Top Ten Greatest Unexplained Mysteries of All Time

The Top Ten Greatest Unexplained Mysteries of All Time

1 Identity of the Babushka Lady
2 Jack the Ripper "Jack the Ripper" was the alias of an unknown serial killer in Whitechapel, London who brutally murdered 5 women (mainly prostitutes) between August and November of 1888. To this day, he has remained a mysterious and popular phenomena among serial killers and popular media.

His shadow looks like the BFG’s - IceBearRules

Fascinating. Something I have actually wanted to know since my childhood - EdGeinFan

Actually he wasn't smart, it was just that the people back in the 1890's didn't have the technology we have today. I know he was evil, though.

Hey visitor, lemme tell you one thing - medical at that particular time was poor, his medical and surgical skills were amazing - he was amazing, my favourite - Ananya

3 Truth Behind Bimini Road
4 Pinpointing of the Star of Bethlehem
5 The Crystal Skulls

It's just Indiana Jones.
It's a myth.


The Crystal Skulls were thought to be carved by the Mayans or the Aztecs for a long time. However, more outlandish theories have emerged over the years. Some theories: that they were created by aliens, that they came from Atlantis or Lemuria, or even that they were left behind by a society that now lives in the hollow center of the earth. Claims that they were carved with technology well beyond the reach of the Mayans and Aztecs have added to their mystery. - Irina2932

I will be the one to discover this idc what it takes I will be the founder of this even if it takes all my life. Who is willing to help me research this and explore a little?

6 Phaistos Disc
7 Genghis Khan's Final Resting Place
8 Atlantis

I don know if its true but... One day in the summer it was wednesday I found a coin it had a trident on it. On the other side it said poseidens realm. I think I might have found a coin from AT LANTIS

9 Stonehenge

AliensDidIt? or something else.

One word aliens

10 The Sphinx

The Contenders

11 The Holy Grail
12 Locating the Remains of Christopher Columbus
13 Amelia Earhart

How about disappearances of people nowadays like a child called Madeleine McCann?

A very interesting mystery indeed. - Celestius

They already solved the mystery she's presumed to be dead- Kevinsidis

14 Disappearance of the USS Cyclops
15 Did Anyone Escape From Alcatraz?

Is true I think she crashed in the ocean survived on a raft for 2 months and saved by a group of fisher man and hid is the rocky mountains.

16 The Bermuda Triangle

People not knowing where the Titanic sank them guessing they said Bermuda triangle

I Would Never Go There...
Things Disappear More There Than In Area 51 And My Bedroom - TK

It has been solved, there was a show about it last year. Atlantis is fictional too sadly, unless Busted are right about the year 3000 "living underwater" lol.

Brain scratcher for anyone. - PositronWildhawk

17 Voynich Manuscript
18 King Arthur
19 The Amber Room

Some people believe that the Amber Room was destroyed by the bombing and lost forever. However, several other theories have been formulated: that it is still hidden in an underground bunker at Konigsberg, that it is buried in a mine in the Ore Mountains or that it was aboard a submarine or ship in the Baltic Sea that was sunk by the Soviet Navy. In 1997, one stone mosaic that had decorated the room was discovered in Western Germany, in the hands of a family of a soldier who had helped disassemble the Amber Room. The rest of it has never been found, despite several claims to the contrary. - Irina2932

20 The Zodiac Killer The Zodiac Killer was a serial killer who operated in northern California in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Ok it says serial killer so what is the mystery unless no one knows his name, I don't because I have never even heard of him.

Who the hell is he?


It's Ted Cruz

21 Fate of Adolf Hitler's Stolen Wealth
22 King Tut's Curse
23 The Ark of the Covenant
24 Shroud of Turin
25 Flight 19

Mysterious disappearance of 5 avenger bombers & one of the rescue planes sent off in search of them got the myth of the Bermuda Triangle going.

26 The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Here's another mystery. There was a lady in a brown coat (credited as the babushka lady) who could be seen during the assassination of john, speculated to be taking photos or videos of the event. After that, no one heard from her ever again. The photos of her were all they've had.

Many of the conspiracy theories that surround the assassination began the day that the Warren Commission's results were released. The most prominent theory is that there was more than one shooter, either somewhere else in Dealey Plaza or on the grassy knoll. Other conspiracy theories include cover-ups by the Federal Reserve, the CIA, the Secret Service, Cuban exiles, CIA agent E. Howard Hunt, the Mafia, Lyndon Johnson, the American Fact-Finding Committee, the Soviet Bloc and the Israeli government. - Irina2932

Ever heard of the second shooter very fascinating guy to learn about, JFK. Oswald was shooting him from his a partment building in his back and neck and I believe that a guy in one of the cars was trying to shoot Oswald, stumbled and shot JFK in the head - Jackhammer619

In the video his head moves violently back as if he's hit from the grassy knoll area. Question everything!

27 The Tomb of Vlad Dracula

The most widely accepted theory about Vlad's tomb is that he was buried at the island monastery of Snagov. However, after several archeological excavations of the island, Vlad's body was not recovered. The other speculation is that Vlad's body may have been originally buried at the Comana Monastery, however, the monastery was rebuilt in the seventeenth century and no body has ever been found there, either. Another option comes from superstition, because of tales of vampires running rampant in Wallachia at the time- Vlad could have been moved anywhere to protect the monks from being killed in their sleep. - Irina2932

28 Chupacabra

I like those stories about Chupacabra. I really hope this creature exists - Irina2932

29 The Death of Tupac Shakur
30 Crop Circles

It is so strange I visited one AMAZING

I thought they finally determined it was some students that were doing the crop circle. So whats the mystery

I bean to a crop circle wean I sanded in the middle I blacked out and the next thing I new I was in my house on my bed wired wright

I don't know... Whoa

31 The Pyramids of Egypt (Giza)

Umm... I thought people build it.

