Top Ten Districts in The Hunger Games

The Top Ten
1 District 1

This district produces fierce and tough female role models and although they have a good relationship with the Capitol, they're one of the first 4 districts to rebel.

Luxury and Wealth, man! Who wouldn't want that? Plus, Glimmer comes from District 1 and she's awesome!

District one are wealthiest and are in best terms with the Capitol and they have LUXURY!

2 District 2

Enobaria, Cato and Clove. They're awesome and Enobaria actually survived (Yayy! ) so District 2 is one of the few districts to actually have a living victor at the end of Mockingjay:
1 - all dead
5 - all dead
6 - all dead
8 - all dead
9 - all dead
10 - all dead
11 - all dead
So, you see, District 2 is just plain awesome.

Also, no other districts can boast a fanged victor... enough said.

There is Cato! What else could you hope for? Where is Cato, there is the paradise! I love him!

District 2 is the district where Enobaria, Clove and Cato all come from. Nobody is more awesome than those three...

3 District 3

Of the 6 character we see from District 3, 5 of them do something noteworthy that really shows their intelligence and technological prowess. This will always be my favorite district

I get a vibe from this district that has me believe that it is the home of Panem's nerds... so it's obviously the best District.

This district is the most intelectual one and teaches their children good stuff about electricity and technology, things I find pretty interesting. Plus, Beetee and Wiress are from 3

4 District 4

District 4 has an amazing chance of winning the Hunger Games because: 1 they train themselves to fight, 2 they can gather food and make fishing gear, 3 they are the only district that can swim (Which is like a big deal). So unless there is no water or life around district 4 has an amazing chance of winning the hunger games.

This seems like such a relaxing district! District 1 and 2 are disgusting with the way they are with the Capitol- this is just a peaceful district. Plus, Finnick, Mags, and Annie are really amazing characters.

My favourite district is District 2, but my second favourite has to be District 4 because of Finnick Odair. His and Annie Cresta's relationship is just too cute!

5 District 7

They had some pretty cool strategies plus the female tribute from District seven in the 74th Hunger Games was the last to die in the cornucopia bloodbath. And Johanna Mason was just Johanna Mason in The 75th Hunger Games winner of the 760 first Hunger Games and she has them seriously attractive athletic intuitive intelligent and inspiring qualities.

If you've seen Mockingjay Part 1, then you know not to mess with these lumberjacks! Also, Johanna Mason. 'enough said.

It's the lumber district, which means that it's full of trees. Who doesn't love tree?

6 District 5

I am a Foxface at heart and according to research I do (I'm a major fan) District 5 & 3 are generally the smartest districts.

This means they are the smallest and close to the Capitol who try & please them the best they can - they have dangerous knowledge. If they try to please them lots, it means they don't suffer as much from poverty.

They are most creative & mostly intellectuals (take that district 3) & aren't looked down on. If they wanted to, they could plunge the Capitol into darkness because they control all the power.

They also help district 6 with mutts which I know is sort of a bad thing, but hey! JABBERJAYS PEOPLE! I love animals!

I'm obsessed with District 5 and I don't know whyyy... IF PANNEEEMM, was real, we'd all be screwed! -Meant to be the Hunger Games version of the song Clarity

I don't know what about it, but district 5 seemes like a place I NEED to live!

7 District 8

District 8 was the first District to rebel! If they didn't rebel, their might have not been a 2nd Rebellion at all! So... Go District 8! DISTRICT 8! DISTRICT 8!

The boy died first and the girl died after peeta kills her after seeing her in agony.

My district is number 1

8 District 13

District 13 is Katniss's home briefly, it was obliterated as a warning from the Captitol for the other districts. They recovered and then they obliterated District 12.

I like district 13 because it fooled me in the first 2 books.

One of the most powerful districts!

