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61 Sorrow Is a Woman

Awesome song the best from On Through The Night

62 Ring of Fire
63 Action! Not Words

Awesome Rock Classic! I can't be the only ont who loves this great rock song?!

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64 Day After Day

This song got me through the peace corps. Should be top 15 easy.

65 Hello America

Unbelievable that this song was not mentioned before
So important for the band, and a Great song

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66 Kings of the World
67 Tonight
68 Torn to Shreds

Awesome song from their 2002 album X. Seriously look it up.

69 Energized
70 All Time High V 1 Comment
71 It Could Be You
72 Tomorrow
73 Kings of Oblivion
74 Answer to the Master

Killer track from their first album! Easily
Better than anything in the top 10

75 Work It Out

One of definitely's best tunes, very under rated. Represented another step of maturing as a band.

76 I Wanna Be Your Hero

Great rock song from start to finish! So powerful! / Per from Limhamn, Sweden

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77 Pearl of Euphoria
78 You're So Beautiful
79 Ride Into the Sun

Haven't heard the original version from the EP but this re-recording really rocks! Just awesome! / Per from Limhamn, Sweden

80 Scar
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