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61 Kings of the World
62 Sorrow Is a Woman

Awesome song the best from On Through The Night

63 Ring of Fire
64 Action! Not Words

Awesome Rock Classic! I can't be the only ont who loves this great rock song?!

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65 Day After Day

This song got me through the peace corps. Should be top 15 easy.

66 Hello America

Unbelievable that this song was not mentioned before
So important for the band, and a Great song

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67 Tonight
68 Torn to Shreds

Awesome song from their 2002 album X. Seriously look it up.

69 Energized
70 All Time High V 1 Comment
71 It Could Be You
72 Two Steps Behind

I got this song from one of my friend who had some real good sense for music. This song always used to play once in a while from my playlist and I never bothered about the band. Then lately I picked up guitar and started looking for some real good acoustic songs, that's how I know definitely Leppard. Amazing song. Never listened to any other song but a song of this level deserves a vote up.

I'm glad, to listen this song.
this songs, help me to show how much I love my lady and give me the way to express...
thnks to Def leppard..

Vote this into the top 20 NOW, otherwise Jack Slater is gonna kick your ass! Shocked this is so low! - rambomoore9999

Great song, deserves better position on here

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73 Slang

This song got me into Def Leppard

74 21st Century Sha La La La Girl

Great definitely Leppard song that very few people know about. It is GREAT!

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75 Tomorrow
76 Gotta Let It Go
77 Waterloo Sunset
78 Demolition Man

I can't believe that I'm the first to add this song.
Fast. Great music. Catchy.

Just Awesome.


79 Now

Surprised that "Now" is not even in the list. Such a nostalgic music video.

80 Excitable

Truly unreal how low this is and how it was not a hit along with gods of war. Not my favorite but top 5. Just voted to help it up

This song is one of my favorites. Nice upbeat track and I love the big drum beat in the background

Possibly the least known song off hysteria but it should be one of the most

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