Greatest Def Leppard Songs

The Top Ten Greatest Def Leppard Songs

1 Pour Some Sugar on Me

Best definitely leppard song ever
I just love it
A simple rock song about pouring sugar, that one of the band members thought of during a 5 minute coffee break. Epic!

The song really pours some sugar on me... I think it is the best song of the band and it is all about love... Just love it its awesome

The first Leppard song that I ever heard, it was an instant love for this band, I've since purchased almost every one of their albums. The old songs will to this day still be among my favorites.

Ok first things first. Haha this song got popular on strip clubs. Huge shame considering how they first started out. Real true rockers! After their first 2 albums, definitely leppard changed to this glamy poppy crap no only cared about girls money and fame. Don't get me wrong I have a lot of respect for this song album and band. It's just sad seeing how they changed. This isn't even real rock!? This isn't what rock is about. Rock doesn't get popular in strip clubs... Such a shame! When you was young My dad showed me the first two albums and that was rock. Not this. I just want people to see what definitely leppard was like before this glamy pop. But I have a ton of respect for the band

My favorite song. Perhaps there most downloaded and famous song. You just can not ignore anything from the beginning guitar riff, to the catchy chorus. Even young kids know about it. It is just pure awesomeness!

2 Photograph

I honestly didn't know if I wanted this or Pour Some Sugar on Me as the number 1 song but I was listening to this one while I checked out the site and I had to vote on this. The chorus is just so awesome!

No song screams definitely Leppard like the original hit, Photograph! Perry hits every note in his perfect seething tone as he longs for his lost love of Monroe as the video shows us. I'm a big pop culture guy and when it was asked which definitely Leppard song was their most popular and most famous? Without hesitation, I said "Photograph". I then proceeded to get hot down by 8-10 people, who all agreed, Pour Some Sugar on Me! There's no way!

It's such a good song! The guitar solos and it's definitely a hard decision which one's the best. They're all really good but I think Photograph is by far the best. Such a good song :) Recommend it to all of you definitely Leppard/Hard Rock fans.

This is the song that really started it all off for Leppard, not only was it a massive hit but they effectively created a new genre. Crossing over hard rock with melodic pop hooks. Simply magnificent :) guys without this album bands like bon jovi wouldn't exist!

3 Hysteria

Seems like, you first fell in love, and feeling hysterical about this person.
Best song ever recorded.

Hysteria has perfect harmony, lyrics that get stuck in your head, and an awesome chorus. deserves to be number one on the charts.

Come on guys this is the greatest power ballad of all time. I get Hysterical just thinking about this song. People think Pour some sugar on me is their signature song, but it's definitely Hysteria

AMAZING! Love the lyrics and the chorus. It should totally be the number one song!

4 Love Bites

Def (haha) my favourite Leppard song, powerful ballad that doesn't come across as wimpy despite their rock and heavy metal rep.

One of the most emotional songs of definitely leppard - ronluna

One of emotional power ballads of Def Leppard and I loved it

This song could be released today and reach easily top the charts, it's hands down their best ballad! Gotta love the 80's chicks in the video, nice hat, sunglasses, necklace, and cheesy spruced up set w/ the super 80's spiral stair case! If this was the only song the band ever produced I'd be fine w/ it!

5 Rock of Ages

By far the best song. Can't help but move to it

The start of the song, makes it the best song they had. The video, as corny as it looks now, was awesome back in the day.

I think this is the best song because I think also that pour some sugar on me has something of "we will rock you" from queen in it

I had a really hard time choosing between this or Photograph, but this one just barely wins. Hardcore raw rock at its finest, Joe Elliot's screaming vocals, Phil and Steve's guitar work, the cowbell beat of Rick Allen, plus it's a guaranteed sing along at all of definitely Leppard's concerts. - c0mf0rta61ynum6

6 Animal

Come on! You can't argue with the fantastic change in pitch every now and then, throughout the song plays!

Love this song this one should be number 4 not number 11 great singing guitar bass and drums amazing tune nice start of song

It was my First definitely Leppard song I heard and etched its self in my memory forever. A classic song that has never aged and needs to be played very loud complete with long hair flowing with the head banging and don't forget the air guitar!

Amazing classic riffs accompanied by great production makes this song such a classic in all rock sets that it just cannot be left without, best one out there.

