Greatest Boy Band Songs

The Top Ten Greatest Boy Band Songs

1 Keep on Movin' - Five

I Love the song. It always keep me "moving" when my life starting to slow. I miss great boyband this era

When I listen to music, I don't just to the beat, the contents is what I mostly after. The lyrics of this song is so inspiring. This song can true help people to think positive. Keep on movin' is so great that even national geographic have made it their theme song. 5ive rocks always and forever

This song is extremely catchy and fun to listen to, but although its very basic the message is really great and really applies to everyone... "get on up, when you're down, baby take a good look around, I know its not much, but its okay, keep on movin' on anyway" - rachhxxo

Very motivating and an uplifting song. It can make any bad or rainy day into a bright one. You feel like your smiling and singing and dancing and you can never stop.

2 I Want It that Way - Backstreet Boys

I think, it is a glorious song in the world.
Please, every person give vote.
I am gaurav sahu. I am Indian boy. So, please give vote.

Backstreet Boys is the best... Forever, love them.. From the bottom of my heart... Song that'd totally make you sing
, No doubt this song is the best song of all boy band song

My childhood right here. Laugh out loud I was only three when this song came out, but me and all my friends kept singing this song in elementary school. So now every time I hear this song, I think back to the times when music was not all rap and electronic and auto-tuned. Not saying that music now is all bad, but A LOT of them are very repetitive and don't have any meaning to them what-so-ever.

This song is UNIQUE! I love Backstreet Boys very much and I like all their songs, they are wonderful, but this song is my favourite! I still hear it on the radio. The song is being nominated for various awards like Grammy, MTV Awards and Billboard Awards! It reached number 1 in many countries and this is the most successful single from a Boy Band!

3 MMMBop - Hanson

The lyrics to this song are sad (and genius) but the rhythm is upbeat and encouraging. It is a fun song to listen, but also has its depth, which no many people notice. Love it.

MMMBop is like the best song in the world and I could listen forever!
Hanson still rock!!! =) - AL

Mmmbop.. This was a great song.. Hanson.. Was great

This song reminds me of having fun when we're young and it usually brings tears to my eyes once I hear this song and it never gets old at all.

4 24/Seven - Big Time Rush

I love BTR. This song is so cool, could listen to it whole day.

5 As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys

Better than any other song! EVER! My definite favorite - has been for a long time and will be one forever... And a day. The bands harmonies and lyrics just mesh together better than white on rice. And you can't hardly get a better meshing than that.

Love thiss so sweet

I am so happy and so proud that my all time favorite boyband keeps popping up on this list but at the same time I am not at all surprised because they are both beautiful inside and out.

This song is the bomb! Love it!

6 Everybody (Backstreet's Back) - Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys' songs are FABULOUS but this song is the BEST boy band song of all time!

BEST Backstreet Boys' song!

BEST boy band song of all time.

How come this song is not in this poll. It's one of the best of all times. Remembered by everyone and the favorites of every one who is not even a fan. - stephanielaurin

7 How Did I Fall in Love with You - Backstreet Boys
8 One Love - Blue

This song is wonderful by current boy band from gold I love it very much - AJSAMIH

Best song on this list! - ritwik.chatterjee2

More Blue songs please, half of this list is Backstreet Boys who did brilliant songs in the 90s but my teen years was listening to Blue in the 2000s. Sorry Americans boy bands never died away where I live.

Love it! Best boyband song!

9 Incomplete - Backstreet Boys

Fantastic song! Really captures your heart :) Backstreet Girl Forever

I don't really like pop music but this one really rocks. Stands out from all the songs on this list. - BRom4

This so is simply beautiful and very powerful, has raw emotion. Hands down my favorite on the list. Nick's raspy voice on the chorus gives the song life. Love this song.

I have never loved a band this much in my life until I discovered the Backstreet Boys. I can't believe I only fell in love with them recently.

10 I Feel Fine - The Beatles

WHAT THE HECK! This is below so many terrible bands, I can't contemplate why it is this low!

I like The Beatles and boy bands 90s, 2000s, now.

The beatles are possibly the best boyband to ever grace the planet— I don’t know why it’s so low on this lol.

The Contenders

11 Flying Without Wings - Westlife

It's a classic ballad sung by 5 of the most talented and handsome guys in the world! I grew up listening to it have never got sick of it

This song is and will be my favorite song.. It keeps me inspired, powered and filled with hope, I love westlife and all their songs, I'm looking forward to meeting them in person and singing with them, I'm from the Philippines

This is one of great song from Westlife. And I always listen it every day. The voice of Shane, Mark, Bryan, Nicky and Kian. And the video clip look interest.. I love this song very much..

They are the best ever! Its sad knowing that they are disbanded. They have the best of everything! I mean come on! All those music that they came up with are all stunning. I grew up listening to their songs! They are the best, I don't know what I will do with a part of my whole life if they did not live. They are simply amazing.
Try again, Bop bop baby, I lay my love on you, Swear it again, My love, Somebody needs you, If I let you go... I mean come on! They deserve something higher of a rank than this!

