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41 Don't Shoot Shotgun

This song has the best definitely Leppard Guitar Solo of all time!

42 Long Long Way To Go

Definitely one of definitely Leppard's best. Amazing song that's not given nearly enough credit.

This is an amazing song. Top 10 material in my opinion.

This is an absolutely amazing song. very well written. the only reason its not in the top 10 is the lack of radio play!

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43 Undefeated Undefeated
44 Miss You In A Heartbeat

Love the song just amazing the first song I heard and it forced me to download other songs of this great band

A great love ballad. These guys need to come back and make some more, dammit!

45 It's All About Believin'
46 Dangerous
47 No Matter What
48 Where Does Love Go When It Dies Where Does Love Go When It Dies
49 Action Action

Action right down here? This can't be it this song is amazing.34, wrong 4 is the real place. the sweet shared this song with definitely leppard

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50 Goodbye

Great song. Can really relate to it in a lot of aspects in your own life. Just recently found out about it and now it would have to be one of my favourite tracks by them.

51 switch 625

Has anyone ever heard this song? It is one of the best instrumentals of all time. Should be in top 20 at least.

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52 All I Want Is Everything

Best ending to a song. Ever. The rest is pretty good too but that outro seals the deal.

First song I heard... Of definitely leppard... And I became a fan after that

53 Go
54 Love and Affection

One of my top 10 favorite songs! Such emotion and desperation in the music as well as the vocals.

55 I Wanna Touch You V 1 Comment
56 Let's Go

The first time I heard this I figured it was from the 80s, shocked to see it was released in 2015. It's classic definitely leppard and it is nothing short of awesome. Way underrated.

It is one of there best songs in a long time!

This is my favorite song off the New album!

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57 Run Riot

Only true Leppard fans know how awesome this song is. This is at the end of the era before they lost their edge, and Leppard was better fast than all the sugary ballads that made them the money. One of the best 3 songs on Hysteria after Animal and Women.

To say this song rocks your brains out would be the understament of the century. well, truly it goes way beyond that

Run Riot is by far the fastest kick ass song of definitely Leppard.Don't know why it's so low down the list,surely is the definition of pumped up rock.Drums,guitars really get hammered in this song.

58 Rock On

Originally by David Essex. Love the way Leppard does it. Tempo just a tiny bit slower and oh so sexy vocals by Joe

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59 C'mon C'mon
60 Overture

One of Leppard's best! If you like the heavier songs that is! The musicality is on a completely different level compared to their mainstream albums like hysteria and pyromania.

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