7 Bringin' on the Heartbreak

My favorite rock - ballad. Steve knew how to play with soul. I knew about love only this by way, from this song

This song proved they would become something special - mistat94

The best guitar riff ever! Their breakthrough song. Timeless!

The real first big success of definitely Leppard.

8 Foolin'

Love this song. This list makes me realize how much I love Def Leppard. - SexGod

Great song with great guitar intro

This song has the best music video! This is my favorite song. - def_leppard_fan

Amazing song love it should be number 4, 5 or 6 vote this song should not be 10 this song is in rock band 3 Amazing love it one of the best songs please vote this one up it's one of the best so good amazing guitar

9 Armageddon It

This is my favorite Def Leppard song, Foolin' being a close song. Pour some sugar on me is overrated.

No comments on this one yet? Okay, I'll do it. The song is a fantastic play on words. But Steve's solo really does it for me. It's simple, but it has great build and delivery. R.I.P. steve.

This song is underrated in my opinion and deserves to be higher on this list. Definitely one of the most exiting songs and personally my favorite!

I do agree with #1 but this is a well deserving second place.

10 Too Late for Love

Way better than most of the other ones. Definitely one of my favorites and should at least be top five.

Awesome guitar riff! Awesome vocals! Awesome drumming! This song is just enormous!

Bull. This song is so strong, it's number 1 and attempts to place it at the bottom of the list should be immediately discredited. Basically, if you didn't grow up in the 80s then you shouldn't have the right to vote.

Number 1--the message contained in the lyrics was prophetic to today's world. Too late for love--all that's left is hate today. The curtain has closed on the Queen of the dream--its too late. Too late for love.

The Contenders

11 Let's Get Rocked

This is awesome for teenagers of this day. Let's Get Rocked. I have only listened to definitely Leppard music for about a month and I think this is an awesome song. I listen to it everyday. Adrenilize is the best album they have. I think. This song somewhat tells a story about kids. Do you wanna get rocked?

If you aspire to be a rocker, nothing lifts your mood as much as the lyrics of this song... Listen close... Must be in the top ten

This is the song that drew me in, before I even knew the name of the band. I have loved their sound in every era since. Since they asked, the answer is yes, everyday!

wth? you guys missed the best def lepp song..

12 Gods of War

Overshadowed and overlooked son because it's on a stacked album would have been a better hit if on a different album great song - Joshgbpack12

I love the riff. Steve Clark will really be missed.

Unreal song so much going on the in the song that's why def leppard are the best trouty b

For years and years this song has never left my head. In opinion the best ever

13 Let It Go

Best! Period.

Probably definitely Leppard's best song song. The opening riff is legendary and the song just slams you from beginning to end. Great song from definitely Leppard's best album.

One of the best riffs on history of rock! This song is certainly the best of Def Leppard. LET IT GO... awesome! Def Leppard ROCKZ

This really deserves to be higher. Great guitar and GREAT singing. This should make the top 5 easily!

14 Rocket

Just an amazing song

I love this song I can't get it out of my head at download it looked great really want to see them live

I just saw them live and this was the most exciting of all. Next was rock of ages and then bring on the heartbreak

This song is one of the very best songs from Hysteria album. It has a very special voice from the singer.

15 When Love and Hate Collide

It's the best song ever

This song is my favorite in all the time and actually this is my first song downloaded in my ipod because it's to cool and I love how the song went until the end, This song is great, awesome and lovely

Powerful, lose someone, remember them, hurt so much, definitely leppard power ballad, Joe slams it home on this. Listen to it, and see.

2 THUMBS up, thank you definitely leppard for recording this.

best rock ballad of def leppard. - ronluna

16 Die Hard the Hunter

Extremely underrated song. BEst in my opinion

Best definitely Leppard song. And does not get the credit it deserves

And I thought Rock of Ages was kick ass. This one makes me feel like I am in an actual gunfight

That guitar part...

17 Promises

Indeed this is the one of the top 5 songs of Def Leppard. RahulD

Why do people only vote for what's popular instead of substance. I was going to vote for Die Hard the Hunter, but although Promises may seem a little "poppy" so to speak it's actually a pretty powerful song and deserves the #1 spot.

This song deserves a top 10 position! This is one of their best. While you can't go wrong with "Photograph" or "Pour Some Sugar on Me", this song is up there with those songs. Come on people! This should be higher!

Promises is the reason I got hooked on definitely Leppard. It's by far my favorite song.