9 District 12

I agree that district 12 shows what parts of the world really are. People dying from starvation and willing to do anything to get food. Although district 12 is not like district 1, 12 will always be remembered for what it was. District 12 seems like a place where they train the people without knowing. For example Katniss's father taught her how to use a bow and arrow which she used in the games and Peeta can lift a lot of weight which he can use to his advantage in the games. Gale taught Katniss how to set up some snares. If anything District 12 might be the weakest food wise but teaching without knowing makes them the best. Who is with me on this.

I love the way they live in this little district everyone knows everyone and people are willing to help others around. Plus Katniss and Peeta are both kick ass and Primrose is cute and remains that way. It shows what life is like with out food and what people will do just to get it.

10 District 11

I love how loyal they are, I was touched when they gave Katniss the bread even though she was from district 12, just for looking out for Rue. That brings me to Rue and the male district 11 tribute (Thrush? ) Rue is kind hearted and adventures, she's also very grateful, and could've won the games. Thrush is so strong and tough, he was also loyal to Rue when he met her "murderer" and didn't join the carriers when they offered him, you know anyone else would, but he knew himself and knew it would be a bad decision. It was so good of him to let Katniss live when he could've easily killed her, and hunt down Peetah. His and Rue's death crushed me. Also the mocking Jay call, and they're agriculture

District 11 was one of the poorest and unfair districts. No only were two meaningful characters (Thresh and Rue) from here, but it's one of the saddest by far. In District 12, the Peacekeepers didn't usually tend to use extreme measures. They allowed Katniss and Gale to illegally hunt outside the gate. Sure they had to draw the line if they suspected treason or people selling weaponry, but Peacekeepers in other districts probably would too. However, in District 12, extreme measures were used seemingly all the time. I remember reading about a boy in 11 who I think had stolen some sort of glasses. Once Peacekeepers found out, he was executed. Also, just the feel of District 11 is just horrible. As District 12 watched the Hunger Games (When scene was outside with a crowd of people) they at least showed some emotion and a little conversation. On the other hand, in District 11, everyone looked depressed, it was raining (which just made the scene even sadder), and there were Peacekeepers all over the walls. Only when that one man started the riot after Rue's death did I see any emotion from the crowd. This riot that District 11 had showed so many things about its citizens. It's one thing to be able to stand up to the Capital. It's A WHOLE OTHER CONCEPT when you're standing up to the Capital in the District suffering the most from poverty and cruel abuse from Peacekeepers. And not only that, but the rioting citizens had just started back up an entire revolution that had been put to rest 75 entire ago. District 11 was one of the bravest, overlooked, and saddest districts of all time. They seriously need more recognition for what they've contributed to the series and the entire Panem as a whole.

The Contenders
11 District 6

This is my district. It's beautiful and is the more people live here than anywhere else. There may be a morphling addiction going around but it's still great!

This is the best district.

Katniss sticks up for rue and is a good sister and her partner is amazing

12 District 9

I know District 9 isn't popular, since not much is known about it. But it really is cool. We are important to the Capital eco money and I live in the Great Plains were it is located. It may be one of the poorest, smallest in terms of population and the least mentioned but it is home to many. It should be mentioned more, those from 9 have training with weapons few do when entering the arena. Along with many possible plot points able to be used to create a new story. A interesting point of view. District 9.

I don't know why, I just feel this district is looked down by others as the laughing stock of the Hunger Games, so it's more coming out of pity for them than anything else.

I live district 9! I feel like it would be one of the most beautiful districts in Panem.

13 District 10

This District is super overlooked. Also because it's livestock I think they could have been much better tributes in the story, I mean they kill animals every day like Katniss does so they must be evenly matched with her, and she won. I think District 10 would be a blast to live in and it's always overlooked.

The tributes are all so sweet, they're just like little country people. I feel like this District is pretty relaxing and a good District. Not a lot is known about them, but I feel as though they all have a good spirit despite having little wealth. Kind of the eye of a hurricane.

Overlooked yet interesting district, Primarily makes up present day Texas. The people of this district obtain weapon skills from working in butcheries and slaughterhouses.