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The 90s was one of the best decades for cartoons, but non other than Animaniacs, who was your favourite and why?

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1 Yakko Yakko Yakko is the oldest of the Warner Brothers. He's the gang lender, the glib, fast-talker and sly wise-guy in the Groucho/Bugs Bunny mold. He's the thinker, the planner, the schemer, and the trio's recreation director. Each day, he has lots of unique ideas of things for the group to do. He's full of boyish more.

Yakko is witty and hilarious! He's a totally mix of "I am the smart and responsible adult of the trio" and "I am the one that forgot to grow up"! speaking of grown ups, Yakko has always made those adult jokes we never knew as kids! His wise guy attitude and Tex Avery style with ladies is what brought my attention to him. That's all I've got to say for now. *Flying Kisses* MWAH! Goodnight everybody!

Adorable! I love YAKKO he is super silly and intillligent.

Yakko is cute and very smart.Guess what! I can sing Yakko's world.

Yakko is so hilarious! He is extremely witty and clever with wordplay, and his slightly "adult" nature is funny without being too inappropriate. He has the best lines, the best jokes, and the best songs in the show. He never fails to make me laugh whenever I watch the show. Plus, I love how he's such a good older brother to his siblings (especially in "Wakko's Wish").

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2 Wakko Wakko

Wakko used to be just a background character to me until I watched him ramble about having to use the potty, and then I began noticing him. This little guy has got it all- he's hilarious, extremely sweet and loving, and absolutely adorable! No regrets on saying that Wakko is my favorite Animaniac and a great imaginary friend.

If you can vote twice,this is my second vote.I just wanted to say I think Wakko is the cutest character on the show.He beats Dot by a million miles.

Wakko is definitely the zaniest of the cast, and he's comically stupid. He always has a childish charm to him, and he almost always adorable!

Wakko may be the most nutty of the trio, but he has a heart of gold, is very optimistic, and has that childish charm to go along with this little bundle of zany cuteness.

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3 Slappy Squirrel Slappy Squirrel

The best - SapphireDragon95

Slappy is a character who has a lot to enjoy. Despite the fact that she is a character from many generations ago, she still has a great essence of comedy key to Animaniacs. Her nephew Skippy also adds to the generation gap between those who grew up in the 50s and 60s, and those who grew up in the 90s. Slappy manages to show how the classic Looney Tunes shorts worked well for a newer audience. - c0mf0rta61ynum6

She's so awesome

Slappy is HILARIOUS! Especially in that ball park episdode!

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4 Dot Dot

Dot is one of the greatest female animated characters ever to appear in kids faces. Let's face it, she is "cute".

Yea she really is both of those. She never had girl problems. She was never was a stereotype. She had a personality. She wasn't like Webby from Ducktales or Molly from TaleSpin. She was a funny character and Warner Brothers first true original female character.

I voted for dot because she's so low down! I agree yakko is my favourite - then it's a tie between wakko and dot!

Dot is just a doll~
I love her bold and sassy personality and how she looks out for her brothers, even though she's the baby sister.

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5 Rita and Runt

Rita and Runt may not have exactly been the funniest characters of the series, but they were both cute, adorable memorable characters with interesting personalities. They were the one segment of the show that actually had a dash of reality to it.

Rita was so cute and cuddly. In my opinion, she was way cuter than Dot was. She may not have been as cute as Skippy, but I still strongly say that she was one of the most adorable characters on the show.

Rita and Runt is AWESOME! - Animaniacs1Fan

6 The Brain The Brain

Pinky if you don't stop this foolishness right now, I shall have to hurt you!

A total magnificent bastard. He's just so unsympathetic yet such a great character. Plus his partner in crime, Pinky, is the second best character on the show.

An underrated genius who should take over the world. I'd join him. He's my favorite character (tied with wakko). He gets his funny moments to laugh at. So best character (along with wakko )

7 Pinky Pinky

Best Idiot in a child show

Super funny dude narf

8 Hello Nurse

Lmfao cartoon bisexual

She is one of the hottest animated babes next to Minerva mink

Hello nurse is hot becuse of her blonde hair and she has a great personality

Hellooo Nurse! - BeatlesFan1964

9 Dr. Scratchansniff Dr. Scratchansniff

He was autually supposed to be the main character!

He's the best

10 The Mime The Mime

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11 Buttons
12 Skippy Squirrel Skippy Squirrel

Bumbi's mom! She's AUUGGHH!

13 Rita
14 Ralph
15 Mindy

How could you not love Mindy and Buttons. My fiancee and I call each other lady and Mr. Man because of Mindy. Sometimes we fast forward the reruns to that particular cartoon.

We also call each other dot and Mel Gibson. We even tried to find a cake topper with the 2 but we would have to custom order so we decided no cake topper.

16 Mr. Director Mr. Director
17 Katie Ka-boom
18 Baloney

Baloney is a friendly friend that we made up ourselves. He likes to play and sing all day and we made up ourselves. He is better than Barney

19 Pesto

Its always funny watching him beat up Squit he even sounds like Joe Pesci. - ZZDOORAL

20 Minerva Mink Minerva Mink
21 Francis "Pip" Pumphandle
22 Runt
23 The Goodfeathers

I don't think it's a good idea to group them together since there 3 different characters. - egnomac

24 Chicken Boo

Common dudes This dude is funny

25 Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny is an animated cartoon character, created by the staff of Leon Schlesinger Productions (later Warner Bros.) He is one of the most famous cartoon characters, and he is in the show Looney Tunes. His famous quote is "What's up doc?". He is a gray colored bunny with big teeth and big feet. His more.
26 Daffy Duck Daffy Duck Daffy Duck is an animated cartoon character produced by Warner Bros. Styled as an anthropomorphic black duck, the character has appeared in cartoon series such as Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, where he usually has been depicted as the best friend and occasional arch-rival of Bugs Bunny.
27 Mr. Skullhead

Who doesn't love the good/bad ideal segment

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