18 White Lightning

I really like this song even though it is very long.7 min songs are good because you get to listen to it for longer

This song is amazing. I can't even imagine what it was like for them to lose Steve. Great song

19 Billy's Got a Gun

I'm sure I'm the only one who like this song. But in my opinion it deserves in the top ten.

I believe it deserves top ten as well.

Intense and seamy, perfect blend

I can't believe this song is not in the top ten, this is no radio song this is the real deal. definitely Leppard at there very best.

20 High 'n' Dry (Saturday Night)

This is a fine song and the album as a whole is seriously good and very underrated. It is not as strong in the guitar work as others on High and Dry but very good nonetheless.

This song is sick and it such a disappointment that it doesn't get the respect that it deserves. If only it would have been on Pyromania.

Love the guitar at the start. Such a smooth and cool vibe at the beginning, yet still tough. As I’ve gotten older I find the HIGH AND DRY album to be the best. Truly great hard rock. The guitar riffs are amazing on every song. Just feels like great rock all around.

My younger self would have picked Hysteria, but my older self now finds that it’s too polished. HIGH AND DRY is straight up rock and roll and holds the test of time better.

This is ones of greates vh1's metal songs of all times classic song ever men
Don't understand why not should be on the top 10? '
Definitely leppard rocks!

21 Lady Strange

This list s/be top ten Leppard songs after every song on High and Dry! Every song on High and Dry (accept High and Dry) kicks the crap out every other song Leppard has done.

The is this best song from definitely Leppard's greatest album. It should get a lot more respect.

Another great song from the best rock album in the world ever: High'n'dry!

22 Rock Rock (Till You Drop)

A very underrated definitely Leppard song!

It should be number one or number two at least.

23 Mirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)

ARE YOU KIDDING ME! HAS NO ONE EVER HEARD THIS SONG BEFORE!?!? IT IS AN AWESOME HARD ROCKING SONG! Mirror Mirror should be in the top ten at least. This is one of my favorite songs. The guitar is amazing.

Mirror, Mirror is the best song on the best album. The band got bigger and bigger, but the energy level from the High and Dry album has not even been approach.

Hard to believe this one doesn't come in at the top of people's favorites. The opening with the syncronized guitars, the measured progression into the first chorus just rocks. The way the axe appears later in during the vocals rips into your ears.

Always been a favorite but I still can't see why this isn't popular at all. So catchy.

24 Women

I love "Women", because of Joe high vocals, and lyrics. Such a good song.

It boggles my mind to figure out why this song is not more popular. Come on! Play this song out loud. We need more rock and roll songs like this instead of Lady Gaga/Miley Cyrus garbage.

I blazing hell is this doing all the down at number 54. This should be in at the top 15

Easy top 5 song for definitely Leppard. Have no clue why it's at #17 - Djice1997

25 Desert Song

Yes, real love and true! Take the time to Listen. Important for all of us! ! !

Awesome song. very underrated, easily one of the best definitely leppard songs ever.

I love this song, the vocals is amazing and yeah

26 Comin' Under Fire

That chorus is Leppard's proof that they are certainly NOT deaf.

Cewl song deserves to be in the top 10.

27 Stagefright

Should be much higher on the list!

Perfect song. I like it more then poor some sugar on me - Sabbath

Stagefright is the definitely Leppard song I am addicted to! Thanks to my dad for getting me the CD! I am obsessed!

Top 10 easily!

28 Heaven Is

This song is so underrated, like "Adrenalize" album. "Heaven Is" such a rocky song, it's like ending trilogy of Photograph, and Animal.

Great guitar, backups, chorus, songwriting. Everything is great!

29 Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad

Best def leppard song

I really needed someone so bad because of this song...
please vote dudes!
i mean com on! this song rocks

One of their best!

I agree this song does rock I love the band and this should be in the top ten because it has beautiful lyrics 3 I also love the instrumental and he just has such a sexy voice that makes the song perfect;)
Have you ever needed someone so bad? Love it!

30 Another Hit and Run

Unerrated Master piece

Why is so low? , this is a powerful songs!

Best song off Leppard's best album. The guitar solo is sick.

So underrated and kick ass song

31 Make Love Like a Man

This is the most fun definitely Leppard song along with Armageddon it. If your a bloke you should love this song because it makes you feel like a big man. Make love like a man I'm a man that's what I am.

What? Why isn't this at the top? The top needs this song. They are missing the best song ever. When you need some one to.. Make love like a man. Helps express your feeling guys. At least listen to the album Adrenilize.

