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Only for the Weak Only for the Weak Cover Art

This a melodious over load of metal!

That catchy composition played during the intro and the chorus is mesmerizing! The meaning behind the song is insane! This is and will for sure always be in flames' best song!

Its just a masterpiece. Everything about it, how the music flows so nicely with the vocals and how its one of those songs no matter how many times you play it, you never grow tired of it. It gives you goosebumps. Probably not only the best in flames song, but one of the top metal songs ever made

No Because This song is by favorite the favorite because In Flames have MANY GREAT songs but as far as Melodic metal this is it... I wanted to Vote for the chosen Pessimist... But it would not be Fair if we were talking about melodic death metal... This song owns PERIOD.

If you put the song on headphones, and you close your eyes during the bridges, you feel the song surrounding you, it's amazing! The riff is just spectacular... To me this song is the top of the top when it comes to In Flames.

Colony Colony Cover Art

Colony (the album) was In Flames's peak, their Everest, before things started going downhill. This track has remained my favorite from them for 20 years. Glad to see lots of people voted it too.

WOW! That's the best In Flames song EVER! I love it! When I heard it for the first time, I said WTF?. Screw you Zombie Inc.! You cannot grasp the true form of Colony's attack! (Ace Ventura laughter)

Like Dude So True Shocked it was this High on the List at least some in flames fans have good taste

Greatest in flames song of all time with the riff and drum beat that makes you feel like you've just blown 5 lines of columbian.

Trigger Trigger Cover Art

Has and always will be my personal favorite IF song. With heavy and terrific sounding riffage throughout the whole song followed by that perfect chorus, that you get both happy and pumped over, makes this melodic death metal song an absolute masterpiece!

What can I say, first time I heard the song I was thinking generic IF song, and then the absolute killer chorus kicks in! Hard to choose a favourite, but this is probably it! Unbelievably great song!

Listen to what's going on BEHIND the vocal melody in the chorus. Such an amazing and rare chord progression to hear in In Flames let alone metal. Gets me so pumped.

The first song I heard from In flames in 2004. Love at first sound and the love has grown so big that no one can break us. My heart belongs to in flames

Moonshield Moonshield Cover Art

The only reason I didn't vote for this is because I think Behind Space pips it slightly. This song somehow manages to make death metal sound beautiful. It's such a shame this and other "classic" in flames songs never get played at their gigs any more..

Absolutely amazing, the only song I think can compare to this is Dark Tranquility's Lethe in terms of its combination of beauty and brutality

What?! How come this isn't number one?! Damn, I loved this song ever since I was a kid, at least needs to be in the top ten!

Amazing songs, I can't stop listening it... The guitar is hypnotic, the voice is terrific, my favorite song.

Crawl Through Knives Crawl Through Knives Cover Art

Absolutely BRUTAL scream in the final chorus which tops off an unbelievably awesome song

love it the feeling matches the name of the song and its very emotional for who is hearing it

HEAD BANGING TUNE Great vocals, great guitar, great bass, great drums, great song: enough said.

Awesome lyrics... " If you could be the things I need I will crawl through knives an inch per tear "

Take This Life Take This Life Cover Art

One of the most epic songs of in flames, and most of the people get to know the band because of this song. In flames we trust!

This song speaks to me in a way of me living through it as a kid great lyrics great song

Finally, someone with some taste. I was trying to remember that song.

Greatest metal song ever has it all screams solos and harmony.

My Sweet Shadow My Sweet Shadow Cover Art

The perfect example of how inflames are able to utilize the different aspects of there sound, from the melodic guitar work to anders vocals and in this utilization create something of godly harmony.

Beautiful melody with fluid transitions as the song progresses. Love the blend of varied vocals throughout and hard-hitting, punchy drum-work. Love it.

Only for the weak does not deserve to be at the top spot. Suburban Me, form the same album as only for the weak, needs to be voted up too.

Simply awesome and great lyrics as well. It is hard too find a better song to finnish a live show anywhere

Jotun Jotun Cover Art

The fact that this is at #11 makes me want to set something on fire. Why is Take This Life above this again? I like that song too but Jotun destroys it and most other songs in this list.

The song that really made me love In Flames' melodic death metal. I love everything in this song, the lyrics are awesome by the way!