Am I right..

History is so confusing - feena

Aliens I think history has lied too us and the aliens built it

This is not a mystery. People built it not aliens.
stupid Americans

The mystery is how they lifted 10 ton bricks up to the top of the pyramids with primitive technology not who built them - KingCharlesIlI

Yeah the bricks would be very very very heavy to lift but they had like many many many people to lift them and probably took months or years to build. Do you think mummifying was easy too do you think aliens did that?

32 Bigfoot In North American folklore, Bigfoot or Sasquatch are said to be hairy, upright-walking, ape-like creatures that dwell in the wilderness and leave footprints.

That picture is a 7 footer in a suit. They found the guy. That one is a hoax - westofohio

Call him Homer

The evidence for Homer Simpson if he is or is not Bigfoot is inconclusive

Do you believe that the patterson-gimlin film is real?

33 The Last Supper Painting
34 Area 51 Aliens

Why would it be so interesting about aliens coming to our special planet? What if aliens could shape shift into humans and someone is an alien Lol.

I think aliens came to this earth and are visiting earth but we cants see them

I'm a big fan of aliens! I always check them out on YouTube! I want to meet one of the aliens and see a ufo. Big dreams olf mine

Aliens, live very far far far far far away. We do not know what they look like, how they would talk or even if they would talk. We don't know how they would behave. We don't know if the word "Alien or UFO" would insult them.
You have been watching too many Sci-Fi movies or shows or obsessed with Invader Zim.

35 The Belmez Faces

Damn this is creepy why did I Google it to see the scary pics damn WHILE I'm ALONE AT HOME DAMN!

Haha first I was afraid to search 'em up, I waited for a bit more creepy thing than this.

This thing is damn creepy man - feena

36 2012 End of the World Theory

This wasn't even true.

Just passed 2012, perfectly fine now.

It just passed 2O12 GUYS ITS NOT Really the world will in in a billon years from no so don't get worried ok

It was the end of Camelot Theme Park. But home plans have been rejected all the time. Bring on rebuilding. Christian Americans are rebuilding a derelict since 1984 theme park Holy Land USA in Waterbury, Connecticut. Bring it on #RebuildCamelotThemePark. Camelot Theme Park opened 1983, Gulliver's world is just for Primary school kids, Camelot is for any age except for the baby rides like Bertie Bassett's Driving School lol.

37 Loch Ness Monster The Loch Ness Monster (also known as Nessie) is an aquatic creature which reputedly inhabits Loch Ness (a lake in Scotland). Nessie is one of the most famous cryptids in history. The earliest report of the monster was in A.D. 565 where Irish monk Saint Columbia was the first person to record having more.

Ministry of Magic notices that a Kelpie keeps playing tricks on Muggles, so they decide to keep it a mystery to Muggles forever.

Ever heard of Steve Feltham who lives in Loch Ness since 1991. He has a website called nessiehunter

A.D. 565? How about a sea creature before our times but its been in the sea forever and its dead appearance plays tricks on people but I dunno.

I think it's a creature from prehistoric times. But it's also dead.

38 Hindu Milk Miracle
39 Joe Brandt's Vision in 1937
40 Ourang Medan

I actually just started reading on it...Cool topic, about a boat that has people like die on it or some crap - MoldySock

41 The Toxic Lady

Gloria Ramirez From Riverside, California later dubbed "The Toxic Lady"
By the media for making several hospital workers ill because of exposure to her body and blood.
Later pronounced dead from kidney failure.

42 Disappearance of MH370

I think aliens took it and killed al the people and put it in the bummed triangle

This must be Number 1. Greatest mystery to mankind so far. - yoloeee

This one is already listed - Disappearance of MH370.

Enigmatic maybe one day it will be number 1

43 Rongorongo
44 Taos Hum
45 Beale Ciphers
46 Shugborough Inscription
47 Location of the Garden of Eden

Doesn't exist. Just more religious B.S. - westofohio

So Christians you believe that in the Middle East is a Garden that no one can enter after that cursed fruit incident 6000 years ago and is also being guarded by angels.
Do you think this is just as far-fetched as Noah's ark (8 people and 100,00000000000000000000000+ creatures on a wooden boat and caring for them and it surviving on the global flood), Jonah and the whale (A man can survive in a whale? no its not a fish that no one knows like the fruit in the garden of eden, it was always a whale), Tower of Babel (what about the moon landing? )

48 Spontaneous Human Combustion

A girl and her husband were at a dance it happened a pretty long time ago and the girl just out of nowhere caught on fire and her boyfriend tried to put her out. No signs of gas or a lighter or a source of where it set her ablaze. Samething for an old lady in her room - NightSkai

I don't think this could really happen to people, and if it could it would be extremely rare.

49 The Overtoun Bridge Suicides

This is the bridge in Scotland where many dogs have unexpectedly jumped to their deaths without reason.

50 Roanoke Colony

After a sailor left this colonized island to get resources from Britain and returned 2 years later, no one was left. - ethanmeinster

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