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1 Queen Larsa - Mushihimesama Futari

Although she's no slouch either in the Black Label edition of the game, the original Ultra difficulty of this boss is so much harder that it's ridiculous. Hey, nice small hitbox you have there. But I have an entire health bar, you know that? Oh, and here are your bullets, have fun. And it just gets worse when she goes into the hidden second phase of the fight, which requires you to go through all stages before fighting Larsa, without DYING. I will repeat that in synonymous words. NO MISS, PERFECT, NO DEATHS, NO EXCEPTIONS! And it gets EVEN better. True! Larsa has all the more bullet hell to rain on you, and an ENTIRE HEALTH BAR for her final attack! Jesus, this boss deserves a first place, but you people should check out Inbachi from DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou, she's much harder. Oh, and that game is made by the same company that made this game. So yeah, HAVE FUN!

Tabuu was pretty tough, but Larsa makes him look like a walk in the park. She will paint the screen in 3 colors; purple (the millions of bullets she unleashes on you), red (the blood that explodes from your body when you get), and clear (the tears you shed after losing once again for the umpteenth time). This is a boss where it's not a matter of IF you get hit, but WHEN. Unless you're Neo, expect to lose days of your time trying to win against this one.

... Really? Tabuu harder than this? Okay, it took me about ten tries to beat Tabuu on intense. But Queen Larsa easier than HIM? REALLY!? I mean, come on guys! Queen Larsa is WAY harder. I mean just look at it! Go to Youtube, and type in 'The hardest video game boss ever' so you guys can see for youreselves. Matter of fact, battle the boss yourselves and see who is harder. Well, at least I never played the game... And never will...

Even though Queen Larsa is tougher than all the other bosses on this list, I can't believe there are no Touhou bosses on this list. Mushihimesama Futari is tough. But Touhou makes Mushihimesama Futari look easy. Two bullet hell games that I've played, but I've spent many sleepless nights on Touhou. Not something I can say for Mushihimesama Futari though.

2 Sans - UnderTale Sans or Sans the Skeleton is a character in the 2015 RPG Undertale created by Toby Fox. He is a lazy, pun-loving skeleton who is a supporting protagonist in the "pacifist" and "neutral" routes of Undertale, and a heroic antagonist/final boss of the "genocide" route. He is known for his incredibly difficult ...read more.

Yes, it is kind of hard, in a fairly-easy game like Undertale, but if you want some truly hard boss, then look on other games, especially older ones. For example, almost every single boss from the Mega Man original series for the NES is as hard as hell; And a lot of them surpass Sans in terms of difficulty. Plus, Sans has got a single, all over repeated stupid pattern. Meanwhile, most other bosses from Mega Man original series has got RANDOM generated moves, that make their fights far more harder. Finally, you need perfect timing in these boss fights, and you have just a bunch of lives to use, after you lose them, you need to restart the level, and then repeat the boss.
All these reasons make those bosses far more harder than Sans.

Not even that hard to be called the hardest video game boss. It's just memorization, yet if you are not patient enough for that, you will never beat him. Your Undertale skills here are worthless - you need to know every of his moves to beat him. Also, stack up on the healing stuff. Instant Noodles and Butterscotch Pie are a must. Sea Tea is also very useful, especially at the end with the Gaster Blaster circles.
Once you get to Phase 2 (the part after he tries to mercy you) and have not used any healing items at all, then you're on a good way beating him.
I was curious as many people were saying he's plain impossible. Well I needed 27 attempts. Was not easy, but not that impossible either. Any Touhou boss at Lunatic makes Sans stand out like a bad joke.

The hardest part of the game is killing him. To unlock the genocide ending, you are forced to kill every friend you made (including Sans). Deep down, you don't want him dead. He can make you feel guilty before, during and after you kill him. His last words can force tears out of you. If you don't feel bad when you kill Sans, then you either played genocide first or you're just really messed up.


It's very interesting how in pasifist mode, I wanted flowey dead so badly, but in genocide, you kinda feel bad about killing him.


Flowey is also a very hard boss and deserves a place on this list.

Sans is a GOD. He can stop time, teleport control gravity, and deal a TON of poison damage. Sans is also very INTELLIGENT. Throughout the whole game he keeps an eye on you and he is secretly the strongest. He knows all about the save and reset button. He holds back when he fights you. It is almost like the "Protagonist"(Frisk/Chara) was fooled the whole time. Nevertheless he knows he can't defeat you so he gives you the chance to "spare you" and reevaluate your actions. Point made.

