Nick Rhodes


Completely self-taught which is extremely admirable, especially in this day and age of everything being "done for you", Nick continues to create new and unusual sounds while still keeping the original Duran Duran undertones that we all recognize and love so much. As such a creative artist in many forms, Nick Rhodes is delighting old fans while engaging new, younger fans with his continued eclectic sounds. Nick is truly the epitome of class, style, talent, and sound!

Was the first keyboardist I first got into and started buying Keyboard Magazine to learn more about synths via him. To this day is still a master of intricate and clever synth lines and sounds, and is constantly looking to the future for new machinery.

His skill is the skeleton on which Duran Duran builds the massive, still relevant, being that they are. His other talents provide other layers, but Duran Duran would not be what they are without his keyboarding input. He was self taught and WAY ahead of his time equipment-wise. Hands down, the winner of this competition without dissing any of the other great talents presented in the list!

Truly one of the most gifted and talented artists out there. His ideas, ability and interest with incorporating all types of technology from the very start, makes him a innovator. Aside from being self taught and able to move along with the changing times, nick and duran duran are more than 80's pinups, they are a talented group of musicians.

Incredibly innovative and always looking for a new sound or a new way of combining old sounds. Influenced by artists like Kraftwerk and Bowie, Rhodes was able to combine his keyboards with the funky groove of John Taylor and Roger Taylor to form a unique sound that continues to explore exciting musical horizons. Duran Duran sounds as fresh as anything out there today and much of that is due to Rhodes's work.

There are some keyboard arrangements that you listen to and you say, "Ugh, that is so dated." I never think that when I listen to Nick Rhodes because he is so innovative that he crates classics, not run-of-the-mill throwaways. One can tell how much care he puts into a composition, because it's not just a solo or a background, it is an entire sound or atmosphere that compliments the lyrics and the other instruments...including Simon's voice. He is not just a keyboard player, he is a true artist.

He truly is the best keyboardist. His style is like no other, and he is an inspiration to his generation and all the generations to come. This man is straight fabulous and he has a certain spirit to his work that nobody else can match. While there are many great keyboardists out there, Nick Rhodes tops them all.

Nick is the reason I fell in love with synths. He's captivated me since 1980. I met him, he's approachable and friendly. His musical skills and timing are impeccable. I can't say enough good things about him. He definitely deserves more recognition, but I think any musician who's worth anything already idolizes him.

Unique, talented, creative and dedicated to his work of music with Duran Duran. He loves music in which a keyboard is his ultimate lifetime dream of love for music since at a young age in his lifetime. He will be known in the music industry for his creativeness. -True Fan of Duran Duran of North Carolina, USA

He was a pioneer of the oscillating sequenced sound in the 80s and has continued, nonstop, creating new and interesting sounds for 40 years. I can't think of another keyboardist who puts as many cool sounds and melodies into his music as well as Nick Rhodes. I look forward to hearing his work for years to come.

Nick has surpassed where others have ended. There has almost always been an instrumental on the Duran albums that shows how he excels in his talent and craft. The years pass on and I'm still waiting to find that next album is titled Duran Duran - The Barbarella Symphony

Nick made the soundtrack of my life, I have grown up listening to Duran Duran and cannot conceive my life without their masterpieces and innovative new work. This is just a contest and all here nominated are genius but Nick is in my heart, he is family to me and he has all the merits to be in this list

Love 80's synth. Duran Duran had a sound of it's own due to Nick Rhodes. Being a keyboard/organ player it's hard not to truly love Jon Lord and Jonathan Cain. But there is something about what Nick adds to the songs that just puts them thru the roof.

We all know their stories in Duran Duran, Nothing came easy for any of them. Each member in Duran Duran has so much talent, blows me away.

Nick Rhodes, his music what he can do, self-taught on Keyboards speak for it self. Fantastic, Amazing, I could go on and on with choice words that I have for this wonderful amazing talent Nick, and the rest in Duran Duran has. We all know the talent each of them have. I cast my vote for Nick Rhodes, #1 in the world. I have been a fan since 1982. xx

Nick Rhodes is a musical genius in my opinion. I have always enjoyed what he has brought to Duran Duran's music over the past 30 years. He creates unique sounds that I believe make their music what it is! As a life long fan, I hope Nick Rhodes wins this award!

It is one of the best keyboardists I've heard, their presence adds to the music and gives that dark and superb touch, something that not many bands can say they have. It has its style and is an intelligent and talented musician.

Nick Rhodes is an amazing, self-taught keyboardist! One of the founders of Duran Duran and side project, Arcadia, created some of the greatest songs of all time. Tweaking "The Chauffeur" to perfection, as well. Never skipped a beat in almost 40 years.

He is not merely a "keyboardist" He is the Controller. What he does is just Amazing! I do not know of any other Keyboardist that holds the show in his hand as Nick Rhodes does.

I feel like Nick Rhodes is criminally underrated but these comments here make me smile and realize I'm not the only one who feels the man is a genius. An obvious example, Rio: listen to the isolated keys around the middle of the song, during the sax solo. So eerie and unexpected, very unsettling atmospheric sounds to be found in one of the most popular party songs of the 80s. Take a listen when you can! I'm pretty sure the track is up on YouTube.

Through and through, one of the masterminds of Duran Duran, Arcadia, Krush Brothers, TVMania and producer and creative force behind many other projects, groups, and products has demonstrated consistently that adapting to the times includes changes that enhance both your mission as musician, and acceptance of the innovative by an already loyal following. Nick is a genius for the longevity of his talent still creating such an effect. Well over 30 years later, his foresight and capability to remain 'fresh' and relevant, are highly commendable in this electronic infused musical age. You can listen to Planet Earth or Planet Roaring : Nick is undoubtedly killing it on the keys many other talents could only dream of.

Always looking for new sounds and atmospheres, and un-orthodox ways of making sounds and blending it all into blissful music. Amazingly talented, and able to translate other arts into his music.

The cornerstone of Duran Duran, without him they would not have been half of what they are today. He showed his talent through photography, design, and fashion, but most importantly in his music.

Nick probably has been the most consistently underrated keyboardist of all time. Thrilled for the opportunity to recognize his tremendous talent and contribution to the music world.

The most talented and always under rated keyboardist. Self taught and a pioneer in ensuring more like him pursued music in a different creative way. Multi talented and hard working.

Nick Rhodes is not only the greatest synth player of all time, but the greatest human being to ever exist.