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1 GT2's multiple versions

Remember what I said about them taking a few tries to get something right? Well, there Isn't any doubt that this is gran Turismo's biggest blunder to date. In late 1999 early 2000, people were getting gran Turismo 2 after much big hype. However, upon playing, many bugs and errors were found in the 1.0 version of the game. Such as an expensive car wash, costing 5,000 credits. Also, an unlicensed NASCAR racer when you modified the Ford Taurus SHO, and cars reportedly disappeared from your garage. An updated version was released as version 1.1, which removed the unlicensed race car and set the car wash credits down to the traditional 50, but there was more. The muscle car cup in the racing mode required the IA license, with opponents more worthy of the A or B license. Another one was that you technically couldn't get the full 100% game completion in the US or Japanese versions, as in both versions it stops at 98.1% for unknown reasons. That and it was possible to get a 101.5% game ...more - Scorpio

2 Discontinuing online availability in GT5

This really angered ps3 users when it was discovered that polyphony was discontinuing online playability for five in favour of six. So, if you're running the seasonal events, which require the online capability, and you're after that GT-ONE race car they promised ya. I'm sorry, you're too late. We discontinued the online ability for the game. Is it just me, or does it seem that Gran Turismo is jumping on the Japanese RPG bandwagon recently, with levelling up, online support drops, and similar actions. - Scorpio

3 Tourist Trophy V 1 Comment
4 Constant spinout in GT2

This is the game that introduced the ASM and TCS assists. But, you had to buy them, and at a staggering fifty grand for each. Which means you need to shovel out a whopping $100,000 to be able to handle the car, and you'll be lucky if you can at that. As, even with the assists. The cars tended to spin like crazy when coming out of a turn, especially the dodge viper. This problem occurred in one as well, but on a much lower scale. It took them three games to get this right? Wow, fail! And it isn't the only time they did something like this! - Scorpio

5 Fewer cars in GT3 than GT2

Another result of needing to cut back for more advanced graphics. Whereas gran Turismo 2 had over 500 cars to choose from, 3 had only 184, not counting special cars found in the game's file, like the Lamborghini Diablo. Fortunately, you can own all of the cars at the same time in this game, whereas, to do so in two, you'll need about six memory cards, as you can only own up to 100 cars at once, which is half of three's 200 cars in a garage. Seriously 2? 100 per garage in a game with over 500 cars? Epic fail! - Scorpio

6 Ditching tracks

This here is a big pain in the bum to see. We all have that one track that hasn't been seen in gran Turismo in a while that we like to drive. Over the course of time, they've dropped Special Stage Route 11, Midfield Raceway, Tahiti Road, all of the original Rome courses, Test Course, all of the Driving Park courses in four, Complex String, the Tahiti rally courses, and Red Rock Valley speedway, just to name a few. Most of these are fantasy tracks, this is because gran Turismo has been taking a more realistic turn recently, with even including NASCAR as a feature to the game. Well, I guess we can all cross off NASCAR from our PlayStation library need list. - Scorpio

7 Hard to get the Dodge Concept Car in GT1 and GT2 V 2 Comments
8 Removing racing mods

This was a feature that appeared throughout one and two, that you could modify your street cars into race cars. In fact, to beat this game, you had to do this! However, a lot of people were pissed to find out the feature was dropped in three to make room for the advanced PS2 graphics. A lot of the race mods, such as the Celica GT four and the Lister Storm V12's racing mods, became their own independent cars. And although it returned in five, it was heavily limited to about 17 cars, and even they became their own cars in six. Fail! - Scorpio

9 Repetitive tracks in GT1 and GT2

Both of the first two gran Turismo games had kick ass soundtracks, but they had a major flaw. Only one song would play through an entire race. This could be found very annoying if you're not a big fan of the song playing. So, my advice, if a song you don't like is playing and you're running a long race, get out your Walkman, your iPod, whatever you have, and get on some other driving tunes, because It tends to get really repetitive hearing Rob Zombie's Dragula over and over again while running the Rome 2 hour run. - Scorpio

10 Leveling up and Exp. points in GT5

If there's one thing a racing game shouldn't incorporate is an RPG like mode. The levelling up in 5 made it so you couldn't get that dodge viper once you've made all of the money from redoing the Sunday cup 20 times like we've been doing. Sorry, you're a level 6. That car is for people level 8 and up. May I hook you up with a nice Volkswagen golf instead? - Scorpio

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11 Gran Turismo 4 HD controversy V 1 Comment
12 GT3's rubber banding

If any game in the franchise is guilty of this crap, it's definitely 3. This is actually due to the lack of cars in the game. Rubber banding is the act of making opponents weaker so you can have an easy win, or making them harder for a bigger challenge. I'm not gonna say GT3 is the only game in the series that did this, oh no! GT4 did it in places too! Remember the speedster trophy? That crap was ridiculously hard, even with a fully modified car. Because of rubber banding.

13 Illegal entries in races in various

So, you know the race, specific vehicles only. However, there's one CPU car that breaks those rules. One example would be the Supercar Festival in GT4, which calls for production cars with 493 HP or more. However, concept cars you cannot enter in, such as the Acura HSC or the Volkswagen W12 Nardo Concept, can enter as CPU cars. Normally, they're very overpowered due to the presence of rubber banding in the games.

14 “Killing” the Escudo

Remember the Escudo Pikes Peak Version (Escudo Dirt Trial Car in GT4)? Remember how epic it was? Practically, if you owned this car and ran it in a race, you were guaranteed a flawless victory. Sure, F1 cars in GT3 would change this into making it undefeatable on just oval courses like Test Course and Super Speedway, but Gran Turismo 4 would prove to be the killer of the Titan. Much faster cars were introduced, it's transmission was cut back, wall grinding couldn't counter it's poor handling from 3, and it's also put powered off-road by other cars, such as the Impreza Super Touring Car. It just sucks to see this amazing car that many saw as the best early in the series go to nothing. In fact, in GT5, it's easy to beat it in the Like the Wind race, which is its CPU debut. Some debut, eh? Besides that, also in GT5, the Red Bull X2010 would come along and become the new best car. So, all that we can do now is give this poor car the same treatment as the Cultus Pikes Peak did after GT2 ...more

15 All Seeing Ferris Wheel

Remember Special Stage Route 11 in Gran Turismo 3? Remember how it had a colour changing Ferris wheel in the distance? Well, it's supposed to face down the main straight. So, why is it that it seems to be facing down the straight after the last hairpin then, and, after you get off of the final turn, back down the main straight? It's like it's watching you or something! While this isn't a fail per se, it's still a little weird.

16 GT6's tutorial

It's a great big nuisance long time veterans of the game, and ridiculous for first time players. If you can't figure out simple controls on a racing game, one of the easiest game genres to figure out the controls of, you should not be playing it. Also, they FORCE you to buy a Honda Fit as your first car, which sucks eggs! You have $30,000 and you can't pick your own starter car yourself? What the F***!

17 No ‘RR Challenge’

I agree. It's been 4 games since their debut in GT2, and STILL no RR Cup? Why not?

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