Greatest British Comedy Movies

The UK has a lot of great comedy movies, vote for your favorite.

The Top Ten

1 Shaun of the Dead

Hell yeah this should be number 1

Best Zombie Comedy ever created, Best English Comedy out there, I recomend this to everyone I love Simon Pegg - TheKrazyKOW

Awesome I m from Slovakia but I love to watch movies with simon pegg hot fuzz was also good, but I like the zombie movies so that's why I pick this so this one made me laugh a lot I can only recomended it to everyone who are looking for good commedy cia :-)

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2 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
3 The Boat That Rocked

Third best behind shaun of the dead and hot fuzz - MaxAttack333

Great fun... A real sleeper, but comedy mixed with a nostalgiac sound track.

4 Hot Fuzz V 1 Comment
5 Bean

I expected this 4 movies from Rowan Atkinson are in the top 10

Ah good old mr bean never gets old

6 Johnny English

I loved this film when I was a young boy and I still do cause its hilarious so if you have not seen this everlasting film go watch it now pure brilliance boom!

JE Reborn is excellent but Johnny English 1 is among the best movies ever

The original is defiantly the best, don't bother with reborn, this movie gets better every time you see it!

7 Love Actually
8 Mr. Bean's Holiday

Bean's camera antics in this film is so funny. - Britgirl

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9 Monty Python and the Holy Grail

It sickens me how the best comedy movie of all time is number two. I bet whoever hates this movie is A WITCH! D:<

10 The Inbetweeners Movie

Perfect end to the series

The Contenders

11 Paul
12 Johnny English Reborn

I loved it when Tucker said "It's Susan" and then Johnny said "No Tucker, its not Susan, it's Shushan" laugh out loud

13 Death at a Funeral
14 In The Loop
15 The World's End
16 Monty Python's Life of Brian
17 Four Weddings and a Funeral
18 Carry On: The Jungle
19 Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
20 The Full Monty
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