Hardest Enemies In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Top Ten Hardest Enemies In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

1 Dragon Priests

RUN. Unless you are at least level like 50 you probably don't stand a chance.

At higher levels, these are no more a challenge than any other on the list. But, if you're like me, and you did the main quest early, you'll probably remember the sheer fear you get while battling with one of these atop Skuldafn. And clearing out dungeons late at night, nothing worse than running into one of these guys at the very end!

As former rulers of the world, masters of magic, and the favored ones of the Dragons these draconian zealots are easily the most challenging enemies in Skyrim! As well they should be even if their dragon masters have weakened since their golden age of empires and cults. If I could choose to side with the dragons I would! All hail the rise of dragon kind! HAIL TO THE DRAGONBORN, KING AND MASTER OF EMPIRE AND ALL DRAGON KIND!

It's funny how Alduin is #12... For the dragon priest in the staff of Magnus quest, I was only level 10 the first time, and it took me an hour to beat him just by now and arrow hiding in the shadows and running away. I lost Lydia on that quest every time I played it...

2 Karstaag

I actually had to use a bunch of potions. Until I ran into him I thought I was untouchable.

By far the most powerful enemy in the game: Wolverine-humbling healing factor, godlike hit points and punching power, countless immunities and resistances, can ragdoll you at will, and on top of that he can summon ice wraiths... not that he does really need them...

He kicked me so hard I saw the curvature of the earth... Three times.

Having done everything in the game (and I mean that literally), this guy was easily the hardest.

3 Ancient Dragons

I have been shouted off a cliff while fighting one and I didn't save in like 25 minutes

I'm a little confused on why Ancient Dragons are number 2? I'm about level 53 and Ancient Dragons are not too difficult (still admittedly difficult). I would presume Legendary Dragons and Revered Dragons would be stronger and more difficult to kill.

I would also say legendary dragons and revered dragons are more difficult to kill but there is a tactic if you have the bend will shout you can get them to land then power attack them until they are dead

You don't stand a chance because the damage they do is very high If you are a high level like me its still pretty hard they can just destroy anything in skyrim id say I have a 15%chance of survival

4 Falmer

In groups, these guys will tear you apart. - gelatinbeastworm

Falmer will gang up on you and kill you fast. I sometimes have to run away from them. They look so gnarly though. I like to resurrect them to fight for me!

Falmer are hard in groups but just 1 lone Falmer is as easy to take out as a chicken. Minus the bounty

They are tough if your a low level even when I turned into a Vampire Lord they were difficult I had to spam Gargoyle to kill them.

5 Ebony Warrior

I think he's pretty powerful but he shouldn't deserve to be on the list if you can literaly just shout him off the edge.

How is the enemy you have to be level 81 to fight is at number 7... ?

Ebony warrior should be first you have to be level 80 to be able to fight him so why is he at number 4

Had to bring a follower to beat this guy after he paralyzed me the first time and took me out. This time he paralyzed my follower and gave me enough time to get my vengence.

6 Miraak

This guy is a beast at higher levels. His insane sword damage and his unparalleled variety of shouts (in NPCs that is) make him a force to be reckoned with. That's not even mentioning the dragons supporting him and his four time full heal.

Only annoying because he keeps healing himself. - LordDovahkiin

A very hard boss for those who want a good challenge. He heals three times through the fight and in the end gets impaled by a angry Hermaeus Mora.

Tough dragon priest

7 Legendary Dragon

So,people consider the falmer,miraak,ancient dragons and dragon priests harder than a legendary dragon? well,I think those are people who had level 30 as their max level and don't even know what a legendary dragon is.

Ancient dragons and falmers are harder than Legendary Dragons? yeah,ok.

Without a doubt the hardest enemy you'll ever face in Skyrim.

With the combination of shouts and the intensely high health, this is a very difficult enemy. I fought one at level 123 and died. I later got my revenge though.

8 Forsworn Briarhearts

Damon these suck. They ain't hard to kill but if u try stealing their heart it's near impossible

I have been playing the same Skyrim game for literally years. And I was amazed that after all my work, all the armor, everything I had, I got killed in one hit by a Briarheart. Came back, took me 5 tries to finally destroy him.

