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1 Helga Geraldine Pataki
2 Arnold

I'm really sorry but I only got interested in Hey Arnold again because of Lane Toran. I grew out of it until finding out the voices of him and his best friend Gerald.

Yay Arnold!

3 Sid

Haha! How he is always paranoid is so funny!

He's only the best troublemaker in the whole show - Yorkshire2001

Even though Sid can be a douchebag he is still one of my favourite characters. - Yorkshire2001

Sid is cool - Yorkshire2001

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4 Gerald Johanssen

Gerald's the keeper of the tale. He's tells the best stories!

He's the only black kid in the show - Yorkshire2001

5 Stinky Peterson

Best character in the whole series and his character always makes me laugh.

I sometimes feel sorry for stinky that is isn't good at stuff.

Stinky really needs more episodes focusing on him - Yorkshire2001

He basically stole the whole show with his unforgettable southern drawl and his lines too - Yorkshire2001

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6 Harold Berman Harold Berman
7 Rhonda Wellington Lloyd Rhonda Wellington Lloyd Rhonda Wellington Lloyd is a fictional character from the 90s Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold. She's generally known for being rich and stuck up. Along with that she cares very deeply about fashion. Her best friend is Nadine. She generally hates people that are "geeks" and refuses to be around them or more.

Rhonda is definitely a stuck-up girl despite being in 4th garde - Yorkshire2001

She's so sexy - Yorkshire2001

8 Nadine Lowenthal
9 Eugene Horowitz

Eugene is an awesome character. Sometimes I feel bad for him, too.

I feel really bad for him

10 Brainy

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11 Phoebe Heyerdahl

I love Phoebe! She's so underrated!

12 Sheena

I love Sheena she is so kind and gentle. - Yorkshire2001

I wish Sheena was real - Yorkshire2001

13 Iggy
14 Thaddeus Curly Gammelthorpe
15 Chocolate Boy

I always thought he was funny.

16 Lila Sawyer Lila Sawyer Lila Sawyer is a fictional character from the 90s Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold created by Craig Bartlett. She's generally known for being nice and kind to her classmates which disgusts Helga Pataki. She also has a crush on Arnold's cousin Arnie. In the series she's revealed to be poor next to being more.

Lila is very kind and that is why her life is perfect.

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1. Helga Geraldine Pataki
2. Arnold
3. Gerald Johanssen
1. Helga Geraldine Pataki
2. Arnold
3. Gerald Johanssen
1. Helga Geraldine Pataki
2. Arnold
3. Stinky Peterson


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