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1 Queen Larsa - Mushihimesama Futari

Some people can beat Tabuu with no damage even on intense difficulty but Queen Larsa is super harder and I don't think anyone has ever beat Queen Larsa without using continues, but at least a few people defeated Queen Larsa even on ultra mode.

Tabuu was pretty tough, but Larsa makes him look like a walk in the park. She will paint the screen in 3 colors; purple (the millions of bullets she unleashes on you), red (the blood that explodes from your body when you get), and clear (the tears you shed after losing once again for the umpteenth time). This is a boss where it's not a matter of IF you get hit, but WHEN. Unless you're Neo, expect to lose days of your time trying to win against this one.

Queen larsa is the most hard boss ever, Tabu is easy compared to her, All bullets are "ONE HIT KO! " and there are swarms of them..

Compared to everything, the spiritual version of her, is impossible.

(Note: All the bosses from Mushihimesama Futari are hard, but compared too queen larsa, they are just cute puppies)

To all who think that queen larsa is hard, meet darkeater midir from DS3. I thought the pontiff was hard but this damn near impossible! - Spiralcore

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2 Mike Tyson - Punch Out!

I literally beat Tabuu in an hour at best. Mike Tyson, however, took me a span of a MONTH to beat. You have to be almost perfect in this fight. People can't beat Tabuu? Learn to dodge. Can't beat Iron Mike? Dodging leaves a narrow window of success, much smaller than Tabuu's. Half of his fight can leave you on the mat from a single blow, and unlike Tabuu, you get THREE TRIES to avoid being knocked out before having to fight Super Macho Man again! Sure, Tabuu was "hard", but he's not #1 quality.

Tabuu in SSBB on Intense is brutal, but Tabuu can simply be turned down in difficulty, Mike Tyson, the final boss of the 1987 NES game Punch-Out! On the other hand is brutal no matter what, from impossible patterns to those infamous one-hit KO dynamite punches, making matters worse is that not only are the fighters before Mike tough as it is, but Mike Tyson is eons harder than all of them, sorry Ruby/Emerald Weapon, Sephiroth and Tabuu - you've got nothing on the final boss of Punch-Out!, nor do most players, I can only imagine how many gamers conquered the entirety of Punch-Out! Back in the 1980's only to never take down the final boss fight with Mike.

This boss is not only hard for kids, but for adults as well. The first 1:30 are 1 hit kill uppercuts that give you just barely enough time to react. After that, his punches stop knocking you down in 1 hit, but Tyson becomes much more erratic, mixing up his patterns with uppercuts, jabs, and these punches with no animation frames whatsoever. Plus he blinks and then goes into this fast flurry of jabs that I have no clue how to dodge. Good luck beating this guy.

It seems like Mr Dream was simplified to be easirer for goung kids. This guy makes Larsa look like Glass Joe. Also, Mr. Dream isn't much easier than tyson.

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3 Tabuu - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

You gotta be kidding me I beat tabuu on intense difficulty 3 times in a row and more times just for fun. You guys need to learn to dodge attacks and stuff haven't you seen the NO DAMAGE INTENSE DIFFICULTY videos? At least learn to play wisely before you vote for a slow, predictable boss

Just impossible, took me a long time just to complete, I was so happy when I beat him!

It took me 5 week's to beat this one guy! I kept trying and trying and within 5 weeks I found and unlocked him, and then in 5 more week's, I finally beat this guy! This guy is seriously hard to beat. By the way, When I won, I used Kirby, and Zelda the most cause sonic sucked a little

In December 2011, I've beaten Tabuu on Easy difficulty, but lost 5/6 of my lives, the sixth character took some damage. In my opinion, he's harder than Giga Bowser.
Difficulty: Very Hard - SamHalls2015

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4 Sans - UnderTale Sans - UnderTale Sans or Sans the Skeleton is a character in the 2015 RPG Undertale created by Toby Fox. He is a lazy, pun-loving skeleton who is a supporting protagonist in the "pacifist" and "neutral" routes of Undertale, and a heroic antagonist/final boss of the "genocide" route. He is known for his incredibly difficult ...read more.

He will cut off his opening speech to attack you, he will falsely give mercy to you, and his attacks are some of the hardest to dodge in this game or many bullet hells in general.

This entire battle is hell. Not because it's unfair. Not because it's unpredictable. Not because it drags on for the longest time. No, it's because, deep down, you know you deserved the beating from the start.