I was playing my third new save, came across a Forsworn Briarheart while I was level 2 with a Steel Sword and Iron Mace. I didn't even lose enough health to drink a potion, and killed him easily. I don't see all the panic about these guys?

They are probably only pretty tough when at level 25 or below

9 Chaurus Reapers

I generally have fun fighting every enemy type in Skyrim, but I hate Chaurus. I would vote Falmer, but these aren't too difficult if you have a helper. And it is frustrating that even though I can take down Chaurus and Fledgling quite easily now at level 35 there are occasionally Reapers, and these are like taking down Chaurus for the first time.

Their poison can be deadly

What. I can't believe that the chaurus reapers and their mama in frostslow lighthouse are not higher...

Derped out

10 Elder Dragons

If you avoid there bite attack, wing attack, and fire breath, they are quite easy. It isn't even all that hard to avoid his attacks, with the exception of his fire breath. - LordDovahkiin

Elder Dragons are super easy! But of course that's coming from a guy in Daedric Armor and Daedric weapons who's killed all the Dragon Priests

Sexy ass dragon


The Contenders

11 Giant

You have to go to a special spot called tumble arch pass I think and you have to have a follower and find the club on the ground tell the follower I need you to do something and then they will pick it up

Everyone says your follower can use the giant club but when I click it it says search giant or nothing does anyone know what's going on?

First time I played Skyrim with iron armor he smashed his bone on the ground and I went flying in the air

I tried hiding behind a rock and shooting him with a bow the first time I met a giant he still got me though

12 Hagravens

Hagravens are weak. I killed one at level 15. It was long range sniping so it took forever, but still, not a hard kill.

Beasts with their powerful destruction magic. And can fight melee with their bare hands.

They are easy. - LordDovahkiin

Hella creepy

13 Blood Dragons

These are quite easy. - LordDovahkiin

Too easy! Even at level 2!

These are among the simplest dragons, and have a stupidly low health. I annialated one at level 8

I hate em

14 Centurion Master

My sneak is 100 so I just crouch kinda far away and sneak attack them. They are pretty easy to kill. - Katekat123

Can't believe I forgot to add this - gelatinbeastworm

Not really that hard. I beat him as a mage warrior.

15 The Dragonborn

Now that I'm level 100 I've made my own new account and spent all my stats on health and I'm literally unstoppable.

Let's face it, fighting the AI isn't much of a challenge. I killed everything else on this list with a hunting bow and iron arrows. How? I'm sure you can guess...

It's easy to kill him just jump off a cliff and you should be good

Yeah the Dragon born is tough to fight if on high level (level 100)

16 Draugr Deathlord

I think they are just too high healthed. Just use a bow and you should be ok with some health potions

While being a level 128, these guys still tend to put up the best fights among all the humanoid enemies. I ended up waiting and doing the companions storyline until I was around level 120, and these guys f $#! @ me up.

Fighting these for me requires lots of health potions and spells, arrows (or bolts) and running away.

Capable of a 1 Shot with their bow on level 30 Dragon Born.

17 Wispmother


18 Alduin

He barely does any damage. I beat him at roughly level 10-15 without needing more than a couple potions, but he does have health bonuses so he is a real damage soak

Easy. Doesn't deserve to be on the list. - Lasvegasxavier

Alduin can be the most powerful, the thing is that he's as powerful as you are, he's easy to defeat in 10-15 level... but try to defeat him at level 50... you want the better battle? then complete all the other missions aside the main storyline so Alduin will be really powerful

Alduin is simple to kill unless you at a really low level

19 The Children

I tried killing my children, then Lydia came down and also tried killing them. What an entertaining moment.

Sometimes I wonder if they're going to form an immortal army and take over Skyrim...

They are immortal gods

Annoying you just wanna use unrelenting force to send them flying from the back patio in dragonsreach I've jumped off cliffs do to the bastards

20 Dwarven Centurion

Hard if level 20 or lower without good tools and a follower.

I say Alduin would be on top of the list

21 Trolls

I can't kill a troll no matter how hard I try

Level 6 Use Fire spells, by the way I upgraded Destruction Spells so it might just be me using upgrades,

I two shotted them with fireball just use that or the sanguine rose will help

These are easy. Blast em away with fire breath, and a broadsword. - LordDovahkiin

22 Arch-Warlock
23 Dremora

Super easy when alone but can be a living hell if faced with a pack of 5 Dremora Malkynaz

They are awesome and have complete dadric they should be #2

Oh hell had 1 encounter with these. Killed me over 10 times.I ended up spamming my daedric sword

24 Draugr Death Overlord

I Think it's the most badass enemy.

