPaff

She also kind of disappeared, she had this presence to her character that really mixed well with the theme of the show. - jakeandhudsonfan

8 Dominique Rodgers
9 Logan Reese Logan Reese

He haven't got to see him on the show yet, but how cool would that be! So far, he's the only tie to Zoey 101 that we have got on Gracey, and the fact that they are re-surfacing drama with Zach's family alone is interesting! - jakeandhudsonfan

10 Gracey's grandmother

We haven't seen her yet, but that would be an AMAZING episode! From what we've heard, she is a sassy ole thing! - jakeandhudsonfan

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