12 Larger Than Life - Backstreet Boys

Best song ever from Backstreet Boys

Larger than life is actually LARGER THAN LIFE.

What a great song! Backstreet Boys is the best boyband ever. Their voices are heavenly and I have to admit that they're the hottest guys I've ever seen in my life.

13 Back for Good - Take That

"Back for Good" is the second single from the band's third studio album, Nobody Else and achieved great success in many countries, including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Spain and the UK where it topped the charts. The song went on to reach number one in over 30 nations, making it the most successful song ever recorded by a boy band!

Brilliant song - should be at number 1 their best song by far. Got to number 1 in over 30 countries. Has been covered well over 70 times. Glad to see it here

Amazing song! It's simple but beautiful at the same time. You can hear it like 100 times in a day and you still wouldn't be bored by it. Just great.

Best song ever. Best band ever. I don't think anything beats take that. I Love Gary, Jason, Howard and Mark.

14 Curtain Falls - Blue

A very positive song of blue. Highly relates to the mid 20s people and has a good melody.

15 Bye Bye Bye - *NSYNC

You gotta admit. This is a classic break up song. It is amazing! NSYNC forever!

Great song very bubble gum and sexy at the same time I think this list wouldn't be right if it didn't have n sync on the list, this song bye bye bye is the best teen boy band song of All time, and N Sync got my vote with Justin Timberlake he has gotten sexy today in this world. Love

a song that'd totally make you sing and dance to(: just watch the music video, you'll understand! will cheer you up when you're feeling blue too! LOVE *NSYNC FOREVER!

Best Song Ever. You can't take away anything from this song. I sing it in my shower. Its too amazing. It should be higher on the list.

16 Senyum Semangat - Sm*sh

This is my favorite song because can give me spirit!

SM*SH is the most boyband in Indonesia!

"No more mellow say no to Galau, no more tears say not to fill! " M Reza Anugrah (@mrezanugrah)

When I feel sad or bored, I always listen this song. And my spirit was come back. Thanks SM*SH (want meet @dickymprasetyo)

17 Breath Easy - Blue

Breathe Easy is the best it must be high - AJSAMIH

18 Inconsolable - Backstreet Boys

No coment, just listen to it

19 Sorry Sorry - Super Junior

YEAH! Super Junior Hwaiting all the way until they reach the top! Number #1 for me forever! Pretty cool people, song, video and more!

Well, I'm so addicted to this song! The rhythm and the melody is so much ear-catching and the choreographic is wonderful

The rhyme and the melody are so addicting. And the dance steps are really easy to get people attention.
It's an amazing song in Korea

This is the great song..
Hwaiting Super Junior! You'll be the winner..

20 My Love - Westlife

It's just an amazing song with the beautiful lyrics and track. Such enjoyable when listened it. "My Love" by Westlife was just great! I'm sure many people love it as well

Westlife is great and very romantic... Love and can't stop listening to it.

This song can make everyone so happy, I always enjoy this song every time..
Moreover that Westlife has harmonic voices sing it... Hm So Enjoyable

I love listening to My Love. The lyrics are just so romantic and sweet, and the harmony of Westlife's voices are just flawless... I never got tired of listening to this song. Go Westlife!

21 Gotta Be You - One Direction


They should be on top 10. Really love one direction. they're already part of my life

One Direction should be at the top! - JodieHall

This song deserves to be on the list. It’s lyrics are perfect and so is everything else.

22 All Rise - Blue

What is this song doing here on 26?

23 More Than That - Backstreet Boys

I know I keep repeating myself when I say I absolutely love them but it's the truth and I have to admit I've become a little obsessive over them.

Pssh people like more than this better than more than that? This is just really sad

24 Glad You Came - The Wanted

Fantastic song I really love it, and the boys too

Can't believe this is so far down

25 Shine - Take That

Fast moving, catchy and a classic.

26 Best In Me - Blue

The best of the best! Because I look like duncan james

27 Bop Bop Baby - Westlife
28 Patience - Take That

The ultimate comeback single, epic.

29 Closer to Me - Five
30 Back Some Day - Blue
31 Girlfriend - 'N Sync
32 We've Got Tonight - Blue
33 Step by Step - New Kids on the Block

My five bad boys from Boston!

Love my Boston Boys!


Step by step o baby gonna get to you girl

34 Pahat Hati - SM*SH

Pahat Hati is my favorite song :) this song very specta

Please... pahat hati specta song - ismeannisa16


35 Summer Love - One Direction

This song is really good! It is sad and is about once summer is over, the couple must leave each other and return to their regular lives. This is an amazing song.