These guys are just op

These are hard and quite common at higher levels. Dangerous.

I hate it when they dissarm you

25 Lord Harkon

Actually not very hard. I beat him at level sixteen without one healing potion - Rathernotbenamed

He just pissed me off because he kept healing and running and turning invisible like a coward. - LordDovahkiin

HE wont stop teleporting and healing. So frustrating

A lot of defense and he sucks your life but with a little stratagie u can make this fight really easy

26 Talos

You can fight talos?

I didn't know you could fight Talos

27 Werebears

Dear god what have you done

Hate these guys. - LordDovahkiin

28 Mud Crab

Use iron arrows or just flame them out with spells

I died last time I fight them


Meh, easy peasy

29 The Ash Spawn

Easy use ice form or frost breath

In packs are very deadly.

In packs deadly.that's a joke. Their hard by them self.

30 Vampire

Vampires are so annoying this they have slot of spells and are NEVER alone.

31 Frost Trolls

The very first time I played Skyrim, the Seven Thousand Steps Frost Troll was pretty much impossible.

Use fire rune or fire blot they will be dead just stay a fair distance from them they have strong attacks

I was hiding on the top of the hill :3 The Troll is DUMB AS HELL

Not that tough. - LordDovahkiin

32 Krev the Skinner
33 Ancano

Hate him. I always knew there was something off about him... - LordDovahkiin

34 AnyƔd

Laugh out loud I died too many times!

She is simply unbeatable!

She is simply impossibble to kill

35 The Final Dragon

Alduin is easy. - LordDovahkiin

Alduin is the final Dragon he's at 16 of list. The person who voted for this please play the game.

36 Bandit

Bandits are easy. - LordDovahkiin

These guys are simply OP. Bethesda forgot to balance out the levels for bandits and made me fight 2 bandits at once! Ebony warrior I killed 3 hits, Bandit should only take 7 max but I keep missing. Bandits are too L33T for you.


37 Haknir Death-Brand

Not hard. Just annoying. - LordDovahkiin

38 The Pale Lady

Oh my god, I tried to fight her twice, and when I tried to run away she killed Faendal!

39 Dagoth Ur

Isn't this enemy in morrowind?

He's only mentioned in Skyrim, you fight him in Morrowind!

40 Blood Dragon

Actually I kill it every time with Dawnbreaker and Spellbreaker

41 Frost Dragon

I beat him with a follower but, He is hard to beat at like level 20

Killed one easily as a Vampire Lord.

42 Cryomancers

They're hard because their magic drains stamina and slows you down. Plus, their ward spells sometimes block shouts. It just gets difficult to get close enough to them to hit them.

43 Wolf

They freak me out a little when your running around in skyrim forests or plains, like when you hear them howl I'm like oh shi*. But easy to kill as well. I also have a follower with me as well

These guys jusr run up and nibble at your buns. Whats worse, if you stroke out while one is attacking you and you have no armor or followers, they can actually kill you in just a few short hours. Far to fast for you to return home from the hospital. Simply OP.

Hard if there is like 1000000 of them they are weak! But may give you rock joint

44 Snow Yeti

What it's a frost troll

Easy if high up

45 Elisif the Fair

You have everything on the earth after you until you die

46 Red Eagle

At low levels he will kick your but!

I fought him at damn near the beginning of the game. When I defeated him, I got a Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword that I improved by adding flames on it. It was my main weapon for a long time. - LordDovahkiin

Just circle around the coffin and spam him with firebolts

47 The Forgemaster

No problem at a akk

48 Slaughterfish

Really easy to kill and all, but in groups they are a pain in groups and have you tried to hit the buggers? I killed a slaughterfish underwater...said no one ever

I've done it before all you need to do is use aura whisper

Three words. FUS, RO DAH!

49 Chaurus Hunters

The only think in this game that has one shot me so far to the point that when it first happened I thought I had been knocked down and was waiting to get up.

50 Storm Atronach

I don't know what to say

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