Sans is not only hard to beat because of his tormenting powers, but also because he plays mind games with you. Falsely giving you mercy, telling you about the resets. It's hard to focus when you know deep within you deserve this beatdown. The only way to beat him is to memorize his attacks and ignore his mind games.

I have tried to beat Sans so many times I have lost count. I am well over 100 tries now.

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5 Sephiroth - Kingdom Hearts

I'm kinda torn between this and brawl to beat him as a heads up have the ultimate weapon which can be synthesized after synthesizing all other items and have your items be all epoxied if he uses the move that pits a halo in your head go to your items thing the second he strikes immediately use an elixir and along with taboo sobic is normally a bode I am training to be awesome with Zelda because she's awesome but sonic dies because taboo is capable of inflicting high damage and extremely powerful launch attacks since sonic is a relatively light character genus afflicted terribly compared to others so is lucario which sucks because him sobic Zelda and captain falcon plus yoshi are my only good people gannondorf probably rocks he is extremely slow but has the same special moves as captain falcon bit he's super hard to launch because he's so heavy hope this helps you

This guy is number 1, because it took me 3 years to even get CLOSE to beating him. Still never beat him.

cheater! he has a super mega hyper long sword! still don't beat him =(

Ornstein and Smough>Sephiroth
Nameless King will beat him too,
What about the Orphan of Kos
Don't leave out Artorias
Or Gehrman
Or Flamelurker
Or Manus
Or False King

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6 Shao Khan - Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Shao Khan should be much higher here. He was strong, powerful and almost unbeatable. I said "almost" because I beat him 3 times in MK 2. I used Kitana, Mileena and Scorpion. It looked like real Holiday cause he seemed so strong - Magnolia

Wow #34 This Should Be Like In top 5! I Us Kitana and Mileena I love them they're powerful and I kept dying because of his strength

Shao Kahn is unbelievably tough and should be much higher. It took me almost 50 tries when I first got the game!

Shao khan wins
Shao khan wins
Shao khan wins
You know the rest

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7 The Death Egg - Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Whats really frustrating about it is you have to fight Metal Sonic in order to get to him and you have no rings which means all it takes is one hit and you die and then your forced to fight metal sonic again.

We can all tell that The Death Egg is a blatant ripoff of The Death Star from Star Wars.

What makes him so hard is that he does instant-kill attacks. One moment of bad aim, and you have to fight him all over again.

My first game was Sonic Classic Collection. It took me a while to get to the death egg zone, but I had no idea what I was in for. Took me about six months to actually beat this guy. Once you memorise how to attack him, it’s easy. I can now beat the whole stage in under 1:40.

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8 The Shadow Queen - Paper Mario: The Thousand Years Door

With all the attacks she has, she stumped me for a long time. Her having health absorbing hands didn't help.

The devil's reincarnation in video games is this monster. She has a ton of deadly attacks, and grows hands! The hands can kill you. Plus, she has a huge arsenal of attacks, and has two forms. Altogether she has 300 HP! The second form is invincible for a few turns. AGH! I hate this creep!

She gave me lots of hard times as a kid. But then I played through the game again got to the Shadow Queen and I was able to beat her first attempt!

How is the Shadow Queen above Cackletta's Soul? - gakiguru

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9 Cackletta - Final Battle

Realistically, Cackletta's Soul would be harder than many of the people up there. - gakiguru

Hard but should be much lower on the list

Queen Larsa IS harder, but this should be 2.

1hp per bro, and Cackletta deals the first hit. The question is, are you really prepared? If not, you have to redo the Bowletta fight, just to get to this point again. An endless cycle of futility. Are you ready?

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10 The 3 Final Bosses - Ninja Gaiden

Masked Devil is rather easy, but then the Jaquio. HOW I HATE THE JAQUIO. He spams homing fireballs, and then there's the TRUE final boss. You CANNOT HOLD BACK AT ALL.
And if you die against ANY of them, you have to go back to Stage 6-1. - MasterH

I witnessed these before being battled. If you lose, you have to go ALL THE WAY BACK! - gakiguru

Totally agree but mainly for the fireball shooting jaquio

The Jaquio was absolutely ridiculous. Jashin is also challenging, and if you die on either of them you need to go all the way back to 6-1!

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? Dr Kahl's Robot - Cuphead

Hard, but 10 times as easy as the devil.