3 Mike Tyson - Punch Out!

Tabuu in SSBB on Intense is brutal, but Tabuu can simply be turned down in difficulty, Mike Tyson, the final boss of the 1987 NES game Punch-Out! On the other hand is brutal no matter what, from impossible patterns to those infamous one-hit KO dynamite punches, making matters worse is that not only are the fighters before Mike tough as it is, but Mike Tyson is eons harder than all of them, sorry Ruby/Emerald Weapon, Sephiroth and Tabuu - you've got nothing on the final boss of Punch-Out!, nor do most players, I can only imagine how many gamers conquered the entirety of Punch-Out! Back in the 1980's only to never take down the final boss fight with Mike.

I literally beat Tabuu in an hour at best. Mike Tyson, however, took me a span of a MONTH to beat. You have to be almost perfect in this fight. People can't beat Tabuu? Learn to dodge. Can't beat Iron Mike? Dodging leaves a narrow window of success, much smaller than Tabuu's. Half of his fight can leave you on the mat from a single blow, and unlike Tabuu, you get THREE TRIES to avoid being knocked out before having to fight Super Macho Man again! Sure, Tabuu was "hard", but he's not #1 quality.

This boss is not only hard for kids, but for adults as well. The first 1:30 are 1 hit kill uppercuts that give you just barely enough time to react. After that, his punches stop knocking you down in 1 hit, but Tyson becomes much more erratic, mixing up his patterns with uppercuts, jabs, and these punches with no animation frames whatsoever. Plus he blinks and then goes into this fast flurry of jabs that I have no clue how to dodge. Good luck beating this guy.

I had a grandfather who would spend day and night, day and night, day and night for weeks, fighting Mike Tyson. He eventually beat him. I would've killed myself if I fought Mike Tyson that long.

4 Tabuu - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

He may be hard when you're a kid, but come on! Almost all bosses on dark souls are harder than tabuu, there's plenty of bosses on devil may cry that are harder than him as well and so are the great majority of snk bosses. There's so much bosses I could mention that are harder than him. If you don't believe me: try playing any of these games.

And this is without mentioning old school games bosses, no castlevania bosses are in the top ten but shadow queen, tabuu and culex are? haha what

People who say this boss isn't hard are either lying or have already played the game so much that it's second nature to them. Which can be said about any video game boss if you play the game enough times. On intense difficulty, this boss is ridiculous.

It took me 5 week's to beat this one guy! I kept trying and trying and within 5 weeks I found and unlocked him, and then in 5 more week's, I finally beat this guy! This guy is seriously hard to beat. By the way, When I won, I used Kirby, and Zelda the most cause sonic sucked a little

He has two instant kill attacks on intense (Normal mode and higher)! And one of them is near impossible to avoid if your not experienced with the game. Not to mention that his attacks are varied and dish out a lot of damage.

5 Sephiroth - Kingdom Hearts Sephiroth is a fictional character and main antagonist in the role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII developed by Square.

Sin harvest and his weapon Masamune can kill you and if you do get a few hits on him BEFORE he casts Sin Harvest, heal up FAST before he rushes to you and your dedz if you don't do it. If he repeats, repeat my process too. All-out attack him with your best if he doesn't repeat his strike chain.

When I first fought him at level 30, he instant ko'd me. Then I fight him at level 50, when I am about to beat the game and he kills me in 2 hits! I beat him in kingdom hearts 2 but in that one he is easier. I lost the game, but if I find it he is going down!

Holy wow this guy is insane! I feel very proud of myself for beating him even though it tortured my soul. Just keep trying guys and you will feel a great deal of accomplishment when he is defeated.

He can cast a spell called sin harvest. If he suecsessfully casts it you will lose all of your MP, and all but 1 of you HP. Then he will come at you at lightspeed, and kill you with his sword.

6 Ornstein and Smough - Dark Souls

This is the hardest video game boss I've ever faced. Think Sephiroth is hard (he kinda is)? I know we have different opinions but even if you summoned, you are a Champion for beating these 2.

All my hardest video game bosses come from the Soulsborne series (yes, Soulsborne, I'm not a casul for saying Soulsborne)

O&S are actually hard bosses, unlike a bunch of bosses in the top 10.