By far their best work and probably the best Melodic Death Metal song ever written.

This is their best in my opinion. The intro, the chorus, beautiful.

Cloud Connected Cloud Connected Cover Art

I think this is the best inflames song because every time I listen this song it takes me over the clouds and my reason to start listening inflames.

This is my favorite In Flames song. Heard this song somewhere and it got me hooked on these guys. Good song to start your day off too!

By far their best song! If you're looking for something to include in your playlist while working out...this is it!

Ooh crap! Need a paper towel now. (me at 15 first time I heard this song! )

Zombie Inc. Zombie Inc. Cover Art

I had been lisening to In Flames for a year or so before I first heard this song. But wow. This is the best song the band have ever produced. Everything about is so damn good. The power and rhythm is out of this world and it has so many amazing parts to it. I mean, this is not a ordinary song. It is built in such a cool way with the verses, bridges and the small sticks. Man I am in love with this one, In Flames we trust

Exceptional guitar work, the bridge and chorus rhythm and lead guitars melt together so well and the overall song is highly melodic. The lyrical concept is thought provoking, and the song has an epic clean tone guitar solo. Personally, this is the best song on Colony and my favourite In Flames track.

I can't believe this is at 47! In my opinion the guitar solo is the best in the In Flames repertoire, which is certainly saying something! The rest of song is also brilliant, I think the best on the Colony album. Should definitely be higher.

This song is a beauty. I don't know which part is the bridge and which part is the chorus and it doesn't matter because both are so strong. Add in a rocking' guitar solo that comes in two phases and you've got a metal classic.

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Artifacts of the Black Rain Artifacts of the Black Rain Cover Art

Jester Race is In Flames Magnum Opus, and still no songs from this album in the top 10?
For me, this is the best song In Flames ever recorded, amazing riffs, great lyrics, fantastic songwriting!

It's ridiculous that no songs on the Jester Race and only one song on Whoracle are in the top 10. I'm a fan of their newer work as well and have enjoyed every single album they have released but this song seriously has the probably the catchiest and most memorable riffs and some of the deepest lyrics they ever wrote.

This song is pretty amazing. It's very musically interesting to me while still being very poppy and catchy. Great melodies and guitar harmonies.

This is brutally amazing! This song is super underrated along with Morphing into Primal. Needs to be up there along with Only for the Weak!

Ordinary Story Ordinary Story Cover Art

Nothing is more melody than this... A great in flames song and the piano work... Mind blowing... This is the number 1 and than comes the rest... Actually all in flames songs are great but this is 1

Deserves to at least be in the ranks of Only For The Weak, and Colony. Truly a beautiful song with very inspirational lyrics and themes. Far better than anything from Come Clarity.

This is the best one... even though I like more than 90% of in flames songs... but I would like 2 see ordinary story at 1st place... Great work of clean vocals and piano art.. in flace we trust

This is the pinnacle of In Flames. It is so absolutely heavy but yet still so catchy and melodic.

Clayman Clayman Cover Art


Cone on that Chorus:
How come it's possible
I wish there was a way
I feel so invincible
I'm the sculpture made of clay!
And then perfectly screamed...

The best track on Clayman; I totally get why they decided to name the album after it.

This song is the best no doubt. So hard core.

The Quiet Place The Quiet Place Cover Art

This should definitely be higher (i mean WAY higher) up the list. It blends the BEST of vocals, headbang-able riffs and melody into a godlike song. This is what I show people when they ask me what makes melodic death metal different from other metal.

Really underrated... Amazing vocals, I'm rather surprised that it isn't higher up the list but then I found the order of the list rather surprising itself!

1. The Quiet Place
2. Only for the Weak
3. Crawl Through Knives
4. Take This Life
5. Fear is the Weakness
6. Trigger
7. Delight and Angers
8. The Mirror's Truth
9. Deliver Us
10. Come Clarity

By the way: Scream should be in top 25

How did this get so low?
This should be at least third or second best song of in flames.
I think before people vote they should actually listen to the other songs.

Come Clarity Come Clarity Cover Art

This was the first ever In Flames song I ever heard, and it still gives me shivers every time I listen to it. This song is the reason I listen to In Flames, there is just some sort of truth in this song that I love. In Flames We Trust.

