Top Ten Hardest Decisions in Life is Strange

The Top Ten Hardest Decisions in Life is Strange

1 Bae or Bay

Honestly, most decisions on this list were fairly easy after viewing the short term outcomes of them, but this final decision was gut-wrenchingly difficult. In the end I chose to sacrifice the Bay because the damage had already been done and the final episode of the game focused on Max learning that she can't just time travel all problems away, so it made sense for her to sit this one out and just let it happen. Plus she got to stay with Chloe forever. - Verderame

This is more of a choice than saving your town versus your best friend. Every single choice you made before this doesn’t matter if you go back in time and let her die. The hard feeling you get from it is caused by knowing the fact that everything you’ve done to this point, your adventure, has never happened. Nothing you did with all the people around you will ever be remembered. It’s like it was all a just wild dream. Sacrificing the Bay keeps all of that alive, but at the cost of losing all those people that were with you, except the one person who was with you through it all. The real choice is to end your incredible adventure with failure or never even starting it. - lukemcnamara72

2 "Bacon Omelette" or "Belgian Waffle"

One of the most important choices in the game. - Alpha101

3 "Eat S*** and Die" or "F*** You"

Hardest decision of my life!

4 Euthanise Chloe "Accept", "Refuse", "I Don't Know" (Alternate Timeline)

Why can’t you just not answer? You have the photo right in front of you! - lukemcnamara72

I accepted. I know if that was me asking that, I would want someone to fulfill my request. - Alpha101

Oh God. I can't even think about it. - nJur

5 "Go to the Police" or "Look for Proof"
6 Saving Kate - Deciding to Say Who Would Miss Her
7 Kiss/Don't Kiss Chloe
8 Shoot/Don't Shoot Frank
9 "Pancakes" or "Eggs and Bacon"
10 Tell the Principal About Nathan in the Girl's Bathroom (Or Not)

The Contenders

11 Stay Hidden/Intervene
12 Blame Nathan, Jefferson or David after Kate's attempt
13 Warn Victoria or not about the Dark Room
14 Romance Chloe, Warren, Neither, or Both
15 "Take a Photo" or "Intervene" on David
16 "Answer" or "Don't Answer" Kate's call
17 "Side with David" or "Side with Chloe"
18 "Stay Out of It" or "Stop Warren" from beating Nathan
19 "Make Fun Of" or "Comfort" Victoria
20 "Leave the Money" or "Steal the Money" at Blackwell
21 "Leave the Gun" or "Give the Gun to Chloe" at Frank's RV
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