Master of Puppets


An album that influenced thrash metal all around. Not to mention it also contains the song Master of Puppets which is one of the greatest songs of all time. This is definitely Metallica at its best.

This is literally the best album EVER! Every single song on here is five stars. Battery has an awesome intro and is so heavy and awesome. MoP is the best song ever. The Thing that Should Not Be is the heaviest song ever. Sanitarium starts out slow and gets heavy and awesome later. Leper Messiah is my least favorite, but it is still great. Orion is an amazing epic. Disposable Heroes is so fast and awesome, and I love how criticizes the military system. Damage Inc. Is a great closing and the chorus is awesome. AMAZING ALBUM!

This is Metallica's best album thus far... it's also an 8/10, which is sad, because everything else besides the third track is stellar for thrash metal. The production sounds complex and not just thrown together, the lyrics are clever at some points, and I can get past the rough, jagged vocals pretty easily. No, what really throws this album into an 8/10 is the alien guitar riff on The Thing That Should Not Be. It's just sounds so... awful. Everything else though, ranges from a 9 to 10. - SwagFlicks

Well this album has my favorite Metallica song my 4th favorite Metallica song my 12th Favorite Metallica and then all the rest of the songs are probably between 15th and 25th place except the thing that should not be here's my top 5
1. Master of puppets (obviously)
2. Ride the lightning (has my second favorite song Fade to black
3. Black album (which many think is so overrated)
4. Kill em all (really like the four horsemen and seek and destroy)
5. And justice for all ( I like one very much
Those are the only albums worth mentioning except I do like the day that never comes on their latest album death magnetic

"Master of puppets" is unquestionably the musical peak of metallica, so there is a problem here that it is ranked at second place after ride the lightning. Ride the lightning saw a huge progress after kill en all but metallica continued their progress and master of puppets is superior, more inspired, take for example the 2 instrumental tracks from both albums orion is so much more better, more inspired and superior to "the call of ktulu".

Why? This is my favorite album of all time!
my favorite songs are master of puppets, orion, and battery.
ride the lightning, black album, and justice for all have few good songs but master of puppets are all good!
My ranking of metallica albums are

Master of Puppets
Black Album
For Justice and all
Death Magnetic
Ride the Lightning
and everything else is OK

Why this album isn't number one is beyond me. Not only is this Metallica's best album, and not only is it thrash metals best album but this is metals best album. Master of Puppets is simply put the greatest metal song ever. Plus you've got Battery and Sanitarium. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah that's right, the best instrumental ever: Orion. I love this album.

Has the best opening song, best instrumental and best title track which is also the best studio recorded Metallica song (Creeping Death Live Seattle 1989 being best including live performances). The only issues is that leper messiah isn't that memorable though it is much better than the worst song on lightning (escape)

Their best album by a wide margin. Ride the Lightning has many of Metallica's best songs and sounds a little more raw and true for longtime fans, but it also has some rough patches. Master of Puppets is on from start to finish. Even its weakest stretch Orion (the instrumental) is tolerable given the context.

People are voting for this because there favorite song is Orion. I think this is one of the best albums of all time but I don't see how anyone can vote for it just just because they like Orion. Puppets and sanitarium have some of the best lyrics of any Metallica songs but Orion doesn't have any lyrics at all.

well I don't understand why the greatest metal album having the 2nd spot and not 1st as according to me Rtl should se 2nd and the order should be:
1. Master of puppets
2. Ride the lightning
3. justice for all
4. Kill em all
5. the black album
6. death magnetic
7. Load
8. Reload

Number 1, this album is beyond excellent and is very powerful like nothing else in metal, its decades old but blows most modern metal albums out of the water, raw aggression and melodic sound blended together as one in such a masterful way. Essential listening especially for metal fans.

This album is my favorite from Metallica. Even though I like Ride The Lightning I think this deserves to be number 1. Why? Because it has classic Metallica songs like, Master of Puppets, Battery, Orion (great instrumental), Welcome Home Sanitarium, etc. To me, this album is Metallica's best.

Ride the Lightning is a good album I'll admit that and the first four songs are amazing but the last four are boring. Master of Puppets is there best albums. It show a little of this and a little of that but it was Cliff's last album and it was a good one. RIP Cliff Burton

Number 2? This is the greatest album ever, period. Each song is memorable and amazing. Master of Puppets is the greatest song in the history of music and the album ranges from fast paced Battery to the slowed down Welcome Home. I don't know how this can't be at number 1.

2nd best metal album only behind Black Sabbath's Paranoid, and let's be real. Ride the Lightning is overhyped and some of the songs are boring (I looking at you, title track, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and Escape), while Master of Puppets has no song worth skipping. At all.

I love master of puppets it's awesome should be NUMBER 1 the best song are maser of puppets welcome home (sanitarium) and battery I also like the black album which some people say real Metallica fans can't like but it does have great songs should be second be this

It's somewhat heartbreaking to place one Metallica album over the others - but I have to go with Master of Puppets, since it is the album I like best as a whole piece

What! How is this album number two? It was rated as one of the best metal albums in heavy metal history, next to Black Sabbath's Paranoid and Slayer's Reign in Blood. All Metallica fans should know that this album is the greatest and not Ride the Lightning, even though Ride the Lightning was a great album.

Come on, it's gotta be the best thrash album ever. Cliff Burton's last album and it is a masterpiece. I'd say this beats Ride by an inch.

Metallica at their peak. From here on it was all downhill. All their "thrash" and dynamic songwriting died with Cliff. "... And justice" is still an OK album, but black album and onwards... What happened?!? One of my all time favorite albums.

Haha a joke! MOP is considered the best metal album of all time, but no, for some unfathomable reason, it is number 2 on a best metallica album poll. Funny, considering that this album brought out the best in the best band's awesome history. Not saying, RTL is bad, it's epic too. But MOP placed second? Come on, people
My order would be this:
Master Of Puppets
Ride The Lightning
Death Magnetic
Ride The Lightning
St. Anger
Kill Em All
P.S. lulu doesn't count. It has the worst voice on the planet in Lou Reed

1.Master of Puppets
2.Ride the Lightning
3.Kill EM All
4.and justice for all
5.Death Magnetic
6.The Black Album
9.St.Anger-The worst album ever. - Chris-1

This album has so much energy, it's just pure metal. You can't even comprehend the awesomeness of this album. definitely deserves to be first, cause EVERY song on it is amazing, unlike most other albums.

Best album in metal history. Ride the lightning and and justice for all are great, but this is the best. It's got great riffs, solos and songs like master of puppets, battery or welcome home (sanitarium).