Top 10 Worst Things Severus Snape Did in the Harry Potter Books and Films

Did a list about Dumbledore, now we'll do one with Snape. This will probably be a bit easier to do.
The Top Ten
1 Became a Death Eater

Now he wasn't really a double agent until the time when Lily died, obviously, but beforehand he was a direct supporter of Voldemort, and somehow still manages to be trustful to the dark lord. It's quite difficult to see him as good especially if you are Harry and especially considering other items on this list (especially murdering Dumbledore).

2 Bullied students

As a teacher you should not bully your students into learning things with some really high standards. He does this with most non-Slytherin students.

3 Murdered Albus Dumbledore

Well we find out it was planned ahead of time, but it should be quite obvious what we saw. Snape was the one who killed Dumbledore, there's no denying it.

4 Out Remus Lupin as a werewolf

This forces Lupin to resign, and Snape mostly did it out of grudge.

5 Only cared about Lily, not James or even little Harry Potter

He hated James when he was in school and had no recompense for the little Harry Potter when Voldemort murdered the Potters. He cared more about Lily, and it was all selfishness, really. Sure it was a sad scene to watch as Snape was hugging the dead Lily, but he only cared about her.

Oh. My. God. He killed dumbledore BECAUSE DUMBLDORE TOLD HIM. He bacame a death eater BECAUSE DUMBLEDORE TOLD HIM. He did bully, but that's not nearly as bad as not caring about his love's family.

6 Deducted points from Gryffindor because Hermione was "being an insufferable know-it-all"
7 Created the Sectumsempra spell

It was a spell "for enemies" and its power is quite deadly in the wrong hands (as demonstrated when Harry used it on Draco). In other words Snape was responsible for creating a deadly spell.

8 Made Neville almost poison his pet
9 Called Lily Potter a Mudblood
10 Didn't get over Lily hooking up with James

Much of Snape's entire character is based off of his somewhat creepy love for Lily when you think about it, along with his insinuating jealousy for the ones who bullied him.

The Contenders
11 Wanted Sirius and Lupin to have the Dementor's Kiss
12 Left his Potions book in Hogwarts with curses written inside
13 Invented curses
14 Insulted James because he preferred Gryffindor
15 Cast Levicorpus on James before James did
16 Showed favoritism towards Slytherin students
17 Took his anger towards James Potter out on Harry Potter

James Potter bullied Severus Snape because Fleamont and Euphemia Potter spoiled him (James Potter) rotten too much.

18 Tried to cast Sectumsempra on James
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