The Best & Greatest Tom Delonge Songs

Genius lead singer of Blink 182, Angels and Airwaves, and Box Car Racer.
*Adam's Song by Blink 182 would have been on the list, but technically it was written by Mark Hoppus

The Top Ten

1 The Adventure - Angels & Airwaves

That song is absolutely EPIC. It's an emotional masterpiece that makes me feel powerful in my darkest moments. It sometimes even makes me weep.

Amazing it gives you the feeling that your being reborn or like your in a euphoria truly an awesome song

I love how this list as Ava's music higher than his blink music. AVA had a more creative and soulful music while blink 182 had more angst and most relatable.

Incredible masterpiece with a a perfectly fitting music video. This song is so underrated, yet so good. Outstanding vocals, amazing instrumental use, and great lyrics. I rate this song 1000000000000/10. This song gets an +A, it is outstanding. Tom DeLonge is one of the greatest musicians of this generation. - AnimeDrawer

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2 Call to Arms - Angels & Airwaves

Call To Arms-Angels And Airwaves

3 Anthem Part 2 - Blink 182

This should be number 1, this is easily his best song. Meaningful lyrics, outstanding vocals, but the best part was his guitar playing, I love the intro so much, I can just break the replay button. This is one of my favorite songs from Tom DeLonge, or Blink-182 in general. - AnimeDrawer

4 Surrender - Angels & Airwaves V 1 Comment
5 Asthenia - Blink-182

. . . this room is bored of rehearsal and sick of the boundries, I miss you SO much - ikingjosh

This song is amazing can explain a lot of situations

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6 Pretty Little Girl - Blink-182

I thought that the rapping was decent in this song, this song reminds me a lot of a Linkin Park song. Tom wrote magnificent lyrics in this song, they are very meaningful, one of Tom's best written songs. - AnimeDrawer

This song is just good, plain and simple

7 I Miss You - Blink 182

I've never me one person who dislikes this song. Definitely one of they're best

Great Song!

This is one of my favorite blink-182 songs, but I like Mark's part better in this song. He still plays an excellent part. - SumGreendayBlinkOffpsringBFS

How is this not #1?

Wer er ye end oim so sorry

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8 Cat Like Thief - Box Car Racer

amazing powerful song. Argubly some of Tom's greast work is on this album

Don't like the verves but the chores is good

this song is so good so sad - ikingjosh

9 There Is - Box Car Racer

This is one of his best pieces of work for sure. It's very simple musically which really let's the lyrics shine. Great song Tom!

. . . with every single letter, in every single word there will be a hidden message about a boy that loves a girl - ikingjosh

Every single letter in in every single word there will be a hidden message about a boy that loves a girl

Favorite song of all time

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10 Down - Blink-182

The Newcomers

? Untitled - Blink-182
? New World - Tom Delonge

I love to listen to this song when I am angry. And the music video kicks butt! One of the best music videos I have ever seen, I love how Tom uses his guitar to smash everything in his way, it is so cool. And this song has really good lyrics, one of Tom's best recent songs. This also gets an A+, Tom's music never disappoints and he never made a bad song. - AnimeDrawer

The Contenders

11 Always - Blink 182

hell yes, fav blink 182 song, either then that it would be down by blink 182 or Everythings magic by angels and airwaves
- bte

. . . and I'll miss your laugh, your smile. . - ikingjosh

12 Tunnels - Angels & Airwaves

This song has literally changed my life! One of my favorites from AvA!

13 Not Now - Blink-182

How is this not on in the top 3? This is his greatest song next to: Asthenia, Letters To God and There Is. If you watch the recording studio videos for the self titled you see how much work he put into this song and how much the lyrics changed over the time he was writing. Best Blink song in my opinion.

I seriously want this song to play at my funeral when I pass away. It's my one last wish

Great Blink song, certainly belongs in the top 10!

Oh my Grod! It is the epitome of perfection and beauty. Come on. I sing this in the shower everyday!

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14 A Little's Enough - Angels and Airwaves

. . . I'm sorry I have to say it but you look like you're sad - ikingjosh

I love the build up to the chorus in this song!

15 Adam's Song - Blink 182

This was written by Mark Hoppus though, even the description on top says that, so this should not be on the list. - AnimeDrawer

great song by my favourite band - cormac710

Good innit

16 I'm Lost Without You - Blink-182

. . . I'll keep my room open til sunrise, for you - ikingjosh

17 All the Small Things - Blink 182
18 Valkyrie Missile - Angels and Airwaves

This song has the best introduction that exists. Ever. Period. It starts out light and airy with a breezy sound to it, and then goes into some cool keyboarding, and then the drums come in and... Ooh, it's awesome!

so if you're here and you're all alone tonight, then I'll give you a free ride - ikingjosh

This is an awesome song! It's the first song on Angels and Airwaves' first album "We Don't Need To Whisper". Beautiful work from Tom DeLonge 💙 I absolutely adore him and all his works. Especially love this song, a lot of their songs have given me chills.

19 Secret Crowds - Angels & Airwaves
20 Stay Together for the Kids - Blink-182

He wrote this, and his chorus is amazing, so powerful. I don't know why this isn't already on here, besides the fact that maybe mark sings everything but the chorus, but this is my favorite tom part ever

This song means so much to tom you can see the pain in his face when he sings it.
Blink 182 saved my life

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