Top Ten Historical Pirate Flags

Best/coolest/favorite historical pirate flags. Which design do you like best? If you choose to add one on, please make sure it’s considered authentic not fictional. I know there’s a lot of debate on which flags are authentic so please just try your best.
The Top Ten
1 Thomas Tew

"Thomas Tew"
Years active: 1692 - 1695.

The sword on a black background signifying violence or death was imminent, but there's no need for bloodshed if the victims "stand down". He was known to treat those who surrendered very well, even described as a kind man. You guys knew I would have this at number one, right?

2 Bartholomew Roberts II

"Black Bart"
Years active: 1719 - 1722.

White pirate with a white skeleton holding an hourglass. It was to signify that time was running out for their victims.

This one is just crying out to be colored in.

3 Edward Teach

Years active: 1716 - 1718.

Horned skeleton making a toast while pointing a spear at a heart dripping blood. His flag signifies a slow, painful death to his victims who don't surrender. He was known to commandeer ships using fear and intimidation rather than violent force.

4 Christopher Moody

"Christopher Moody"
Years active: 1718 - 1722.

Violent psychopath. The flag represents that no lives will be spared on the ships he attacks. The hourglass with wings signifies that time is running out for the victims. The sword and skull on a red flag mean they're going to attack and kill everyone on the ship. However, there's a debate on if this is really his flag. Some say it is, some say it belonged to another pirate (possibly William Moody), and some say the flag is completely fictional.

5 Edward Low

"Ned Low"
Years active: 1721 - 1724.

Described as brutal, a savage, and desperate. He was known to violently torture his victims before he murdered them. The red skeleton represents the evil and anger of the pirate crew, and a very violent bloody death was imminent for the victims.

6 Walter Kennedy

'Walter Kennedy"
Years active: 1718 - 1721.

Next to the somewhat traditional Jolly Roger was a naked pirate holding a sword in one hand and an hourglass in the other. The naked pirate represents that he has no shame and again, the sword and hourglass he's holding signifies violence is coming and the victim's time is running out. Word is this flag was also used by a pirate named Jean Thomas Dulaien.

7 Stede Bonnet

"The Gentleman"
Years active: 1717 -1718.

Rich man turned pirate. Like Thomas Tew, he was known to be polite and quite the gentleman to those who surrendered. The knife to the left signifies violence or death while the heart on the right represents life.

8 John Rackham

"Calico Jack"
Years active: 1718 - 1720.

He used the traditional "Jolly Roger" but replaced the crossbones with swords, signifying they are more than willing to get violent if the crew didn't surrender.

9 Jolly Roger
10 Bartholomew Roberts I

"Black Bart"
Years active: 1719 -1722.

This flag depicts him standing on two skulls with the initials ABH (A Barbadian's Head) and AMH (A Martiniquan's Head).

The Contenders
11 Henry Avery

"Long Ben"
Years active 1694 - 1696.

He used the traditional "Jolly Roger" but turned the skull to the side and wearing a kerchief.

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