One Direction... Don't even get me started. And just saying.. To the haters- Please don't hate on 1D. I PERSONALLY know Harry Styles and he is an amazing guy. He is like a best friend to me. So Please don't judge-there is no reason to and you don't have the right.

It's cool that you know Styles personally, and I wouldn't dream of hating people I've never even met, but, I hate to be technical here, everyone has the constitutional right to their own opinions about anything. I agree with you that of course it wouldn't be right for anyone to judge anything they don't really know, but everyone has the right to do it anyway. Aside from that, great post. After reading this, you definitely don't have to worry about ME thinking anything bad about One Direction. Guaranteed.

I like One Direction, Because their voice ;) not just their face :) I am directioners

I love One Direction. They are really awesome. They are the best directioners.

36 Shape of My Heart - Backstreet Boys

THIS HAS GOT TO BE MY FAVOURITE SONG OF ALL TIME! grew up listening to it but have never ever got sick of it! it's so special, makes you reminisce the 90s so much.. really in love with this song;) million thumbs up to Shape pf My Heart

Backstreet Boys have many good songs. SHape of my heart is one of th best. This song is very touchy and all I have though say: Backstreet Boys desever Grammy!

Every it makes me cry. Awesome song made by superb band.

It makes me feel and my heart cries every time I hear it... It makes me think of my sweet love who is a continent away from me... I love her very much... This song makes me think of her... My appreciation for the greatest boyband ever... Thank you guys... Thank you very much...

37 One Thing - One Direction

This song gets me happy no matter what mood I'm in. No song has been able to do this tome before. Besides before One Direction formed their boyband I barely paid attention boybands. The other boybands can not be compared with 1D because everybody knows 1D is the best.

This song brightens my day! I cannot believe how sweet the message of the song is. It explains how, no matter who you are or what you look like, you will always have that One Thing.

Great creative music and on bonus point they've got everything.
And they make us realize that everyone has "one thing" that is unique and precious. So stay happy always and keeping heading to "one direction" and you will achieve everything you want. God bless everyone and especially "ONE DIRECTION"

This song should be on number 1... One direction is amazing, they just make my day!

38 Blame It on the Boogie - Jackson 5
39 Mirotic - TVXQ

All I can say is I'm sorry I missed out on getting a chance to see them perform in person, but I will always believe. I was absolutely hooked after hearing this song and the video to it is super HOT! Wonderful wonderful.

I enjoy this song so much. And also this is the last Korea's album that they released as TVXQ5. And also this song makes us to addictive to hear it, even we don't like it, it will make you want to sing this song many times

Just like one of the lines in this song: 'You want me. You've fallen for me. You're crazy for me. There's no way out of this. I got you, under my skin'. I'm already fallen for TVXQ and when they release this song years ago, I was like GAH!

Mirotic! What a great song, as great as the singer, TVXQ! Forever will be our (Cassiopeia) proud Made a great effect in hallyu, made TVXQ become best of the best once again in no time!

40 When You Look Me in the Eyes - Jonas Brothers

Awesome song ever made, it makes me cry, master pieces made by the jonas brothers

Equal to one direction

Jonas brothers are the best and this song is wonderful

So happy these boys are in this countdown, they have worked so hard to get were they are now, So proud! Forever a Jonatic

41 What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

BEST SONG EVER best example of boybands coming back strong today!
I love these guys and I hope they continue to sing amazing songs like this one

Best Song from Best Boy band Ever..

How is this not in the top 10? Come on people! - Lissie19999

It's one of the best boy band songs even now

42 Bolero - TVXQ

Listen to the song, but I suggest you to WATCH the LIVE PERFORMANCE better! Their LIVES are always so full of emotion! TVXQ is unarguably the best Boyband (in vocal aspect) in ASIA ever!

43 Replay - Shinee

Great song, I hated it at first because of taemin's bowl cut but grew to love the song

Greatest songs of all time for me. I love it more than I can say.

44 Fantastic Baby - Bigbang

I love this song don't stop the music. I love their music all of the lyrics of their music have meanings. They are talented and when they perform they own the stage and they fascinate the people.

In my opinion, BIGBANG IS THE BEST! I'm not bashing other groups, BIGBANG is my favorite and even if you're not a VIP, You can still rock to this song. If you say you can't, you're lying.

Fantastic baby is the best ever. And guess what, I'm English!

45 It's Gonna Be Me - *NSYNC
46 Music Sounds Better with U - Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush should be the number one boy band! Backstreet Boys is also good, but no band can ever beat Big Time Rush! Because Big Time Rush can do acting, singing, and dancing better than anyone!

This is an amazing song from there new album Elevate. Love them a lot

Hey they are awesome so you have. To vote for. Them plus they are so hot cute and sweet. Kisses from Greece

Best song ever ihate 1d

47 Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go - Wham!

This song is a classic and deserves to be much higher than this.

48 Daydream Believer - The Monkees
49 This I Promise You - *NSYNC
50 Worldwide - Big Time Rush
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