Any casul that thinks your average video game boss is hard, battle these Gankers.

Come on and slam!

7 Shao Khan - Mortal Kombat Trilogy

This man is cheap, he wont give you a chance to fight and his attacks do like 900% damage plus he has high damage resistance meaning he's harder to kill then others. not to mention he taunts you during the fight so your ego also dies!

Shao Khan should be much higher here. He was strong, powerful and almost unbeatable. I said "almost" because I beat him 3 times in MK 2. I used Kitana, Mileena and Scorpion. It looked like real Holiday cause he seemed so strong

This boss is so unfair and ridiculous, he easily reads all your moves with super-human reflexes and just keeps spamming his charge. The only way to beat him is by exploiting

Shao Kahn is unbelievably tough and should be much higher. It took me almost 50 tries when I first got the game!

8 The Shadow Queen - Paper Mario: The Thousand Years Door

The devil's reincarnation in video games is this monster. She has a ton of deadly attacks, and grows hands! The hands can kill you. Plus, she has a huge arsenal of attacks, and has two forms. Altogether she has 300 HP! The second form is invincible for a few turns. AGH! I hate this creep!

She gave me lots of hard times as a kid. But then I played through the game again got to the Shadow Queen and I was able to beat her first attempt!

With all the attacks she has, she stumped me for a long time. Her having health absorbing hands didn't help.

First final boss I've ever beaten, by the way.

9 Marx Soul - Kirby Superstar Ultra

Sure he IS as disturbing as heck, and yeah I agree GK is hard but I gotta say I completely see why people think he's hard. He has a CRAPTON of attacks, his health is high, if you don't have your favorite ability (mine is stone) then you can EASILY DIE! Plus your health is low after the galacta knight battle. In conclusion he's hard but not as much as GK

Hard and right after galacta knight as well, so if you fail, you go all the way back to the start of the true arena. And there is very limited healing supplies so it's even harder to get back to where you were.

Not to mention there is the part where he splits in half where you can't damage him. Plus the raining paint attack is super annoying.

Not that hard if you use stone but if you get killed you must replay the true arena over to get to him. And you have limited healing items

10 Bonetail - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

This is a bit like marx soul. But it depends on your level. Marx soul depends on your ability and skill with it.

Bonetail is so damn easy. Getting to him, however, may be a bit of a challenge.

If you die in this fight, you have to restart the pit of trials all over again

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11 Cackletta - Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

She doesn't attack first. If you have enough speed you can attack first. I'm at level 43 with both Mario and luigi, which makes this boss patheticaly easy.

You start with 1hp and cackletta attacks first. Her attacks are very hard to dodge so you can lose without even getting the chance to attack!

Realistically, Cackletta's Soul would be harder than many of the people up there.

You have 1 hp to your horror, she gets first move, has deadly attacks like arm pinwheel and has huge health. Aiye!

12 The Death Egg - Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Strangely enough, Silver Sonic is the only difficult part of this stage once you get the hang of it (with Sonic at least). The Death Egg Robot always has a strategy of beating it.
1) He will try to crush you with is robot, head to the right corner of the area, then spin dash to the left when the target starts flashing faster.
2) He will attempt to shoot at you with his arms, go to the far left of the arena and they will be out of range.
3) part 1 is reapeated, but this time, when he lands, he will instead walk towards you. Jump almost right after he lands at the cockpit, then run to the left until he flies up again.

My first game was Sonic Classic Collection. It took me a while to get to the death egg zone, but I had no idea what I was in for. Took me about six months to actually beat this guy. Once you memorise how to attack him, it's easy. I can now beat the whole stage in under 1:40.

What makes him so hard is that he does instant-kill attacks. One moment of bad aim, and you have to fight him all over again.

We can all tell that The Death Egg is a blatant ripoff of The Death Star from Star Wars.

13 The HAG 1 - Banjo-Tooie

Are you serious. I beat her on the first try. Without the comb generator. If you're struggling, just get that.

Tough ass and long fight... Had to get the comb regenerator ability to be able to beat this thing... Took me lots of tries aswel

14 Zeus - God of War II

He is damn hard on normal mode, can't imagine what he is like on hard

15 Red Falcon's Brain - Contra 3
16 Inbachi - DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou

Inbachi is what I consider to be one of the hardest, if not the hardest boss in video game history. Her attacks are nearly impossible to dodge, making most hardcore veterans having to use multiple continues, just to beat her. I'm actually surprised that we have a boss even harder than Queen Larsa (Mushihimesama Futari).

