Top Ten Best Historical Drama Movies

This subcategory of movies features some off the most popular movies we have ever seen. Some of these are my favorite movies ever. These capture a lot of different emotions that other movies just can not. In most of these are acting and music is on point. There also has to have some accuracy. So without further ado let's look at the top ten best historical dramas ever.

The Top Ten Best Historical Drama Movies

1 Lawrence of Arabia

One of the greatest and most beautiful movies ever. It has to be one of the best movies ever. - 2storm

I'm gonna be real with you guys I forgot this one. Lawrence of Arabia is easily one of the best movies ever and it is really accurate. - 2storm

2 Gladiator

Gladiator in my opinion is easily the best. For one it is easily the most accurate of this list. Sure their are a few inaccuracies, but overall none are too important. It is very realistic and easily one of the best movies I have ever seen. It has a perfect combination of action, adventure, love, revenge, and tragedy. It has one of the best scenes in movie history with the famous "Are you not Entertained" scene. The ending may be sad, but in my opinion that just makes this movie better. Their is great acting top to bottom. Their is no way you can watch this movie and not love it. - 2storm

Commodus it's so tedious, but amazing!

Best Movie of all-time. - 2storm

3 Schindler's List

A great film that shows a touching story about a Nazi that transforms from being a greedy concentration camp director to Jew saver. It features a sad ghetto liquidation scene that is almost unwatchable. - 2storm

Easy number one - iliekpiez

4 300

300 is amazing. Sure it isn't the most accurate portrayal, it is still an amazing movie. Like Gladiator it has all the qualities you like in a movie. Plus it has easily has the best action sequences on this list. It has some of the best speeches ever. Plus the ending is pretty sad (like almost all of these movies), but it is also satisfying at the same time. - 2storm

5 Braveheart

Braveheart is just amazing. It is inaccurate, but it makes for it in a heartbreaking tragedy. It has some of the most sad moments and the most epic speeches. It is fueled behind a lifelong rage in Wallace that just makes this movie emotionally impactful. Plus the score may be the best. - 2storm

Get this to #1 nou! or Saving Private Ryan...

6 Gone with the Wind

How could I forget Gone With The Wind. Easily one of the best movies of all-time. I honestly don't know if it's that accurate, but it is a movie really about a day that is now gone. Plus it has great acting and music. - 2storm

7 Lincoln

A interesting film about the months leading up to Lincoln's death. It is inaccurate and honestly it kinda gets boring in parts of it. It is still a good movie, but their are just some questionably decisions made on the directing side. Their is still great acting and music. - 2storm

8 The Passion Of The Christ

Whether you are a Christian or not you have to agree this is one of the best movies ever. Everyone agrees that Jesus did live and he died on the cross. This movie is what that is about. This is probably the saddest movie out there. It is brutal and it shows the true extent of what they did to Jesus. Me being a Christian, I see a few inaccuracies, but nothing too major. - 2storm

9 Julius Caesar (1970)

The man, the myth, the legend Julius Caesar. The one movie we all saw in High School. Since we don't know a lot about Caesar's death we can't say whether this movie is accurate or not. I will tell you what though this movie is a masterpiece. Great acting and a great storyline. Plus it has Charlton Heston. - 2storm

10 The Shawshank Redemption

Not a historical drama. - 2storm

The Contenders

11 Titanic

A great movie. Just very inaccurate and a horrible ending. Very good acting though. - 2storm

12 Apollo 13
13 BlacKkKlansman
14 Saving Private Ryan

Easily the most accurate on this list. This movie has been praised by D-Day veterans as being the most accurate depiction of the Normandy Landing ever. Like the rest, it has a very heartbreaking ending. One of the best war films ever. - 2storm

15 Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)
16 Darkest Hour

I love Darkest Hour. I wish they make a sequel. - 2storm

17 Agora

Pretty good - 2storm

18 Ben Hur

A great outside a view of the crucifixion of. Not as much of a tragedy as the rest, but it is still an amazing film. It is accurate and correlates with the Bible. It features the best actor ever, in my opinion, in Charlton Heston. - 2storm

19 Reds

Eugene O'Neill was real as was the Russian Revolution.

20 The Patriot

Pretty good movie - 2storm

21 The Prince of Egypt
22 Zulu

Zulu is pretty good. - 2storm

23 Doctor Zhivago
24 Troy

Troy is a great movie. Even if the war between Troy and the Greek world is very mysterious based on even the accounts that we do have this movie is not accurate. It still has great acting and it is a great movie. - 2storm

25 Milk
26 Glory
27 Barry Lyndon

Best historical drama ever. - TopTenTed

28 Gettysburg

Gettysburg is very accurate - 2storm

29 A Night to Remember

Never seen it, but it looks lit. - 2storm

30 El Cid

It might not be bigger than Ben-Hur, but it is better. - truckturner

This one is good too - 2storm

31 Green Book
32 Stan and Ollie (2018)
33 Get on Up
34 Kingdom of Heaven

A really underrated movie. Great graphics, music, storyline and good acting. A few inaccuracies, but on the most part a good movie. - 2storm

35 All Quiet On the Western Front

The ideal antiwar film.

36 Green Mile
37 Noah

No this movie sucks - 2storm

38 Dances with Wolves

I've heard this is good I've never watched it though - 2storm

A great Civil War movie. - Stalin

39 Platoon
40 Amadeus

Great movie about Mozart - 2storm

41 All the President's Men
42 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
43 The Thin Red Line
44 Apocalypse Now
45 The Deer Hunter
46 Heaven's Gate
47 Full Metal Jacket
48 The Social Network
49 The Tree of Life
50 Anna Karenina
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