Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Albums

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1 Vincebus Eruptum - Blue Cheer

Here is why this album or better than Outsideinside if there is a better one between the 2. Blue Cheer is the hardest Rock band that is not Metal. Blue Cheer is Rock. Rock is the best. Just Rock is better than Metal, Punk, Roots rock, Progressive rock, and Experimental rock. Blue Cheer has the feel of Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Cream, and The Who. Blue Cheer plays the classic Rock way that really rocks it out. This album is Blue Cheer hardest one and rocks the most. It is not that Blue Cheer is Rock and not the other Rock types of music that makes them the best. Blue Cheer is just the best. I was just giving more reasons why the album is the best. - BlueFuse

2 Outsideinside (Blue Cheer)

If the first Blue Cheer album Vincebus Eruptum is on the list than so should this album be on the list too. You need to read under that album to know why it is on the list. I cannot keep saying the exact same thing how Blue Cheer is the best sense the website will not keep doing that on the main lists. Look at my account to know why Blue Cheer is the best to me. - BlueFuse

3 Live and Unreleased 2 - Blue Cheer
4 Live and Unreleased 68/74 - Blue Cheer
5 New! Improved! (Blue Cheer)
6 The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
7 Led Zeppelin IV (Led Zeppelin)
8 Abbey Road - The Beatles
9 Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
10 Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin

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11 The Wall - Pink Floyd
12 A Night at the Opera (Queen)

I voted for this because Bohemian Rhapsody is on it. But truly, every Queen album is great.

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13 L.A. Woman - The Doors
14 Back in Black (AC/DC)
15 Blue Cheer (Blue Cheer)
16 Welcome to My Nightmare (Alice Cooper)
17 Houses of the Holy (Led Zeppelin)
18 Queen II (Queen)

Yes finally, Rock fans now realise that Queen have even more to offer. - allqueen

19 Oh! Pleasant Hope (Blue Cheer)
20 Don't Say No (Billy Squier)
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1. The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
2. Led Zeppelin IV (Led Zeppelin)
3. Abbey Road - The Beatles
1. Vincebus Eruptum - Blue Cheer
2. Outsideinside (Blue Cheer)
3. Live and Unreleased 2 - Blue Cheer
1. Appetite for Destruction (Guns N' Roses)
2. Use Your Illusion (Guns N Roses)
3. High Voltage (AC/DC)



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