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1 Edward Scissorhands

Oh my God, I'm glad this is at the top of the list. This is the greatest Tim Burton film of all time, and should have been the greatest Johnny Depp film of all time. The story is iconic, creative, colourful, brilliantly-paced and with terrific set pieces that, even in the twenty-first century, are beautiful. The script is also marvellous, every single line seems to be ingeniously chosen as if the writers sat down for hours and used pure ingenuity to come up with quotes that did the characters justice. Johnny Depp has been in so many films and, no thanks to Pirates of the Caribbean, believe that the 2000s were his best era, but that's just insulting. Johnny Depp KILLED IT as Edward Scissorhands - he didn't even have that many lines, but he was amazing: his speech, his mannerisms, the way he moved (Way better than Pirates of the Caribbean), and the fact that he just made the character seem so real. This film is also really funny at times, especially with Johnny Depp using his ...more

First of all, Nightmare Before Christmas was not even directed or written by Tim Burton. He just produced it and came up with the concept while he worked on Batman. But to the point! This movie has to be Tim Burton's deepest and personal film of his. It is a fantastic concept. Tim Burton is letting the world know that it's okay for people to be lonely, just like he needs to be alone in order to create his art. Man, he's such a genius! The movie was beautifully directed and written! Excellent work, Mr. Burton!

Nightmare may be the pure definition of a Burton movie, but Edward Scissorhands has a certain charm about it. This movie is magical, mesmerizing, heartbreaking, all while maintaining that bizarre Tim Burton feeling. Elfman's score is perfection, and the cast is gold. This is where Johnny Depp's Career kickstarted, and where Vincent Price went out with a stellar performance. This is not only my favorite Burton film, but it's one of the best films ever made.

This is honestly my favorite film of all time. Yeah, it's not revolutionary or anything, but it's story is brilliant, the character of Edward is impossible not to like because he's just so naïve and innocent, and the atmosphere is just wonderful. The design of the inventor's castle is breathtaking. I also like how everything is basically the same in the suburbs, because it just ties in to the whole "different" thing. Tim Burton has had many ups and downs, but when he gets a movie right, it's genius. - Elric-san

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2 The Nightmare Before Christmas

This movie(The Nightmare Before Christmas) is a tie with Snow White for here as the best animation feature film have ever seen on the screen. Hoping there is more similar to this in the future. Guessing there are a possible more than 10 Holiday Nightmares as well. Christmas is always first then the others seem to be: Halloween, Thanks Giving, Easter, Independence Day, New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, April Fools, Earth Day and Labor Day. Well built, a rare treat too. - iliescu

This movie may have not been directed my Tim Burton, but it has his artistic genius written all over it. Up until today, this stop-motion picture is often regarded as a masterpiece only proving that it might just be Burton's best film in his career.

There is also a Playstation 2 game made for this feature film. Oogie's Revenge is the name and despite the odd title it is Jack fighting monsters with good graphics and does well to promote the finest in The Nightmare Before Christmas even at the beginning. Now can see why these are so amazing. Good! - iliescu

Inclusive to the possible famous days on that Calendar. The Nightmare Before Christmas feature film has the Good side versus Dark side.

[The Good]:
1. Jack
2. Sally
3, Santa Claus
4. Mayor
5. Zero
6. Oogie
7. Doctor
8. Lock
9. Shock
10. Barrel


]The Dark]:
1. Moth
2. Snake
3. Spider
4. Locust
5. Rolly Poly
6. Skeleton King
7. Centipede
8. Blue, Heat, Orc, Troll - Skeletons
9. Oogie Cycle
10. Oogie Train

Adds dimensions to the base 10 versus 10 game in least. As mention before there are more than 1 important day that infact 10 could should it need to expand its horizons. - iliescu

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3 Batman

I love Batman because it's shot in London and there are some scary scenes that I find fascinating. Plus despite the fact that Tim Burton is not a comic book fan and is more interested in dark fantasies this gave him the opportunity to direct a big blockbuster like this. - Yorkshire2001

Batman is one of the best films ever. Best superhero movie. Great Characters, Plot, Setting, and one of Jack Nicholson's best performances of all time

Tim Burton's Batman is way better than Christopher Nolan's Batman. - Yorkshire2001

In my opinion this is the best Batman movie Dark Knight is good but extremely overrated - christangrant

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4 Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice is an extremely hilarious but creepy film and it's my 2nd favourite Tim Burton film next to Edward scissorhands

Probably not the best but it should at least be in the top ten. its got a great cast as well. Burton is a great director. Michael Keaton is an excellent actor as is Winona Ryder

This movie is about ghosts trying to scare obnoxious new yuppie owners of this house! I love it!

This is so funny and funny is kinda different from what he's used to and the dance scene at the end made me laugh so hard 😂

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5 Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Dark comedy, revenge and bloody violence... All in a musical! So weird you have to love it

Amazing movie with a dark tone and great songs! I always sing along on the top of my lungs! And Alan Rickman's voice... just beautiful!

