The Top 10 Most Horrifying Video Game Glitches

Within video games, there's always glitches, and this is a list of the most terrifying ones. Doesn't matter if they were patched, as the damage was already done.

The Top Ten

1 World of Warcraft: Corrupted Blood Plague World of Warcraft: Corrupted Blood Plague
2 Pokémon: Missingno.

Me once again: Wait...
Missingno used durhragjrskaey!
Game boy: Crashes for life
I know ima bad story teller.

3 Red Dead Redemption: Manimals
4 Sims 3: Demon Babies
5 F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin: Alma Stalking
6 Battlefield 3: Giant Player Glitch
7 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Living Mannequins
8 Fall Out New Vegas: Dr. Mitchell's Head
9 Hitman: Blood Money Corpses
10 Wichter: Geralt's Distorted Face
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1. World of Warcraft: Corrupted Blood Plague
2. Pokémon: Missingno.
3. Red Dead Redemption: Manimals


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