Top 10 Greatest WordGirl Characters


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1 WordGirl

I just like her outfit. And she is so cute. When I was little I would pretend I was her.

I just like her hair and she is strong and cute she's my favorite.

2 Bob / Captain Huggyface
3 Bampy Botsford
4 Hunter Throbheart
5 Tim Botsford
6 Sally Botsford
7 The Narrator

The narrator is what makes Wordgirl so unique. Name another show where the characters TALK to an omniscient narrator!

8 Tobey McAlister III

Tobey is such an ironic and complex character. He's a villain, yet he's in love with the superhero. That is so cute. He's definitely one of my favorite characters!

He is better than that other guy who word girl likes!

9 Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy
10 Mr. Callahan

The Contenders

11 Tobey's Mom
12 Scoops Ming
13 Tommy
14 Granny May
15 Grocery Store Manager
16 Dr. Two-Brains

He should definitely be higher one the list! He has an interesting condition that causes him to be at constant war with himself and wordgirl and him have a past, making it interesting

17 Violet
18 TJ Botsford
19 The Jail cell Warden
20 The Mayor
21 Priscilla aka Fluffy
22 Mr. Ming
23 Ms. Ming
24 Exposition Guy
25 The Bank Operators
26 Johnson
27 The Butcher
28 Mr. Dudley
29 The Clown
30 Lady von Houzinghouce
31 The Principal
32 Ms. Davis
33 Emily
34 Phil
35 Mr. Big
36 Leslie
37 Lady Redundant Woman
38 Dave
39 Reginald
40 Energy Monster
41 Big Left Hand Guy
42 The Coach
43 The Football Players
44 Ms. Power

She is so evil and scary

45 Victoria Best

I like her better than WordGirl. This girl is evil because she is sick of her parents comparing her to WordGirl. Victoria is the best.

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1. WordGirl
2. Tobey McAlister III
3. Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy
1. WordGirl
2. Bob / Captain Huggyface
3. Bampy Botsford


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