Great song

32 Rock Brigade

Full of energy, amazing riff!

33 Fractured Love

This song isn't very well-known, but it really is the best in my opinion. The intro is amazing and the lyrics add to the chilling vibe of this great song! - def_leppard_fan

34 Undefeated
35 Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)

This song should be a lot higher than this. It's the best song on one of their best albums and should be in the top ten at least - Shake_n_Bake13

My favorite definitely song

Gives a heartbreak, One of the best ballad.

36 Wasted

This song was from their first album. An underrated great album, that only true definitely leppard fans know. Back when they weren't this glamy lame girly band that only cares about girls. No! They were real rockers. This album deserves more respect as well as the album. I'm sorry but in my opinion it's a shame to see where definitely leppard went after the first two albums. I respect their albums it just sorta sucks to see that they turned to some fake rock band. I'm sorry but it's sorta true. Do any of you know how pour some sugar on me even got popular? In a strip club... I respect it an all it's just sorta a big shame

This song is from "On Through the Night, " their first and best album. Back in the days when definitely Leppard were a little known rock/metal band. No glossy production or pop chorus here. Just an awesome, straightfoward hard rock tune.

Great song,You have to work to find it but it's worth it.

37 Paper Sun

This song is just out of this world. Listen to it, if you haven't yet!

Totally the best of definitely Leppard!

That's true, it's truly a masterpiece. It's a shame that many people either refuse to listen to anything after Hysteria or have just never heard of this song. - def_leppard_fan

38 You Got Me Runnin'

How is this 33? It's like in my top 3.

Here's my top 20:

1.Rock Rock (Till You Drop)

2.You Got Me Runnin'


4.Rock of Ages



7.Bringin' On The Heartbreak

8.Love Bites

9.Too Late For Love


11.Rock Brigade



14.Let's Get Rocked

15.Action! Not Words

16.Pour Some Sugar On Me

17.Miss You In A Heartbeat

18.Rocks Off

19.White Lightning


39 On Through the Night

I'm 16 years old and hair metal is all I listen to...
for my age I know a lot about 80s hair bands..
1980s HAIR METAL FORVER( you can't beat it if you even tried)

40 Switch 625

The best heavy metal instrumental. Steve Clark was an underrated songwriter especially when it comes to this instrumental.

Has anyone ever heard this song? It is one of the best instrumentals of all time. Should be in top 20 at least.

This song should be respect because steve death

This song rocks, along with Mirror, Mirror. Both should be in top 15. High n' Dry is a very underrated album.

41 Blood Runs Cold

If you don't like Slang, I recommend you try listening to this song. It's very underrated, but very good. It might make you change your mind. - def_leppard_fan

One of their most melodic songs, fantastic harmony, one of Leppard's most under-appreciated classics.

My all time favorite song from definitely Leppard ~ and I love all of their songs!

42 Tear It Down

A great song. Although I don't really have a favourite definitely Leppard song, but I just felt that Tear It Down also should be on the list, as it truly rocks!

Wow nobody likes this song? So underrated. Great guitar work and lyrics. Love it!

43 Long Long Way to Go

What's this song doing here, this should be on top

Definitely one of definitely Leppard's best. Amazing song that's not given nearly enough credit.

This is an amazing song. Top 10 material in my opinion.

This is an absolutely amazing song. very well written. the only reason its not in the top 10 is the lack of radio play!

44 Miss You in a Heartbeat

A great love ballad. These guys need to come back and make some more, dammit!

Love the song just amazing the first song I heard and it forced me to download other songs of this great band

45 Dangerous

Great sounding def lep song...!

A great wee song (over shadowed by Let's Go)

Right up there with Hysteria for me.

46 It's All About Believin'
47 All I Want is Everything

Underrated track, very deep lyrics, and melancholy tone. I love it.

First song I heard... Of definitely leppard... And I became a fan after that

Best ending to a song. Ever. The rest is pretty good too but that outro seals the deal.

48 No Matter What
49 Action

Action right down here? This can't be it this song is amazing.34, wrong 4 is the real place. the sweet shared this song with definitely leppard

I think this song is AWESOME!

50 Love and Affection

Chorus is so good it made my eyes water and I'm talking in a literal sense. And it wasn't because I was sad, it's just that good!

One of my top 10 favorite songs! Such emotion and desperation in the music as well as the vocals.

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