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11 Ornstein and Smough - Dark Souls

266?! WHAT?! ALL THESE SONIC FANBOYS AND CASUALS RATE THE EASIEST BOSSES KNOWN TO MAN AND THIS GETS 266TH PLACE?! Let me elaborate this further. First off, you have a very fast and hard-hitting Knight, then you have a slow and even harder hitting executioner. You have to keep your attention and eyes on both of them or you're screwed. That's not the worst part: after one dies, the other gets buffed and fully healed! Any boss from Dark Souls deserves a spot in top 10 (save for Moonlight Butterfly, that was easy).

WHAT THE. THIS SITE IS INSANE a stupid cut out of King k rool is harder than these to. THis isn't the only time this site has been DUH there the weirdest games Superman 64 is number 1 Japan world cup hello LSD dream emulator I am bread

O&S are actually hard bosses, unlike a bunch of bosses in the top 10.

Any casul that thinks your average video game boss is hard, battle these Gankers.

I remember my first battle with this dynamic duo... third hardest fight I've done in gaming - Spiralcore

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12 Marx Soul - Kirby Superstar Ultra

Not that hard if you use stone but if you get killed you must replay the true arena over to get to him. And you have limited healing items

Right after a hard boss and this boss starts with a black hole and then who knows what he will do next?

Hard and right after galacta knight as well, so if you fail, you go all the way back to the start of the true arena. And there is very limited healing supplies so it's even harder to get back to where you were. - CatsOMG

Very, very easy! - Mariomaster63

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13 Death - Castlevania

Just getting to this boss is hard. You have to kill 2 knights (9 whips each), while dodging an army of Medusa heads. Once you get past them, if you're not already almost dead, you have to fight him while dodging all his scythes. Goid luck with that.

So annoying as hell

He's a pain, but try beating Galamoth without the lightning absorbing circlet or the talisman with a crap load of luck. Unless we're talking the death from the PS2 castlevania, then he was hell. So were some of the LOS bosses, especially the final DLC boss.

14 Culex - Super Mario RPG

Actually to me this was a really easy boss, I think Smithy is harder, and he's still not that hard, just be all level 30, take down the crystals by weakness, I usually do lowest HP to most HP, but he's not that hard if you do it right.

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15 The Biolizard - Sonic Adventure 2

So many hours of gameplay to kill it... It took what seem like forever. I am not going to fight this boss again... Too damn hard!... - Horrible_Username

The Biolizard isn't that hard though, especially when compared to other bosses on this list. - Rangaman

Sorry, but this guy was kinda easy. But still on the hard side

HARD AS HELL, but a good boss. Why is Tabu no. 1? He was so easy

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16 Inbachi - DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou

Inbachi and many other bosses from DoDonPachi SaiOuJou are nearly impossible. And many shooter hell games are, well. A gamers hell.
Inbachi, Queen Larssa, Zatsuza are to me the hardest bosses of all time. But I vote Inbachi because I want to help her beat some of the others higher on this list. - felispasta

Inbachi is what I consider to be one of the hardest, if not the hardest boss in video game history. Her attacks are nearly impossible to dodge, making most hardcore veterans having to use multiple continues, just to beat her. I'm actually surprised that we have a boss even harder than Queen Larsa (Mushihimesama Futari).

By comparison, it is (barely) possible to beat Queen Larsa without any misses (and maybe bombs used).

So, we all know that Tabuu (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) is like an easy opponent in comparison with Queen Larsa. Well, Queen Larsa is just like a tricky opponent in comparison with an insane boss known as Inbachi.

So, if Queen Larsa is extremely difficult, if not almost impossible to beat, then Inbachi is very close to being impossible to beat, which is why I consider her to be (one of) the hardest boss(es) in video game history.

Difficulty: Nearly Impossible - SamHalls2015

17 Laraxia - Invasion

A lot of HP, spams projectiles that CAN'T be absorbed, moves around completely insane, and had an insanely difficult level before it. - MasterH

18 Lancelot Returns - Sonic and the Black Knight


Are people on this list dumb?! Most of the bosses here are cakewalks, especially this one.

Nothing compares to this boss in the Sonic franchise. Next to impossible.

One word... Difficult

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19 The HAG 1 - Banjo-Tooie

Tough ass and long fight... Had to get the comb regenerator ability to be able to beat this thing... Took me lots of tries aswel

Sorta hard, but Mr Patch and Weldar are harder.

Are you serious. I beat her on the first try. Without the comb generator. If you’re struggling, just get that.

20 Velgaurder Sigma - Megaman X

SO MANY WAYS TO SCREW YOU OVER. he can always hit you, and kills you VERY easily if you didn't get the armor upgrade.

Also this boss is called sigma wolf.

Try it without upgrade and tell me...

Try it without armadillo weapon

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