Greatest Horror Films of 1986

1986 is the greatest year for horror films ever. It's not just my opinion but if you look at the sheer quality of these films and how popular they've gone on to become, most horror fans will agree. Honestly it's hard to pick 10 because so many are great and this list is easily a best horror movies ever list but coincidentally were all released within the same 12 months.

The Top Ten

1 Aliens

There are so many great horror movies from 86 it's hard to pick the #1 film but with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 98% and a box-office draw close to $200 Million, there's no denying Aliens is the best. - josamaroo


2 Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives

Best Friday the 13th film and was made in the greatest year of horror. This adds a little comedy but definitely not over the top and Jason has some great kills. Plus the only film in the series that actually has kids going to camp. - josamaroo

3 The Fly

The Fly could easily be #1 but in my opinion this is a love story and without all of the action/suspense Aliens has to offer, it is very hard to compete. - josamaroo

4 Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

This is the greatest phycological thriller. Henry is a film that just gets scarier and scarier as it goes along but the scariest part is it is based on a true story. - josamaroo

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5 From Beyond

What a twisted sexual fantasy/horror film. I love the beginning and the build-up to end is great too. This is the only film Stuart Gordon directed that is as good as Re-Animator. - josamaroo


Great horror movie with a jump scare that will knock your socks off. - josamaroo

7 Night of the Creeps

Fantastic horror film that starts as an alien film and becomes a zombie film. Plus great acting as well. - josamaroo

8 Invaders from Mars V 1 Comment
9 Troll

There are much better horror films from 86 but Troll is very bizarre. The whole thing with Sonny Bono is crazy and as a kid it freaked me out. - josamaroo

10 Witchboard

The first and I think the best film based on the Ouija Board - josamaroo

The Contenders

11 Class of Nuke 'Em High V 1 Comment
12 Manhunter

The first film in the Hannibal Lector series and besides Silence of the Lambs, it is the best. Great thriller too. - josamaroo

13 Maximum Overdrive

The only Stephen King Film he actually directed and just a very cool film. - josamaroo

14 Chopping Mall

Robots killing people who are stuck in a mall. - josamaroo

15 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II

Not the best Texas Chainsaw Massacre film but it has a great start and a great ending. - josamaroo

16 The Hitcher

That dude just don't give up. I love this film. - josamaroo

17 Critters

The movie about the little fury guys ergo like to eat people. - josamaroo

18 Little Shop of Horrors

This one could easily be in the top 10. Awesome music. - josamaroo

19 The Wraith

Charlie Sheen movie with some cool music and an anti-hero killer. - josamaroo

20 April Fool's Day
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2. Invaders from Mars
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1. Aliens
2. The Fly
3. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer



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