Autistic Game Critic Episode #10 - Grand Theft Auto 5

bobbythebrony Ok so probably all of you know about this game as it was the biggest game of it's release year and now I shall review it.

About - This game is about three very different criminals who team up for jobs and eventually end up in very hot water. The entire plot of the game I think is very thought out and well done. It has a wide variety of interesting characters which is a plus. There are bad characters though.

Characters - Let's talk about the three main characters.

Franklin Clinton is the level headed black character. He is a former gangster who left the hood in search of greener pastures. He is the most calm and sane of the characters and mostly appeals to serious gamers.

Michael De Santa is the sharp dressed family man of the game. He tries to remain calm through the game but usually gets very angry. He has a whore wife, bitchy daughter, and an idiot son who is basically a Call of Duty fanboy.

My favorite is Trevor Phillips as he is the funny one and the stand out character. He is the psycho bisexual serial killing drug dealer of the game. He appeals to the psycho gamers and is the star of the game.

Gameplay - The gameplay is really good in the game. You can lock onto people which is good and a new feature that I love is setting fires with a Jerry can. There is also more places to visit and lots and side challenges. I also like stabbing people with knives and going on rampages.

Funny Moments - The funniest moments are the Trevor switch scenes. He is always doing or saying something insanely hysterical. My favorite is Scooter Brothers. For more, go to the list or YouTube.

Well there you have it: GTA V. Some will say it's better than San Andreas and others will disagree. Either way, it's a damn good game.

This is bobbythebrony saying: Til I see you again, watch your step.

Next episode - Saints Row Games


Love this game - bobbythebrony