Greatest Puzzle Games of All Time

This is for pure puzzle games, so the Legend of Zelda series doesn't count.

The Top Ten

1 Tetris

Out of all the Tetris games, my favourite is Tetris DS. But still, it's not my favourite puzzle game. - FernandoLemon

What a classic, nothing beats Tetris - ethany

No contest Tertis is the best puzzle game of all time. - egnomac

2 Portal 2

I LOVE THIS GAME BY MY HEART! THIS IS ONE OF THOSE RARE GAMES THAT ARE THE MOST DEFINITELY DEEPLY ATTACHED TO MY HEART AND EVERYONE ELSE, THIS GAME MADE ME LAUGH, EMOTIONAL and cry, SUSPICIOUS, MY MIND SHARPER AND SHARPER, EVERY FEELING A PERSON CAN HAVE AND IT IS THE BEST PUZZLE GAME EVER MADE, I CAN SAY THAT WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, PORTAL IS EVERYTHING, ACTION, ADVENTURE, PUZZLE, SHOOTING (because you do shoot portals) seriously a masterpiece, the best game valve has ever made, this game is a multiple game full of so many damn features, I just love this game, you can play co-op multiplayer, such a damn long singleplayer mode - play through awesome main story chapters, make your own maps, edit any maps, download more and more extra and bonus different maps, a larger community so awesome and it deserves THE FIRST PLACE.

Should be FIRST! No Doubt!

If you haven't played Portal 2, you need to go out and play it... right now. Seriously, the story is just too awesome and the experience is way too sweet to miss.

Portal is the best game ever!

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3 Wario's Woods
4 Kirby's Avalanche
5 Dr. Mario
6 Solomon's Key
7 Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
8 Magical Drop III
9 Columns
10 Pokemon Puzzle League

The Contenders

11 Tetris Attack

The name of this game is a huge misnomer - in fact it's the first game in the Puzzle League series, which is unrelated to Tetris to the point where Henk Rogers of The Tetris Company regretted giving Nintendo permission to use the name altogether. Still, it's great fun. - Entranced98

12 Puzzled
13 Risky Challenge
14 Puyo Puyo
15 Tetris 2
16 Lode Runner
17 Devil Dice
18 Super Bomberman
19 Super Scribblenauts

The ultimate game, with a bit of everything. Truly a masterpiece.

20 Bust-a-Move

A great series at least deserves a great picture... - Entranced98

21 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
22 Intelligent Qube
23 Trine 2
24 Limbo

A beautiful, silent, and heartbreaking side scroller, Limbo captures many, many themes as the little boy walks relentlessly forward.

25 The Witness
26 Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
27 Portal: Still Alive
28 Braid
29 Adventures of Lolo
30 Plants vs. Zombies
31 Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
32 The Lost Vikings
33 Monument Valley
34 Meteos
35 Minesweeper
36 Lemmings
37 Lumines
38 Trine
39 Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

This game is Awesome.
It combines my two favorite puzzle games into one adventure. The soundtrack is beautiful.

40 Fire 'N Ice
41 Fez
42 A Boy and His Blob
43 Valiant Hearts: The Great War
44 Tetris & Dr. Mario
45 The Talos Principle
46 Antichamber
47 Portal

When we saw the trailer for this,we thought it was an FPS! - Lord28

48 No One Can Stop Mr. Domino
49 Professor Layton and the Curious Village
50 Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
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