By comparison, it is (barely) possible to beat Queen Larsa without any misses (and maybe bombs used).

So, we all know that Tabuu (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) is like an easy opponent in comparison with Queen Larsa. Well, Queen Larsa is just like a tricky opponent in comparison with an insane boss known as Inbachi.

So, if Queen Larsa is extremely difficult, if not almost impossible to beat, then Inbachi is very close to being impossible to beat, which is why I consider her to be (one of) the hardest boss(es) in video game history.

Difficulty: Nearly Impossible

Inbachi and many other bosses from DoDonPachi SaiOuJou are nearly impossible. And many shooter hell games are, well. A gamers hell.
Inbachi, Queen Larssa, Zatsuza are to me the hardest bosses of all time. But I vote Inbachi because I want to help her beat some of the others higher on this list.

Extra Element Doll Z-001, a.k.a. Hina, is trumped by absolutely no one in gaming history, not even the infamous Queen Larsa from Mushihime-sama. Her true form Inbachi is the evil side of Hina's true persona as Hibachi, and undoubtedly the hardest boss in all of existence.

Name any final boss from any bullethell. Glow Squid from Battle Garegga. Discharge from Armed Police Batrider. Vampire from Battle Bakraid. Gigafacer from Sorcer Striker and Dimahoo. Bashinet R from Kingdom Grand Prix. Hibachi from Dodonpachi. Zatsuza from Dodonpachi Dai-Fukkatsu/Resurrection. Evaccaneer DOOM from Ketsui. HIVAC from Ketsuipachi. Teresa Rose from Ibara. Big Burn from Pink Sweets. General Pork Fillet from Muchi Muchi Pork. Prince Aki from Mushihime-sama. Even the great Queen Larsa from Mushihime-sama Futari. Inbachi puts them ALL to shame.

Inbachi spews outright outlandish attacks at lightning fast speeds and giving hardly any time to react. At least with Larsa, her bullets are slow and ...more

17 Galacta Knight - Kirby Super Star Ultra
18 Aki - Mushihimesama
19 The 3 Final Bosses - Ninja Gaiden

The Jaquio was absolutely ridiculous. Jashin is also challenging, and if you die on either of them you need to go all the way back to 6-1!

20 Smithy - Super Mario RPG
21 Lancelot Returns - Sonic and the Black Knight

That Guy Below Me I A Spazer! Oh Crap I remember when you face him the first time he is pathtic easy but when he returns say goodbye to sonic! Lancolot (Shadow) Will kick your ass he will go crazy on you I beat him only 2 times so get ready for a fight of your life!

Are people on this list dumb?! Most of the bosses here are cakewalks, especially this one.

Nothing compares to this boss in the Sonic franchise. Next to impossible.

Its annoying how he keeps repeating his chaos spear attack.

22 Nightmare - Kirby's Adventure
23 Lord Woo Fak Fak - Banjo-Tooie

Your worst enemy here? Attack? Nope. Annoying spamming? Try again. Amount of Health? Not really. Give up? It's THE CAMERA. The camera in this boss fight does NOT STAY STILL. Touching the boss doesn't hurt you, but you spin around in circles which REALLY sends the camera into a tailspin! The boss also moves like crazy, making it hard to pop his boils with the grenade eggs! Very, very, VERY difficult fight and Mr. Patch will seem like a cakewalk after this!

What the hell kind of name is Lord Woo Fak Fak for a giant anglerfish? Couldn't they have gave him a more realistic or subtle name like Davy Jones or Lophee (a play on the anglerfish's scientific name Lophiiformes)?

24 Dark Bowser & Fawful - Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story

Dark Bowser wasn't a problem, but it was fawful who was making me ragequit, with these ton of attacks, and he escapes Bowser in each 10-15 turns!

This boss is actually difficult if you use the challenge medal, as it has most attacks instantly K.O. you.

Why is this here? This boss was easy.

This was easy.

25 Omega Flowey - UnderTale

Whoever made this list has probably made a list out of the bosses in these select games, because what about raid,s or bosses from classic NES games, all of these fights are difficult but, should actually be up in the hundreds.

He's easy I only died to him once.

This battle is so easy

I beat it first try

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