Greatest British Comedy Movies

The UK has a lot of great comedy movies, vote for your favorite.

The Top Ten

1 Shaun of the Dead

Hell yeah this should be number 1

Best Zombie Comedy ever created, Best English Comedy out there, I recomend this to everyone I love Simon Pegg - TheKrazyKOW

Awesome I m from Slovakia but I love to watch movies with simon pegg hot fuzz was also good, but I like the zombie movies so that's why I pick this so this one made me laugh a lot I can only recomended it to everyone who are looking for good commedy cia :-)

'Kill the Queen... '
'What? '
'The jukebox! '

Don't Stop Me NOW!

2 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
3 The Boat That Rocked

Third best behind shaun of the dead and hot fuzz - MaxAttack333

Great fun... A real sleeper, but comedy mixed with a nostalgiac sound track.

4 Hot Fuzz

You ain't never seen badboys 2?

5 Bean

I expected this 4 movies from Rowan Atkinson are in the top 10

Ah good old mr bean never gets old

6 Johnny English

I loved this film when I was a young boy and I still do cause its hilarious so if you have not seen this everlasting film go watch it now pure brilliance boom!

JE Reborn is excellent but Johnny English 1 is among the best movies ever

The original is defiantly the best, don't bother with reborn, this movie gets better every time you see it!

7 Love Actually
8 Mr. Bean's Holiday

very funny

Bean's camera antics in this film is so funny. - Britgirl

Sooo much better than Bean (1997)...

9 Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Whoever came up with this list is obviously pretty young. - truckturner

It sickens me how the best comedy movie of all time is number two. I bet whoever hates this movie is A WITCH! D:<

10 Paul

This is probably American

The Contenders

11 Johnny English Reborn

I loved it when Tucker said "It's Susan" and then Johnny said "No Tucker, its not Susan, it's Shushan" laugh out loud

12 The Inbetweeners Movie

Perfect end to the series

13 Death at a Funeral
14 The World's End

The world’s end is an extremely clever British comedy. 9/10

15 Monty Python's Life of Brian

What’ve the Romans ever done for us?

16 In The Loop
17 Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
18 Kevin & Perry Go Large
19 Four Weddings and a Funeral
20 Carry On: The Jungle

Old but gold! It's an absolute classic which leaves me in stitches every time! "Tonka, Tonka, stick it up ye' Honka"

21 The Full Monty
22 Help!
23 Carry on at Your Convenience
24 Confessions of a Window Cleaner
25 On The Buses
26 Mutiny on the Buses
27 Holiday On the Buses
28 Spy Kids 4
29 Bridget Jones's Diary
30 Bend It Like Beckham
31 Ali G Indahouse

This should be higher - Weirdest-thing

32 The Brothers Grimsby
33 O Lucky Man!
34 A Hard Day's Night
35 The Magic Christian
36 Snatch
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