This song is an absolute masterpiece. I can relate to the lyrics on so many levels... It has driven me to tears before. The melody, the chorus, absolutely everything about it is beautiful.

The song has a great intro and is sung with a choked voice done so well. The chorus has a simple guitar riff and a powerful message, obviously made with passion.

In Flames we trust. This is one of the saddest songs I've ever heard. And this must be number one. Lyrics, riff and vocal is amazing.

Pinball Map Pinball Map Cover Art

Absolutely ridiculous song. The intro explodes in your face instantly, the fast pace, the breakdown, everything. Should be top 10.

My absolute favorite song from In flames! Right before Trigger and Crawling Through Knifes

I think this should be on the top ten list...great riffs and great deserves at least #5

Way too many post Clayman songs near the top.

Dead End Dead End Cover Art

The female vocals and Anders' screams make a wonderful composition on this song :o

The combo is epic, not like to old stuff but certainly great

Sounds of a Playground Fading Sounds of a Playground Fading Cover Art

So underrated! This song combines great lyrics with an unbelievable good sound that catches you while the song start and as you continue listening the sound grows and a toughest sound takes place combining with the great voice and lyrics this band have

Amazing song guys! So much underrated! Deserves to be at least in the top 3.

So underrated undoubtedly :3

Suburban Me Suburban Me Cover Art

Ever listened to thi song? There is no better IF song.

Great, underrated IF song

One of the best!

Where the Dead Ships Dwell Where the Dead Ships Dwell Cover Art

Highly powerful vocals, insane guitar riffs super melodic and harmonic. it has to be at least top 3, together with The Mirror's Truth and Only for the Weak.

Are you sure people know how to vote on this site as this should be much higher? Along other great songs that sits below top 10...

Definitely my favorite IF song, really melodic and brings out their true potential. In flames we trust!

How come this song no. 33... It deseves No. 1... Best song of all time I guess

December Flower December Flower Cover Art

This whole list is garbage so far laugh out loud. Make no mistake, this is their best song. Colony and zombies inc follow it and so does the jester race.

Comments about the solo in this song are correct. Best solo, one of the best guitar solos in melodic metal history, hands down.

#21 what? This is clearly the most powerful song and has got the best solo ever. It deserves to be in TOP 10!

There's no other In Flames song with a solo as good as this one.

Deliver Us Deliver Us Cover Art

The chorus of this song is unbelievable. It just gives you goosebumps all over and that's when you know that you've found a great song. And this is definitely a great song. Probably my favorite out of all in flames songs.

Great song, it was at sound wave guys! I can not believe that it is so fare down on the list, it should at least be top 10. Come on guys only a few more votes and this amazing song will make it.

Really amazing song! It contains epic screams and a truly beautiful chorus! Its really catchy and makes me happy every time I hear this song! :D

Great hook and the rest of the song delivers up. If someone is new to In Flames this is definitely one of the songs to let them listen to.

The Jester Race The Jester Race Cover Art

Is this a joke? Seriously when I started listening this band this song was my favourite and its still in top 5 songs in my opinion really soft beginning getting harder and then chorus takes you to brutal joy level..

To be honest I'm proud of this poll. There isn't all these idiots who are like "in flames old songs are the only good in flames, the real in flames! " BS your full of crap and your stuck in the past. Open your self to the new music! It's a great new style!

Jester Race album is by far their best album and this song lands in the top three tracks for me from that album. Good song, deserves to be in the top 15 at least.

30? 30? AIIEE! Still, good to see their better songs at the top. I was expecting to see Take This Life at the top. This is the first poll I've seen that hasn't been wrecked by alt kiddies...

Coerced Coexistence Coerced Coexistence Cover Art

Unbelievable low ranking for this song. My favourite overall from In Flames

Dead Eternity Dead Eternity Cover Art

Like someone below me said, the intro to this song is just beautiful. by far my personal favourite song, best song in my opinion on the Jester Race album. I would not rate the best song all round but extremley underrated.

The intro section to this song has some of the most emotional and powerful compositions I have ever heard, especcially those beautiful harmonies. It basically defines what in flames used to be.

Philosophical dark lyrics that will re-define life for you. Amazing melodic guitars. Heaviest In Flames song.

Not just their best song, it is the best song

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