Top Ten Hair Metal Songs with the Worst Lyrics

Mind you I like Pantera, just not their glam era.

Glam metal is commercialized music made to appeal to 13 year girls, usually with sexual lyrics

The Top Ten

1 Hot and Heavy - Pantera

Glam metal lyrical themes are so not metal - these are hard rock lyrical themes (also found in rap and pop). - Metal_Treasure

I can't believe they wrote this song... - Aragorn98

The lyrics are awful... - Lucretia

Take a look at
my ice cream cone baby
go ahead take a lick
can't wait
to take you home
beat you with my stick

There is a worse part as well. - Lucretia

2 Sex Drive - W.A.S.P.
3 Porno Star - Motley Crue

Yep, these bands gave metal a bad name. Metallica moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco because "the glam metal scene in Los Angeles sucked" - Metal_Treasure

4 On Your Knees - W.A.S.P.

On Your knees,
You shall be on your knees
Cause I want you on your knees
You shall be on your knees
And I need you on your knees
You shall be on your knees
Cause I want you on your knees
You shall be on your knees

Seriously? - Lucretia

I love W.A.S.P., but this song’s lyrics are garbage.

5 Cherry Pie - Warrant

It's the 1st song I thought of when reading the list. The lyrics are childish, simple and just plain awful... I remember it being panned universally, including other terrible hair bands. Warrant faded as quick as they appeared, good news for anyone with the ability to hear. - Ned964

Swingin' in the bathroom swingin' on the floor
swingin' so hard we forgot to lock the door
in walks her daddy standin' six foot four
he said you ain't gonna swing with my daughter no more

You don't need to be a genius to find out the meaning of that, and the title blatantly says its about... swingin - Lucretia

6 Tell Me If You Want It - Pantera
7 Cold Sweat - Warrant
8 Sexual Thing - Poison
9 Love in Stereo - Warrant
10 Ride My Rocket - Pantera
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