I hate "Edward Scissor Hands". I'm sad that it's at the top of the list. My second pick would be Big Fish.

After Edward scissors hand this is the best movie really a unique movie musical movie that inspires me a lot

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6 Batman Returns

Scared the crap out of me. Better than the first.

Why so underrated?

7 Corpse Bride

I love Nightmare Before Christmas, yes it's amazing! But I preferred the story in Corpse Bride. I can't remember if Charlie and the Chocolate factory or Corpse Bride was the first Tim Burton movie I've watched. - Oldia

Best movie ever. Very mature story and the unique perspective. I saw this on Netflix. It was recommended to me after I watched the nightmare before Christmas. This is way more mature. It is slightly scary. Never mind. The Halloweenesque style was Frightening in the best most romantic way. I suggest this for 10+ or maybe more if you are sensitive. The music is amazing and the characters are so real and depressing. One character contemplates suicide, one smokes, and one is drunk. And the corpse bride, the saddest most depressed character, was murdered by her fiance. amazing movie. so complex

I loved the movie very much. I loved Victor and Emily.

Yes! I like all his movies. He’s crazy and that’s what makes him great. And I love his dark movies. Corpse Bride is great. I wish it was longer, though.

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8 Ed Wood

Why is this at #10? This is easily Tim Burton's best movie!

Best movie ever from Tim Burton - Yorkshire2001

9 Big Fish

A little complex but a great story - MatrixGuy

Such great story telling with a touching ending.

You expect a movie but with this one hoy get a masterpiece

10 Sleepy Hollow

Really great movie and a great acting from Johnny Depp

let me cut your head off please - brandonburton7

What an ending this movie had!

I actually watched this movie today.
🎃It's really good with great special effects and good acting. - Catlover2004

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11 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This is the worst remake I have ever seen for a good movie ever, in my many years of living. This is an embarrassing movie for both Tim Burton and Johnny Depp to partake in. Johnny Depp's character is annoying, cruel, insulting, mean, and boring, while Charlie is undeveloped, has very low character development, is a complete kick in the nuts for true Roald Dahl fans and is overall annoying too. - Awesomedoodlebug244

Probably it is the first movie of Johnny Depp that I watched when I was 5 it was really amazing and Johnny Depp was looking so cute in it

There should at least be another actor besides Johnny Depp who should of played Willy Wonka - Yorkshire2001

This movie sucks anal grease through a warthogs dickhole

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12 Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

By far Tim's best and one of my favourite films of all time: Pee-Wee's Big Adventure is an experience I'll never forget.

I love this film it brings back the memories for the adults back in the 80's. - Yorkshire2001

This movie is hilarious - Jonerman

13 Frankenweenie

I love Frankenweenie especially Winona Ryder's character. - Yorkshire2001

Awesome movie. It should have been number 3!

OH MY GOD. TNBC and CB I love yes. But this movie is just perfect. I love this movie. It's amazing. I LOVE IT! PLEASE TO TOP 10!

14 Mars Attacks!

One of the most underrated Tim Burton movies and yet, one of his very best!

Mars Attack at 18, this list is a disgrace. It's a hilarious parody. - Agent_Cooper

It's so funny and nearly everyone dies in it.

15 Alice in Wonderland

Love this movie

Same as charlie: It sucks anal grease

16 Alice Through the Looking Glass
17 Dark Shadows

I absolutely live this movie! Fantasy/Horror movie + Christopher lee AND Johnny Depp AND Alice Cooper = perfection

This was a great movie, not only was it by tim burton, but it has johnny depp in it.

Johnny Depp was looking lovely in it

18 Coraline

A lot of people got confused because they advertised this film with "from the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas." However, Tim Burton did not direct TNBC. Henry Selick was the director. It is only called a Tim Burton film because he was the producer and wrote the original poem for it. Coraline is still a great film, but not a Tim Burton one. - Elric-san

@Elric-san sorry, but I wasn't talking to you, I accidentally clicked reply, anyway, totally agree with what you said because it's true. - Kefka

It was Henry Selick not Tim Burton. - egnomac

Is Kubo a Time Burton Film?
Is Paranorman?
What about Coraline then?


19 Batman Forever

Burton didn't even direct this...

Tim Burton had nothing to do with it

I know Burton didn't even direct this, but even so, why this film isn't any higher on the list is beyond me. Iti is a pretty colourful, heartful film and is, without any miniscule speck of a doubt, A LOT better than Batman and Robin. I liked Val Kilmer as Batman, I loved Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face and Jim Carrey as the Riddler was one of the biggest revelations since Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Where did you go wrong, Schumacher? Where on Earth did you go wrong?


20 Big Eyes
21 Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Amazing adaption from the book. Definitely one of the better Tim Burton movies.
Also, the little kid advertising in the comments is no older than 3. - GodFlowey

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22 Planet Of the Apes

A pretty underrated movie. It's entertaining and quite well made.

It's not that bad

Easily Tim Burton's worst movie

23 Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters

This is the wrong movie! Admin seriously has issues.

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