Mikey's Game Reviews #6: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

It's been a while since we got one of these, eh? I recently got Kirby's Dream Collection, which gave me many classic Kirby games on my good old Wii. the best game in the collection would have to be Kirby 64. The results? A great Kirby game.
The storyline is simple Kirby meets this fairy named Ribbon, who's looking for Crystal Shards to stop Dark Matter from invading her planet. Kirby decides to help, and when he saves Waddle Dee, Adeleine, and King Dedede from the Dark Matter, they help too. The cutscenes are funny and were always enjoyable to watch. I wish more Kirby cutscenes were like that. This game is standard Kirby gameplay, but it has Mix Abilities, which have you mix 2 Copy Abilities to make a new one. My favorites were Lightsaber(Cutter+Spark), Fire Sword(Cutter+Fire), and Heat-Seeker(Bomb+Bomb). All the abilities had some sort of use, but a few were somewhat silly, like Exploding Snowman. The worst ability was Ice Cube, which just turns you into an ice cube and melts you. Regardless, I wish Mix Abilities would return in the next Kirby game(hint-hint, Nintendo).
You also have the hidden Crystal Shards, most of which require a specific ability to get. They were hard to find sometimes, but fun. The game also has a perfect difficulty slope, getting progressively harder every planet. The bosses were unique and fun as well-my favorites were the 2 final bosses(which I won't spoil here).
There were even times when Kirby's allies could help. Adeleine would paint some health, a 1-up, or even Invincible Candy. Waddle Dee would come up with funny ways of transportation. And King Dedede lets you ride him to take a break. Playing as him was fun because you got to crush everything in your way with his huge hammer! So, there are a lot of positives. Negatives? My complaint with this game is that the water segments can go really slowly. I'm just not a fan of water levels, to be honest. And to be honest, I found the game a little on the short side. I only took about 2-3 hours with the story mode to finish it, and it didn't take me long to find the crystal shards.
Overall, Kirby 64 is excellent, and one of the best games of the franchise.



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Thanks. Might've been a 10, but the water boss was just too slow. - Garythesnail

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This was pretty well written. I've never played any Kirby games, but this review pretty much convinced me to go out and buy a game! :D - visitor

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